30 SaaS Tools For Small Businesses (Must Check)

If you are a new small business or medium-sized business and looking forward to finding budget-oriented effective ways to grow and boost sales efficiently, you need the right tools. 

Businesses need to prioritize their efficiency in functioning, management and productivity due to the limited resources. 

There is something called SaaS, i.e Software as a Service product specifically designed to resolve and facilitate small businesses.

The growth of SaaS products in business administration, management, marketing, sales and almost every aspect is evident in the last few years. 

In fact, according to the prediction from Technavio, the SaaS product market will be worth $60.36 billion. 

And even without these statistics, being a business owner, you surely can see the importance of SaaS applications in businesses.

Image Source: Product Hunt

Elink.io is one of the most crucial SaaS applications that every business must look for  to crush social media and branding. 

This tool allows you to easily convert your web link collection into email newsletters

You can further export them to Gmail, MailChimp or any other third-party email providers with HTML coding. 

Elink allows businesses to publish their web content, web pages, newsletters just with addition of the web links.  

The tool also allows you to track the performance of the content and also the engagement levels as well. 


Image Source: EngageBay

EngageBay is the all-in-one SaaS solution for small businesses for their marketing, service, and sales practices. 

It comes with free live chat software where the platform is specifically designed for small and medium scale businesses. 

The tools the software features are explicitly designed to resolve specific levels or kinds of problems that small and medium businesses face. 

The software helps you to enhance your customer experience for your business. 

It allows your customers to get one-and-one live support where you can resolve their issues much more efficiently at a high satisfactory level. 

Image source: Discover CRM

This initiates your customer relationship towards a much stronger level. 

EngageBay really works best in the favor of customers, improving your customer assistance and customer relationships top-notch. 

The SaaS tool also comes with a live chat widget that you can use on any website. It can be customized to reflect your brand image. 

There are predetermined responses where it becomes easy for you to answer all the common and frequently asked queries beforehand. 

The software also allows you seamless transfer across different devices and service agents within just a single tap. 


Freshchat is a cloud-hosted SaaS product that offers premium messaging and engagement features specifically designed for all kinds of teams. 

The application is designed for small businesses to turn a conversation or chat into a more personalized or professional experience. 

The application allows you to create and distribute all the contextual messages and regain information from the users. 

Freshchat can help you get multiple channels with new and existing customers with all the recent developments in your product. 

Zoho Social 

You might have heard about Zoho Social if you have spent some time looking for an ideal social media management application for your business. 

Zoho social is an online business management tool that helps small or large businesses to reach their right audience at the right time. 

Image Source: Zoho

It goes without saying that the significance of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc are critical for the success of any business. 

Zoho Social offers a plethora of features that help you create and manage content on various social media platforms under one roof. 

It just makes the whole social media marketing thing easy and hassle-free for businesses. 

You can create and manage content, schedule it altogether for day, week or even months to save time and a lot of effort. 

The tools feature very valuable information and insights that can further help you improve your social media marketing strategies. 


vCita is an effective, cloud-based and comprehensive business management software solution focussed on providing email marketing features. 

The software integrates all the required features that your business needs to customize, streamline and automate their daily activities, tasks and operations. 

This email marketing tool allows you to send automated, lead generation, invoicing, client management, billing and much more. 

vCita provides robust client communication with prospective clients as well as current clients. 

It also comes with a plethora of scheduling, time and project management tools to assure projects get completed at the given deadline. 

ProProfs Help Desk

As the name suggests, ProfProfs Help Desk is one of the most popular help desk and customer support tools you can get for your business. 

The tool primarily focuses on the customer service and communication aspects of your business. 

It features a help desk ticketing system hosted on IBM, considered to be one of the most reliable cloud platforms. 

      Image Source: Messagely 

This certainly makes their 24 X7 support system efficient and all-time available from any part of the world. 

ProProfs Help Desk is more like a Gmail-like user interface that can be set up very easily within a few minutes. So there is no huge learning curve with the software here. 

It can reduce or automate all the manual, repetitive, non-creative but yet very important daily tasks streamline in an automated process. 

With ProProfs help desk, it becomes extremely easy to track, label, prioritize, assign and help the customer requests and concerns under a one network. 

It comes with an integration with other helpful communication tools such as live chat.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is a really effective and high-potential SaaS application for analyzing performances and gaining control of audience insights. 

Since it is a freemium SaaS product, you can definitely get a hang of it using it for your businesses initially before buying. 

