20 Best Schedule Maker Tools For Your Business (Must Check)

One of the crucial aspects of a business management is tool management and schedule making. 

It is critical for the success of a business ensuring project deadlines are met to reach efficient results. 

Business planning and scheduling comes with a lot of responsibilities to take including planning, marketing, coordinating, organizing and much more. 

schedule maker tools for business

What you need for scheduling and appointment booking is tools that make your work easier and faster. 

Microsoft Word 

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One of the most basic yet very effective tools to create a schedule for your work and business is all the word processing software. 

The most popular one, obviously, is Microsoft Word replacing the manual pen-and-paper writing method. 

It has obviously ruled the word processing solution-based tasks whether it is documenting, writing notes, writing letters and even creating schedules as well. 

Sure, there are plenty of options and especially with the rise of the internet in the 20th century, there were emails as well. 

Nowadays people are also using emails for that. However, still word prcocessors are a part of the documentation and work culture. 

Google Doc  

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The most popular and commonly used cloud-based word-processor has to be Google Docs, that is indeed revolutionary in word processing and documentation. 

Since the internet has become more usual, getting an online or cloud-based word processor where you can access it from anywhere, was the obvious upgrade. 

But that wasn’t it! Cloud-based word processor came with great features, auto-save function, sharing features, commenting and so much more. 

It is one of the crucial tools available for schedule making and other business and task management works. 

Since it is in the cloud, different participants can work together on the document or in this case, they can see the schedule, appointments and make edits or comments in real time from their respective places. 

These online word-processors streamlined the daily work in the business space making it easy to fulfil tasks on given deadlines. 

HubSpot Meetings 

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HubSpot meetings is a simplified solution for setting automated schedules, meetings and appointments. 

The meeting scheduling application allows you to save time and effort in doing all the manual and arduous tasks by automating it. 

HubSpot Meeting is fully integrated with its CRM allowing individuals and businesses to following : 

  • Scheduling emails 
  • Offering flexibility and transparency to teams 
  • Prospects will be able to see when you are free 
  • Making lead-capture process easy  

You are also allowed to embed the tool into your official website. It can vividly depict brand-focussed in-team communication and appointment booking. 

You can also create group meeting links and share to allow them to join. 


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Calendly is an automated schedule making solution for freelancers, small business owners and other self-employed people as well. 

The program lets people know your availability and further can be shared with others via personalized links. 

It is so easy to schedule through Calendly for people, you can directly reach out to customers and let them schedule for themselves. 

You can set your timing preferences, availablities and much more. On the other side, customers can pick the empty slots available according to their schedule as well. 

Calendar Software 

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Calendar Software is one of the best solutions for scheduling, note-making, reminders, word-processing and all other writing-related tasks. 

The best part is being customized to make your projects or routine more task-oriented and restricted with deadlines. 

It comes with this calendar interface making it visually easy to understand what’s going on a particular date or over a month. 

You can actually see your whole schedule for a month or week in a bird-eye view to expect what’s coming ahead. 

It was made in the mind to help in scheduling and managing tasks over a period of time with ease. 

However, it wasn’t much good for larger businesses or for including different people with assigned roles, and all. 

This was because it was always intended to schedule for an individual, and not for business staff. 

Google Calendar

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Calendar-based scheduling software has to be there in a cloud version since everything was catching upto in its cloud form. 

Google Calendar appears to be the clear winner in this with some little competition around.  

Like Calendar Software, it was consdiered to be a scheduling tool and has far more competence than word processors. 

But Unlike it, Google Calendar brings much more conviction with their additional features of  schedule making, task management, reminders and alarm systems. 

It was also focussed for a cloud-based distribution and also ideal for small businesses as well. 

The tool also allowed employees to leave notes and share their comments with others in the schedule sharing platform. 

However, again even with these ideal features, Google Calendar still is not focussed for multiple users. 


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WorkTime is all about scheduling, time management, and time tracking. This allows you to schedule your daily hours for specific tasks and appointments. 

One of the best features of this tool is its ability to see everything at one glance. 

WorkTime offers creating and maintaining schedules of the entire week that you will be able to overview simultaneously. 

