20 Main Pros and Cons of Restaurant Table Booking Service

We all love eating out at fancy restaurants, be it a very special occasion or a random day; be it a family get together lunch or a special dinner date. And in doing so, everyone of us has faced a problem but to overcrowded restaurants where we have had to wait in line for hours before we get a seat assigned. This spoil the mood of everyone involved.

 To avoid this hassle and due to the advancement of technology, many of us prefer to book our tables at the restaurant of our choice instead of randomly going to the place.


Helps estimate demandCan not plan to randomly eat out
Supply staff accordinglyCustomer might not show up
Better quality serviceNo shows cause loses in resources
Can be booked from anywhereNeeds reliable internet connection
Booking or cancellation can be done anytimeNot visiting the place beforehand
Cancelled reservations gives chance to the people waitingNeed to choose online booking software carefully
Easier transactionLosing certain customers
Lesser risk of errors
Customer need not wait
Customer can enjoy their special days


  • Helps estimate demand

Sometimes the restaurants are overcrowded whereas during other times, they might be almost empty. This makes it hard for the owners to evaluate the requirement and then supply accordingly. But if the restaurant provides table booking services, then it becomes easier for the restaurant to evaluate the demand.

  • Supply staff accordingly

The table booking service helps the restaurant to estimate the number of people who would be eating out at the place. This in turn helps them to keep the resources and staff ready. This helps prevent lesser supply during higher demands and higher supply during lower demands. Thus, all resources are used efficiently.

  • Better quality service

If a relative informs you before they come visit you at your place, you would be better prepared to receive them and host them rather than when they visit uninformed. Same is the case with restaurants. If they know about the guests coming, they would be able to pay better attention to them.

  • Can be booked from anywhere

Due to the technological advancement, one does not even need to call at the restaurant or visit it just to making a table booking. They can do that from anywhere now and within much lesser time. They can even choose the seat that they would prefer, all thanks to online table booking service of restaurants.

  • Booking and cancellation can be done anytime

Earlier, once a table booking was done, one had to go back to the restaurant if they wanted to cancel the booking. But now, with online table booking services in effect, people can cancel as easily as they booked the reservation. They might even get a refund depending on the restaurant policy.

  • Cancelled reservations give chance to the people waiting

During peak times of festivals and other occasions, there is a high demand of booking tables in restaurants. Many people do not even get the chance to book. In this case, the process of easy cancellation helps everyone as the people no could not book a table might get the chance to do so.

  • Easier transaction

Online booking of table gives the option of easier transaction. You can avoid carrying cash or card while eating out and instead pay the amount while booking the table. This removes the trouble of paying after one is finished eating and makes it a smoother process.

  • Lesser risk of errors

Human errors are a part of every process that includes human.so, if the whole process of booking tables at a restaurant is done through a software, there is lesser chance of any errors. And because the customer books it himself, he cannot blame any restaurant staff.

  • Customer need not wait

For the customer, the main advantage of booking tables at a restaurant is that they do not have to wait for a table after they reach the restaurant. They will be directed towards their assigned table immediately after they reach the place.

  • Customer can enjoy their special days

Customer can book the table for the special days to avoid any hassle and enjoy a carefree time without stressing about payments or overcrowded places.


  • Cannot plan to randomly eat out

Some restaurants grant entry only by booking. In these cases, people who might not have planned to eat out beforehand and are randomly planning can not gain access to these places.

  • Customer might not show up

Once a table is booked, the restaurant cannot give up the table to someone else. Above that, if the customer who had booked the table does not show up, then the restaurant has to face the loses.

  • No shows cause loses in resources

The restaurant stocks up on resources according to the estimation that they get w0hen people book tables. If the people do not show up, then the extra resources and staff go to waste.

  • Needs reliable internet connection

To book tables at a restaurant online, one needs reliable internet connection. If you are facing an internet connection issue, it might not be the best for you to book a table online.

  • Not visiting the place beforehand

One can book tables at a restaurant from anywhere and everywhere. But the downside is that you do not get to visit the place before booking and get no clear idea about the place.

  • Need to choose online booking software carefully

The restaurant owner should choose a software that is user friendly. If that doesn’t happen, then a lot of people might be unsuccessful at booking if they are not able to figure it out.

  • Losing certain customers

If the restaurants do not keep an option of walk-in dining, then they will be losing out on customers who don’t like planning beforehand.

The restaurant table booking service has made our life easier as we do not anymore have to wait for our turns at restaurants if we plan beforehand.

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