The tool allows you to measure the website traffic and other tons of website metrics to analyze data for your website. 

This becomes even more important when you have your business entirely based on the website. 

The tool is capable of categorizing your visitor’s type in different metrics and even can group them. 

Google Analytics tool features a wide range of tools such as data visualization, analytics intelligence, and data reporting. 


Image Source: Computerworld 

Wrike is one of the most successful collaboration software solutions out there dedicated for team members to work together on tasks or projects efficiently. 

This SaaS tool can make your business workflow streamlined in a way that reduces any potential conflicts or obstructions to hurt the deadline. 

Not just that, it boosts the speed and efficiency of the projects manyfold. 

Along with, the team feels more confident as being well-connected and collaborating together without any confusion. 

Wrike helps businesses to facilitate their teams a platform to share ideas, communicate with each other, track schedules, get real-time insights, store and secure files and much more. 

The application helps you focus on a particular project getting completed. 


One of the automation your business requires is the streaming of your documentation of the business. 

M-Files is there to improve the productivity and management for your business. 

It is a software solution that helps you manage all of your files and documents digitally. 

You can not just store your files but also access all of your documents easily and quickly. 


One of the most renowned online booking systems entrusted by many small businesses for scheduling and booking their events, meetings and procedures. 

It is an online application that allows people to book procedures remotely from anywhere and anytime. 

The booking page is very easy, highly customizable and comes with tons of features to modify it accordingly. 

Also, you can easily add these booking pages to your website for clients or customers to book. 

Whenever a person makes a booking at these pages, the person automatically gets the reminder through email or SMS about it along with an option to cancel it anytime. 

You don’t have to do much with the application as it automates the booking system very well saving you tons of time. 


Image Source: Capterra

Acquire offers your business instant assistance to get better customer service and eventually boost sales conversion as well. 

This multi-channel live chat application is a highly advanced and effective software helping you to communicate to your visitors from the website and applications. 

The SaaS tool allows you to engage with real-time customer queries that impact customer satisfaction and boost customer retention rate as well. 

It features a live chat software equipped with a wide range of features such as profile management, chat history, real-time conversation, two-way communication, intelligent message routing, and much more. 

There are also live chat software advanced features such as co-browsing capabilities, screen sharing, video/voice calls,  and chatbots. 


HubSpot is a powerful SaaS tool that every business must consider, especially to build a powerful website with optimizing tools. 

It features a plethora of tools that can help you convert more visitors on your website and grow your business. 

There are various significant service, sales and marketing software available in the market that can be integrated with this application easily. 

The HubSpot CMS offers hosting for your content and helps you distribute the content across different social media platforms. 

The platform offers  tons of pre-built templates that you can use to just start right away.


Have you heard about the Business Intelligence (BI) software? Its application for small businesses? 

Well, that’s where Sisense can be a great tool for exploring this technological advancement for your business. 

BI System basically is using metrics and formulas to measure and compare business indicators. 

Sisense comes with plenty of scalable options for all kinds of growing businesses. The application offers various integrations with third-party apps such as Google Adwords and Excel. 

The SaaS application offers a drag-and-drop interface with a different set of data. 

You get multiple visualization options such as plot charts, locations charts and many other things to interpret data. 

The software also has a single-stack system allowing participants to do multiple tasks ranging from data integration to project visualizations in just one single platform. 

JotForm PDF Editor

JotForm PDF Editor is one of the essential SaaS products that every business needs to create professional-looking documents. 

The software helps you to create professional and detailed contracts and invoices which you can further convert into PDFs. 

Image Source: JotForm 

You can use the application for your internal office work as well as to produce for your client. 

JotForm PDF editor makes your work hassle-free where it is easy-to-use making tons of PDF editing work simple and fast. 

The tool even features more than 600 ready-to-use templates to modify your professional documents such as invoices and contracts in no time. 

Image Source: JotForm 

You don’t have to format every time before writing or editing these professional documents makes your job so much easier. 

It also has plenty of features such as automated processes, electronic signature widgets, device compatibility, functional integration, and password protection as well.


Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer support SaaS application and ticketing system for small, medium and large enterprises as well. 

Image Source: Software Advice 

They present a wide array of award-winning solutions for all customer service related issues with your business. 

Freshdesk features have shown exceptional results in developing an extraordinary customer assistance attaining the best customer satisfaction for their business. 

The application is specifically designed to cater your all customer assistance management in a one automated and streamline process. 

Their software offers multichannel, customization, reporting and collaboration features to your business. 

