23 Main Pros and Cons of Personal Services Startup

A personalservices startup refers to a particular kind of business oriented enterprise which have become an extremely trending concept in the modern times. They are mainly established for fulfilling the purpose of providing a wide range of personal type of services.

Such personalservice oriented activities basically comprise of a large number of professional which are seen to be ranging from law, medicine, engineering to even accounting as well as performing arts.

The main objective of such business activities lies in the fact that they should be able to provide a specific service which is completely customer oriented like legal kind of advice, medical treatment and others.


Such startup plans are always based on a particular mission

Chances of unnecessary risk is higher
The kind of employee impact is extremely evidentDoes not ensure a proper work/life balance
A favourable working environmentOne can expect low salary as well as reduced benefits
Ensures much more flexibilityDoes not ensure a proper strategical pattern of working
Ensure a much more responsible attitude on the part of the working membersInvolves greater amount of compensations
One can definitely learn a lotInvolves a lot of stress

Advantages of Personal Services Startup:

Such startup plans are always based on a particular mission:

It is during the ongoing 21st century, where the concept of startup businesses has become extremely popular on a global scale. Most of the personal services startups are launched with the idea to improvise as well as resolve various issues.

Such missions are therefore much more than just merely influencing the driving forces of the revenues that are earned by such startup businesses. 

The kind of employee impact is extremely evident:

In a large organization, a particular working member maybe one out of the many other employees who are seen to be functioning in a similar job role. This especially differs from the working of a personal services startup where a person may be the only single working member doing a specific job along with performing some other crucial functions as well.

This has definitely helped in understanding and analysing the employee to a greater extent as compared to the kind of impact that has been found in large scale firms. Their progress at such startup enterprises can be measured much more clearly. 

A favourable working environment:

Most of the startup enterprises are seen to be designed as well as set up with a number of trending aspects which can definitely help in creating a favourable working environment.

A number of modern facilities that are used for launching such personal services setups can eventually result in increasing the innovative factors as well as the creative faculties of the working members. 

Ensures much more flexibility:

Startup plans ensure a higher degree of flexibility as far as the structural patterns of the schedule, working approaches and other such aspects are concerned. The team member in a startup business is expected to be flexible regarding their approaches towards the working strategies.

This should especially be the kind of behavioral pattern in situations where the kind of work that is being dealt has never been approached by anyone prior to such startup enterprises.

Ensure a much more responsible attitude on the part of the working members:

A startup business is seen to be working with a smaller range of team members which ultimately results in such working faculties to take up much more responsibilities as compared to the usual times. As per the working policies of such startup plans, there might be only one such working individual who is the most efficient of all and can therefore perform most of the tasks.

One can definitely learn a lot:

The entire process of launching an efficient startup business enterprise can definitely involve being exposed to new kinds of methodologies which are required to be learnt for the best kind of results.

Therefore, working with various experienced entrepreneurs can definitely expose such startup owners to new strategies which they can learn and eventually become a complete expert.

Disadvantages of Personal Services Startup:

Chances of unnecessary risk is higher:

A number of studies have shown that most of the startup plans might not be stable ones and can ultimately be a failure towards the end. This may ultimately result in creating wider gaps in the areas pertaining to the funding as well as the resource planning strategies.

Does not ensure a proper work/life balance:

The entire process of building and finally launching the personal services startups require a good amount of hard work and dedication. This means devoting extended working hours which can ultimately hamper the balance between the work and personal life of an employee.

One can expect low salary as well as reduced benefits:

In various startup businesses, every spare is seen to be funneled into particular operational expenses and not into salaries of the working employees. This happens because in such enterprises, the working strategies are seen to be designed for securing the wide range of funding as well as for launching a particular kind of product or a service.

Does not ensure a proper strategical pattern of working:

The personal services startup plans are often seen to function without the foundation of some concrete operational structure which might often lead to significant amount of disorganization. This ultimate results in missing out if budget plans, timelines and others.

Involves greater amount of compensations:

There are many such cases where the startup businesses are launched for the soul reason of the founder not being able to find or fulfill his job role in a large scale organization. This results in creating a lot of pressure along with disagreements among the founder and the other team members of such personal services startup enterprises.

Involves a lot of stress:

It has been seen that although the entire process of setting up a startup plan can be extremely exciting, but at the same time it might also result in creating a lot of unnecessary stress. Such hectic situations can ultimately affect the performance strategies which can eventually result in drifting such companies from their path of attaining success. 


In today’s technologically advanced world, the concept of setting up various personal services startup businesses is becoming extremely popular. This is because they have definitely been able to bring about considerable amount of success all over the world. But at the same time, such startup plans have also been exposed to a number of odds being stacked up against them which have led to a number of speculations regarding the establishment of the same.

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