How to Start a Party Clown Business (10 Steps)

A clown is a comic performer as we see in a circus, theatrical production. They wear outlandish costumes and makeup to appear funny. They entertain crowds through their hilarious actions, by juggling and tumbling, etc.

Party clown is hired in different types of parties to entertain the guests. They are mostly hired in kids’ parties like birthdays to entertain small children.

Party clowns have to innovate new ways of entertaining a crowd. If you enjoy talking to and performing for a group of people, then you can think of starting a party clown business at home.

If you have a knack for arts, crafts, music, dancing and other aspects of party entertainment then you can start a business of supplying party clowns in different events.

Steps To Start A Party Clown Business Perfectly

How To Start A Party Clown Business

-Tasks to Perform in a Party Clown Business

Traditionally clown businesses focused on entertaining audiences with a face-painted clown. Nowadays business models have expanded on this theme and they include many more facets of entertainment.

If you are the owner of a modern-day party clown business then you have to receive and respond to booking requests, update calendars monthly to reflect upcoming jobs, preparing themes and packages for upcoming parties and other events, restocking supplies and equipment, maintaining the equipment and costumes for events.

You also need to hire additional performers if required and devise marketing and advertising strategies.

#BonusTip:    Being happy Child is the Main Aim of this Business.Do you enjoy children? Do children like you? Can you tell stories, be a clown, play sports or a musical instrument. These are the main questions to be asked before starting this Business.

Business Plan

Be ready with a business plan before you start. Fix a budget and plan your expenses according to it.

Think about the marketing and promotional strategies, the operational costs of your business, the way you will invest, the scope of your business etc.

Also, choose a name for your business which is catchy and reflects the type of service you are offering.

#BonusTip:    To get more delight ness to their Parents. Make sure to include their ideas into your act, and take into consideration the likes and dislikes of their particular child. This way you can increase the happiness Level of Every Customers

start party clown business at home

-Target Groups

Your target audience should obviously include parents looking for entertainment in their child’s birthday parties, holidays or other social gatherings.

Recently target groups have also extended to include businesses and organizations who are looking for party entertainers and hosts.

Many corporate businesses and organizations are considerably more interested in hiring a talented clown, some of them prefer clowns without the usual face paint. They are also ready to pay considerably more for your services.

#BonusTip:    Note that humor is key to gaining and holding the attention of children.Usually there is a mix of pure entertainment, education, and a section devoted to hands-on, interactive activity. More Humor means More Connect with Childrens. update yourself

-Charging Prices

Your clown business will make money from the fees collected by your party clowns for their entertainment jobs. You have to fix the prices intelligently, research the market to find out what other party clown businesses in your area are charging.

When you are starting to try to charge less for your services, this will help in drawing customers and allow you to secure a strong foothold in the business.

The fees should be based on the hours of attendance and the work being performed, charge more for longer hours of service and also for works that require patience and creativity. You can charge more from corporate clients who are ready to pay you a considerable amount.

Your fees should also be dependent upon your locality, don’t charge an amount that is beyond the reach of customers staying in your locality.

#BonusTip:    You can Lower your cost or You can Purchase such Items which is renewable. one-time expense such as drums, or are they handouts and give aways such as balloons and art supplies that will need to be replenished at each event?

-Skills and Experiences Required

You need to hire experienced and talented clowns for your business. Many clown and costumed performers are trained in clown performing schools. A good clown must be a natural performer who is able to perform a number of tasks and forms of entertainment.

It is not necessary to attend a clown school for becoming a successful clown and performer. A party clown should possess a number of traits and talents to become successful.

A party clown has to sing, dance, act, play musical instruments, organize interesting games to entertain crowds in parties and keep them engaged.

Party clowns should also interact with a crowd in different ways, apply make-up and perform face painting for the audience, juggle, perform magic tricks etc. They need to understand and adjust to a crowd.

#BonusTip:    Everyone is on Social media. One of the most effective ways to spread awareness about your Party Clown Business is to inform your audience about it on social media. You can Try Facebook or Instagram to Showcase your Products.

-Costs Involved

The startup costs of a party clown business are quite low. Mostly, you need to spend on the outfit of your business, transportation charges and the basic supplies required for entertaining at parties.

Nowadays you don’t even need to spend much on costumes and makeup, many performers prefer to perform in regular clothes and minimal makeup. They rely on the acts they perform and the talents they put on display.

The costs are subject to fluctuation depending on the expertise and business plan.

#BonusTip:    Word of mouth publicity matters a lot for startups whose marketing budget is small. Try your Buyer to share their voice on different Media, so Through that you can Create a word of mouth of your Products. Try this


Have well-formulated marketing strategies to promote your business. Distribute business cards among your customers, publish ads in newspapers, put banners in your locality.

Marketize and promote your business before it gets launched to create excitement among your potential customer base. Use the internet and social media for marketing purposes, create a page dedicated to your party clown business in popular social media platforms and reach out to the online crowd.

It also helps you in interacting with the customers and answering their queries.

You can also take the help of E-mail blasts, a regular blog and photo content to promote your business. Interact with performer groups and other entertainment outlets related to your business.

This will help you to spread your name and reputation. Use a mobile billboard with the help of a vehicle and leave business cards and flyers in crowd trafficked areas.

#BonusTip:    Video content is really valuable, and you need not to be professional to make it. Take your Phone and start best video of your Clown services and start uploading the same

-Create a Website  

Build a website for your business, take the help of a professional for doing so. The website will enable you to interact and communicate with your customers in an efficient way.

It should contain all the relevant information about your business. It will also help you and your employees remain updated about upcoming events.

Hence, starting a party clown business from home can be a good business idea depending on the locality you stay, the clowns you employ and the managing skills you possess.

People in your locality should be aware of such techniques of entertainment in parties and they should also be willing to spend on hiring party clowns for their parties and social gatherings.

You should make sure that your customers are happy and content with your services.

You should strive to give your customers what they want, give discounts for return customers.  Build a personable relationship with your customers and ask for their feedbacks and reviews.

You should also treat your employees properly and see to the fact that they are not misbehaved with, in parties. Also, ensure that your business is registered with government agencies.

In order to be successful, your business should be able to supply party clowns for various occasions, the clowns should be versatile in their performance.

Marketing is the Core thing for  Every Business. If you have an effective marketing plan then you can achieve good profits and sellingHere we Collected an Infographic which gives you Insight about how to Market your Business. Read it to know more and Apply the same on Business.

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