You can share the schedule through social media platforms as well. However, this is ideal for individuals, not ideally for businesses. 

It doesn’t include  advanced scheduling or project management features such as reminders, built-in AI, communication modes and much more. 


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Another Calendar based scheduling and meeting tool that can be reall helpful to always keep you in the loop.

The app is focussed to make the scheduling easier for the individuals. It allows you to create pre-configured meeting types, so you don’t have to specify it everytime. 

It further allows you to add a video conference link in the invitation you sent to the participants in the group. 

You can also connect other apps such as Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Google Calendar, iCould, Outlook and Gmail as well. 

The tool also creates personal scheduling links making it easier to share directly.

Apart from that, you can also embed schedling widget on your professional website, so prospective customers can check and book schedules. 

One of the other features that can be very useful is the ability to access document-based software such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc. 


  Image Source: Shifty

Shifty is a schedule making application dedicated to small businesses, also works great for individuals as well. 

Since it is made in mind to facilitate businesses, the tool allows multiple employees to schedule according to their respective shifts. 

You get this very simplistic interface with a drag-and-drop functionality, easy to manage just by one person. 

Now, this is a schedule making tool that allows you to assign multiple duties to different employees, and manage different tasks as well. 

Evidently, this tool is more capable than word processors, spreadsheet apps or even the calendar scheduling tools. 

The tool is more focussed on scheduling rather than writing like word processor software. 

With this, there are some real-time complications with changes made from one end as it distributes the schedule via email sent everytime the changes are made. 

So there are different notifications of changes available. 

10 To 8 

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10 To 8 is an appointment booking system specifically designed to efficiently provide 24/7 booking. 

The tool automatically syncs with existing calendar platforms such as Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud and others. 

It is highly compatible with other cloud integrations such as Mail Chimp, Google Analytics, Slack and more. 

So you can streamline your overall project management with a more centralized set of tools.  

This is perfect for individuals looking for a simple yet effective tool to make schedules and appointments on a daily basis. 


Image Source: Zapier 

Doodle is known to be one of the best scheduling applications available in the smartphone market. 

The application is compatible with Android and iOS with predominantly polling fucntion. 

The tool first allows you to set up your MeetMe Page where people can see your free times and select the designated branding. 

Setting up a poll for all of your available dates and times and allowing people to voite for the popular time slots that are ideal for them, is what Doodle does best.


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Forecast is one of the best scheduling software or cloud applications ideal for capacity planning. 

It is a perfectly brilliant combination of project management tools and resource management tools focussed towards more scheduling and streamlining the work. 

The application is dedicated to aid you in short term as well as long-term planning with much more detail than other applications in this list. 

Forecasts do not lock you in on any set format such as Kanban, Grantt scheduling or Scrum, so you have the flexibility to do as you want, even the mix of everything. 

It comes with in-built Artificial Intellegence (AI) that helps you easily spot any risk of delay or derailment from the original track in your project. 

The powerful dashboard summarizes everything going on the project according to the schedule set. 

You can also see an overview along with various features such as real-time information, task performances, reports, insights that are also shareable to your client as well. 

It also helps you priortize the important tasks or urgent tasks and pipeline everything in a way that makes the project successful on time. 


Image Source: Setmore

Setmore is more than just a scheduling application, it offers individuals to create automated online appointments from their customers. 

Basically, you can use this tool where your customers or clients can book your appointments easily. 

Then, the booked appointments can be viewed in the calendar where it is easy to see and manage these meetings. 

Setmore helps your business to grow with an efficient appointment system with automation. 

The tool allows you to access the appointments from your desktop, laptop, mobile and any device actually. 

You can monitor and track your appointment and meeting details , also the upcoming events set on different dates. 

It is also easy to reschedule with Setmore with just drag and drop appointments into a new timeslot. 

Another great feature is whenever you reschedule, a notification is sent to all your people concerned with. 


Image Source: TeamGantt

TeamGantt is one of the popular project scheduling tools that is highly recommended for beginners. 

But don’t mistake it for any less efficient. In fact, quite the opposite, it is used by companies like Netflix and Amazon. 

TeamGantt is also available as a freemium version and various paid plans. It provides a variety of features such as tracking workloads, availability, planning and other collaboration features.  

