22+ Pros And Cons Of Working For A Startup (Explained)

Working from home is something that most of us are familiar with in today’s world. Employees of a company mostly tend to work from home when they face some emergency at home in which they have to be physically present or when they are unable to reach the office due to some problem in commute. But on a regular day, every employee needs to go to the office to work.

There are a few companies that do not need you to get out of your home to work. There are both advantages and disadvantages to these kinds of business.

Benefits of working from home startupDrawbacks of working from home startup
Lower costsDecreased social interaction
Fewer social distractionHard to find motivation
Take necessary breakCarrying job stress everywhere
Lower cost for team buildingNo real-life interaction with employees
Employees can manage work and life togetherNo teamwork
Employees can take care of other engagementsAffects creative thinking
More productiveInternet connectivity problems
Bigger talent pool to choose from
Saves time


  • Lower costs:

Most of the startups have a hard time funding for their business. They need to consider every way in which they can cut costs. One of the major expenses in any business is finding a place to set the workplace for their business. If there is any way to cut off this expense, then it leaves enough fund to be invested in the business idea rather than investing in a workspace. Working from home startups are complicit to this idea.

do work from home startups enjoy lower costs
  • Fewer social distraction:

The natural inclination of any human being amongst a group is to converse with other people in the group over there and socialize. This is applicable for any person in any place where other people are present. Same is the case with any office where there are various employees present. When a person work from home for a company permanently, there is no presence of any other person with whom one might socialize.

  • More productive:

The employees can work from their home where they would be the most comfortable. They can set themselves up in the place of their choice and work from there. There would be no distractions. This will ensure maximum productivity from the employees.

does working from home promote more productivity
  • Take necessary break:

If one works in a designated office with various other people, there will be certain rules that everyone must follow so as to maintain discipline. There will a fixed time when one can have their tiffin or take a break. This is not at all necessary when your employees are working from home. They can take the necessary breaks and work according to their convenience.

  • Lower cost for team building:

There are various social events that a company organizes and needs to organize in order to foster a bonding amongst the employees. There needs to be a whole team dedicated to organizing these events. When your employees work from home, these events are not required which ultimately cuts the cost for the company.

  • Employees can manage work and life together:

Most regular office goers have to sacrifice their life in order to work a full-time job. They need help from other people in order to manage their responsibility at another place. But if the employees work from home permanently, then they can manage their life besides working a full-time job. This is important for people who have bigger responsibilities at home.

  • Employees can take care of other engagements:

There are numerous people who are extremely talented but are unable to work a full-time office-going job because of other engagements at home or somewhere else. But if your company does not need its employees to work in the designated office, then you can hire from amongst people who are unable to leave their home for work.

  • Bigger talent pool to choose from:

When your employees do not ever need to come to an office to work, it leaves a bigger opportunity for both the employees and the company. Anyone from across the world can apply for the job while you can hire anyone from across the world. There will be no restrain in case of location as the employees never need to visit an office.

  • Saves time:

Employees spend a huge part of their day commuting to and from the office. This time will be saved if they work from home.


  • Decreased social interaction:

Humans need to speak to other people regularly in order to maintain their mental sanity. If someone works a full-time job from their home, it reduces their chance of speaking to other people.

does work from home reduce social interaction
  • Hard to find motivation:

When one does not need to go out of their home to work, it reduces their motivation. Most people find it hard to leave their bed if they do not have somewhere to go.

is there lack of motivation when working from home
  • Carrying job stress everywhere:

When people work in an office, they tend to leave their work stress over there. This is not an option when someone works from home.

  • No real-life interaction with employees:

It is very important that the company head builds a relationship with his employees. But if the employees work from home, it’s not possible.

  • No teamwork:

Teamwork does not work out well if there is no real-life interaction amongst the employees. So, a work from home startup will lack in the area of teamwork.

  • Affects creative thinking:

It has been seen that creativity booms when one is present amongst people. They tend to observe the surroundings and the people which fosters their creativity. This will be a disadvantage if one is working from home.

  • Internet connectivity problems:

High speed internet is crucial for working at home as one needs to do everything over internet. A problem in internet connectivity might put the work at hold for unprecedented amount of time.

Establish a working from startup saves money and resources like nothing else. If one can made do with the problems involved, it is the best for a startup. 

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