How To Start Etsy Store Perfectly (10 Steps)

Starting an Etsy business online can be a refreshing and overwhelming idea. Etsy entrepreneur sells vintage and handmade goods. These goods are usually artsy. Some people are still fond of vintage and handmade goods even in this modern age.

An online Etsy store will help to reach out to those customers who are not able to find their desired handicrafts and vintage products in the retail market.

There can be a lack of variety in handicrafts in the retail market which the online stores can exploit.

However, the demand for such products may not be high all throughout the year as it is dependent on the personal choices of the customer.

Moreover, these are not necessary items, handicrafts might be used by customers for decorating their homes similarly collecting vintage items might be a hobby for some customers.

steps to start Etsy Shop

Step:1 Research

The first step is to do research, you must find out where can you buy the handicrafts or the raw materials to manufacture those handicrafts at a cheaper rate.

The products should be unique so that it makes your Etsy store stand out from the others in the market. You need to keep in touch with a wide variety of distributors who are supplying the raw materials.

You cannot afford to compromise with the quality of the raw materials. If you are able to buy the raw materials at a wholesale rate then you can sell the end products at a higher price to earn a profit.

The research will help you to have an idea about the level of competition existing in the market.

You should also take a look at the online as well as retail Etsy stores that are not performing well enough and try to find out the reasons for their poor performance so that you can avoid the pitfalls in the business.

#BonusTip:   While most products on Etsy are handcrafted, it is most important to create designs or products which is very unique. More Unique means more Views towards your Products. It may Increase the Chance of high Selling.

Step:2 Legalities and Copyrights   

You should be well-acquainted with the laws that might affect your business.

If you are developing a unique product or design then you should protect your rights by registering for trademarks and copyrights.

#BonusTip:   You can Collaborate with other Sellers also. It’s a Very Fast way to increase your Etsy product sales. You can Club the different Products from Different Sellers to sell your Products. This, you Can get More Sell towards your products.

Step:3 Business Plan

You need to have a well-thought-out business plan before you start. The business plan will help you to expand your business smoothly. You have to select the right person for the right job when it comes to manufacturing.

The manufacturers of handicrafts must possess skills of developing innovative and unique items and they should be highly trained and experienced. The uniqueness of your products will help you to survive the competition in the market.

Your target group can include restaurants and old government buildings where vintage items or handicrafts are in demand for decoration purposes.

Some restaurants and hotels might be themed in vintage style and your online store can supply them with vintage products.   

#BonusTip:   Why am I going to start this Etsy Business? Who will be the Customers who buy? To Where I sell These Products?

These are the Most Important things to know before starting an Etsy Business. All such important question will be covered in Business Plan. So make a Good Plan

Step:4 Marketing Plan

Promote your products through advertisements in social media. The platform will help you to interact with the customers and know their preferences. Online ads and content can also help in promoting your Etsy business.

The products should be promoted in such a way that it reaches out to a maximum number of people especially to those who form your potential customer base.

Advertisements can also be given in newspapers or through the distribution of pamphlets in busy locations.

There should be exciting offers for those who order for the first time to make them feel special so that they visit the store next time again.

 #BonusTip:   An online shop often finds the highest surge in sales when they implement a discount coupon. You can Share the same Discount on different Deals site to get more views from the potantial Buyers.

This can be done for events like Christmas or Valentines’ Day to attract mroe sales.

Step:5 Fixing the Budget and Maintaining the Accounts

There should be a budget for your business before you start. The budget will determine the size and scope of your business in the initial days.

As soon as the business starts to grow you have to keep account of the profits and losses and link the business to a bank account. The job of accounting should be entrusted to a professional.

#BonusTip:   For such Niche, Pinterest Works Better. you can use Pinterest in sharing your products and ideas. Pinterest has a community of people who are interested in different designs and handmade products where you can add your catelogues.

Step:6 Etsy Product Graphics

The Graphics should be designed by an experienced professional. The website should be safe and secured for Copyright Clauses. The images of the products should have the requisite clarity to overwhelm the customers.

The details of all vintage products should be uploaded to the Etsy.

As soon as the Graphics are Uploaded to the Site, It should be able to provide Professional Feel.

Many vintage items and handicrafts are delicately made, and the packaging should be done with utmost care so that the items are not damaged.

#BonusTip:  An Impressive Graphics can help you to earn an impressive profit. For Etsy Business Website, you need Creative and attractive photography of your handmade Products and Services. Service-wise, product wise, Price wise value graph details boost the engagement and increase the sales.

Hence starting an Etsy business can be a bit tricky and the investment costs might vary according to the products you manufacture or buy as some of the vintage items are quite costly.

You have to be cautious in the way you move forward with your Etsy business as some of the products you make or keep stock may not have any demand from the side of the customers.

You have to fix your target groups and focus on specific handicrafts like a necklace, showpieces or vintage items like vintage watches, flower vases, paintings etc. that are mostly demanded by the customers. Innovation and uniqueness are the key to your success in this business along with patience and management skills.

You should get swayed by the profits and losses and your focus should be on improving the standards of your business.

You have to create a loyal customer base to survive in the market. Use all your experience for enhancing the quality of your products. A prior experience can help you to plan your business smoothly.

Etsy business also provides employment to those who are skilled in making artsy products. There are many talented craftsmen and women residing in remote villages who make traditional handicrafts at low costs, you have to tap their potential and use it for your Etsy business. 

There are many ways that can be reasons for your Etsy shop failure. Just like Product Showcase. The products they create can be unique in design or style and this will help to draw the attention of customers who are looking for something new that was missing until your online store came up.

here is the Infographic which gives you an idea on how many Etsy shop fails after a successful start.

How To Start Etsy Store
etsy shop failure reasons

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