TeamGantt is highly spcecialized in Gantt charts and offers project management features that makes the project efficient. 

The tool is very easy to understand and use for multiple projects.

Boomerang Scheduling

Image Source: Boomerang Scheduling

Boomerage Scheduling is a meeting and scheduling tool in the form of a browser extension that you can simply connect to Chrome or Firefox. 

It is easy to install in your browser and you can even plug it into Outlook accounts and Gmail accounts as well. 

The integration with applications is easy and convenient especially with Chrome, Gmail and Google Calendar. 

With these integration, the scheduling task and accessibility to time slots becomes easy. 

For example, while emailing, you can pull up your free time slots from your listed appointments and then let your clients pick the best time slot. 

So basically you can manage to see all your appointments centralized at one platform or multi-platforms. 

The app also automatically records the timings of an event created in your calendar with all required details. 


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Arrangr is a promising scheduling platform that can be easily integrated with top-notch calendars and other platforms. 

You can integrate this tool with Outlook, iCloud, Office 365 Calendar and Google Calander as well. 

The tool allows you to create a booking link where the prospective customers or attendees can select the best time slot that works for them. 

Arrangr has plenty of other features such as the ability to auto-generate video conferencing links and include invitations in it. 

One of the best parts is it being connected to your email where it automatically integrates your booked appointments and other filled in times. 

You can also send a poll upto 15 recipients on their free version where you can get down with the group meeting. 

Arrangr focusses the simplicationo and automation of the schedule meetings and appointments at a centralized front. 

Their paid versions have further extended features and more flexibility to enjoy the benefits of the application. 


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If you are looking for a simple scheduler tool, this is simplest as it gets. WhenIsGood is still an effective tool for group scheduling. 

You need to remember that WhenIsGood is not a feature-based tool but more of a simple solution to scheduling. 

It is very easy to set up just by creating an account where you get access to the Calendar platform, deciding the time slots for the events or meetings. 

The tool allows you to decide your meeting schedules on particular time slots. And further you can opt for a time slot depending upon the length of your meeting you want to schedule. 

When you create an event, it automatically generates three different links for a set purpose. 

One of them is to make any changes to your calendar, another is to send out meeting invites and another to handle poll outcomes. 


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Appinty allows you to convert your website visitors into customers apart from being a highly effective schedule maker tool. 

This seamlessly integrates with your website, perfect if you are looking for a cloud-based schedule management tool that also directly serves the customers online. 

Appointy offers their sub-domains as well in case you don’t have your own website to integrate this appointment making system. 

It allows you to create an additional tab on your Facebook page facilitating the people to check and schedule next appointments with you. 

Appointy tool gives full autonomy to the customers regardings it use. 

You can create working hours for your staff, customeiz time slot intervals, streamline recurring bookings and muc more with this tool. 

However, you need to create individual Appointy accounts for multiple team members in your company. 


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Another great feature-rich group scheduling and appointment booking tool ideal for small businesses, freelancers and other professionals. 

24Sessions has a plethora of features to call it a smart scheduling system for your business. 

It offers dial-in features, screen sharing, easy scheduling and ability to host multiple people. 

More than that, it is just a very easy and comprehensive tool, so you do not have to spend a lot of time to learn it or get used to it. 

Your clients have the ability to book an appointment with  you based upon your availability which is also determined by the automation system of the tool. 

It automatically creates calendar appointments and reminders, even set to notify and send links for the meetings when the time comes. 

Hub Planner 

Image Source: HubPlanner

Hub Planner is the best scheduling, booking, time-tracking and management application dedicated ideally for medium and large companies. 

However, it obviously works great for small businesses, especially if you are a growing one. 

It is a complete resource management software with a detailed suite of features that help in project management, scheduling, time tracking and reporting. 

If you look at the core feature of this sophisticated yet simple tool is a scheduler and planner.

But it is that with more resource planning, visualization and project planning features as well. 

The user-interface is quite easy to grasp and actually very basic in terms of scheduling applications. 

It just extends from there to do much more like multiple view modes, dynamic team capacity bar, multi-function menu and powerful filtering. 

There are more than 70 pre-formatted templates to use for your business with customization options. 

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