Since it is an online cloud-based SaaS product, you can just use the platform on any device even on Android or iOS devices as well. 


As the name signifies, Calendly is a scheduling SaaS application that is designed to manage time and help teams to complete tasks on deadlines. 

It focuses on accelerating the productivity and eventually the sales through pumping time-constraint deadlines to project management

The purpose of this application is to negate all the old-school scheduling methods and focus on a more robust system to fulfil the tasks. 

It is the SaaS software that every business must crave for, as it is so empowering and beneficial for any-scale or type business. 

With Calendly, it offers an extremely easy-to-use system where people can connect or communicate easily to clients and colleagues. 

The scheduling solution in this software is unmatchable with anything available in the market with such simplicity. 


Clarizen is a kind of time-tracking software that integrates social collaboration and project management at one platform to meet the deadlines. 

The focus on the SaaS application is only to fulfil the task on the given deadlines, optimizing the time and accelerate productivity to boost sales. 

It is a cloud-based tool that is easy to use, efficient and fast to process. 

The applications come with a wide array of flexible solutions helping resolving specific problems. 

The tool helps you strategize your project management and adapt to the market requirements. 


One of the critical accounting SaaS applications that every business must consider for their business management efficiency. 

The application offers time-tracking, account management, invoicing and book-keeping features dedicated to your primary management process. 

  Image Source: Dribble

FreshBooks can add a spine to your financial management ecosystem aiding to even powering more towards your business management strategies. 

This is a tool that can help your accounting officials to keep track of every single penny spent on a particular task or subtask along with their respective durations. 

Not just that, in that same process, it further automatically streamline the client invoicing to save your time and energy. 

FreshBook has been a very popular choice for account and finance management for businesses, be it small, medium or large enterprises as well. 

The tool also helps business professionals to create and manage professional-looking and accurate client invoices on automation and very easily. 

One of the best parts about FreshBooks is its seamless integration with all the top-notch third-party applications such as PayPal, G Suite, Shopify and more. 


Toggl is a powerful time-management tool that is transforming the businesses with its variety of features on time-tracking and optimization. 

You can keep track of all the time spent on the project and the tasks related to your business. 

It helps you optimize the time at the hand with utmost productivity, identify workflow issues and resolve them. 

Toggl comes with an extremely powerful time-tracking system that is easy to use on multiple devices including iOS and Android. 


There are small, medium, or large businesses that require quality human resources to fulfill their job. 

BambooHR is a trending HR software solution that works on an advanced stripped-down mechanism. 

Image Source: Select software Review 

It features personnel data modules, tracking, and advanced reporting making it perfect for boosting your brand’s growth. 

With the help of this SaaS tool, small and medium businesses can easily scale, add new job openings, share it on all the popular job boards, and further manage the applications from their arrival to finalization. 


This can be a really good alternative for Google Analytics. 

Piwik is a free and open-source web analytics application offering various helpful insights including web traffic, keywords, visitors and so much more. 

The application offers a wide variety of features that aim to improve the growth of your website. 

It is a PHP MySQL software program that you need to download and install on your webserver to start using it. 


Wix is pretty much a popular name around website building for businesses, individuals and enterprises as well. 

Remember, your website is the first and even sometimes the last impression for the customers or clients. 

Especially, if you are selling online or even not, websites can make and break your business entirely. 

Wix comes in offering a plethora of services and products along with its website building and hosting platform for small and large businesses. 

Website building can scare you as most of the people think of coding or must-being an expert thing regarding it. 

But with Wix, it is dramatically easy and actually fun to design your website using a website builder. 

It is simply a drag and drop feature that allows you to pick elements to add into a canvas while previewing it live. 

They have so many features, from simple to advanced that nothing you will need from a web designer to create stunning websites. 


Rebrandly is a popular URL Shortener as well as an effective link management platform. 

You can use this tool to shorten, brand and track all of your links you use for content sharing, distribution and marketing. 

Using branded links help you improve your brand awareness amongst the target audience. 

It also develops more trust and reliability on the brand if you’re linked in. In fact, such links have chances to increase the click-through rates upto 39%. 

Rebrandly also offers a detailed analytical feature where you can learn about :

  •  who is clicking on your links
  •  from which country you are getting the clicks
  • what are the popular times and days 
  • From which social media platform, you’re getting maximum clicks

Qualtrics CX 

One of the great business challenges is cut-throat competition for your business already lurking in the beginning of your journey. 

Customer satisfaction and experience is the key to lure customers even from your toughest competition. 

  Image Source: Qualtricx 

You just need to put utmost quality to your customer assistance and services along with the product and strategies. 

All you need is the right data to move in the right directions and adapt dramatically result-oriented  strategies. 

Here comes the SaaS applications like Qualtrics CX offering the feedback, insights and every small or specific detail to help your business. 

The application tracks, monitors and analyzes  all the feedback and insights from customers regarding satisfactions and other reasons. 


GoToMeeting, as the name suggests, is a straightforward web conferencing application for small and mid-sized businesses. 

Business communication is an essential factor for the success of any business and GoToMeeting focuses primarily on optimizing that sector of your business. 

Image Source: Youtube 

It comes with a plethora of international features and communication functionalities. 

You can use GoToMeeting to manage and communicate with clients and colleagues from all around the world. 

One of the best parts about this particular communication SaaS application is how easy and simple it is to use its interface. 

With GoToMeeting, you get a very easy user interface making you enjoy all the features within a few clicks of your reach. 

GoToMeeting has been a great competitor against all the available web conferencing tools in the market. 


Xero is another accounting software solution specifically designed for small businesses and their day-to-day accounting challenges. 

Image Source: Xero

If you are starting out a business or just expanding, Xero offers you an accounting solution that brings utter and instant clarity to your business finances. 

On other hand, it is extremely user-friendly, fast, efficient and very easy to adapt into your business. 

It has tons of robust features where you can monitor your cash flow of the business very clearly. 

With Xero, you will track every penny going in and out of your business giving you more insight which aspects need more work. 

You can manage your transaction from any part of the world remotely. Manage all the bills, invoices, transactions and all other financial administration at ease. 


Bitrix24 is a free turnkey intranet solution, highly secure and specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses.  

It primarily helps in establishing better communication, business management, acknowledge management and social networking for small and medium businesses. 

Bitrix24 offers plenty of solutions in terms of acknowledgement management regarding how to store your data, centralized it in a secure repository. 

The application helps you create a united workspace where your teams can easily operate daily operations in much more flexibility and fun. 


Userlane is one of the best SaaS applications for your business for user onboarding and customer retention. 

Image Source: eLearning Industry 

The platform offers a fully functional interactive experience to your users along with interactive guidance that helps them to steer through the processes. 

These long processes otherwise have to go through in a browser-based software application. 

Userlane works best for all small, medium and even the large size enterprises. It helps the businesses to onboard their users. 

So, basically due to this platform, you don’t need any video tutorial or pdf document to educate your users regarding how to navigate and use your software applications. 

It is something you must have seen in most of the SaaS products where an automated marked process helps you understand the procedure and use of the application. 

Image Source: Userlane 

It gives guided tours to your users, and even demonstrates the features, sometimes spoon feeding the user to actually create a dummy file or task to help them learn. 

For some software, it also trains customers to go through each and every process of the software starting from basic navigation to interactive walkthroughs. 

To use this for your software products, it is very easy as there is no coding required. You get this powerful editor with all creator guides and virtual assistants to help you with everything. 

Microsoft SharePoint Online 

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a powerful and effective document management platform, popular in not just an enterprise space but also for individuals. 

The SaaS tool offers a web-based platform featuring tons of useful tools along with many file management capabilities. 

It can upload or download the files to keep a log of all the edits done to a particular document. 

Image Source: Microsoft 

The SaaS product also offers plenty of features to manage all the business related documents in categorical order. 

The users of the document are allowed to make the real-time changes and even see all the previous updated versions and even download it.  

It also helps a user to see what particular changes are made to the document and review it. 

Apart from that, any changes made to the documents triggers an alert to the specific users through notifications. Surely, you can customize these options accordingly. 

It also provides co-authoring functionality allowing multiple users to collaborate with each other on a particular document or file and work simultaneously. 


Monday is known to be one of the transparent and effective collaboration project management SaaS applications in the market. 

It is highly unlikely that swimming in this space you haven’t already heard the name. 

This highly flexible, efficient and easy-to-use application provides you detailed and in-depth insights on your projects and tasks. 

Monday helps you to determine the progress of your projects as well as the company’s performance. 

The single dashboard listing everything related to your business management at one place is the best overview you get in just a few minutes. 

Actually, it is one of the highlighted features to look at making users easy to understand regarding everything going on with your company. 

Monday is also extremely well in facilitating team members to communicate and collaborate at a single platform seamlessly. 

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