How To Start An Art Store (10 Easy Steps)

Are you an artist? Do you make art that soothes the soul and grabs attention as well as appreciation? If “yes,” then it is high time that you start thinking about starting your online art store to make a living out of your skill and expertise in art.

Your amazing pieces of art have numerous takers in the market, and you just need to connect with them in the right way.

Like any other business, setting up an online art store too needs some steps to be followed in order to be successful. Some of the tips and ideas needed are mentioned below in brief detail.

Steps To Start Art Store Perfectly

Step: 1 Niche

You need to have something unique to offer to the consumer base. The kind of art you do needs to be presented to the customers in the best way possible.

Some of the popular niches in the domain are listed below-

  • Recreate classics from the past
  • Art with hand
  • Sand art
  • Brushstroke art
  • Spray painting
  • Pencil sketch

These are some of the most popular niches that are prevalent in the domain and can help your business create the perfect connection with the consumer base.

? BonusTip: While most products in Art Business are handcrafted, it is most important to create the Latest designs or unique products. A more Unique and Creative Product means more Views towards your Products. It may Increase the Chance of high Selling.

Step: 2 Visit art galleries

Often, various art galleries take place in popular convention halls. Make sure you visit each of them and see what is being most sought after by the people in those galleries.

Try and figure out the trend people follow in buying paintings from such galleries and exhibitions.

Closely watch the most sold or the most costly painting in the gallery so as to understand what the customers are seeking in the paintings and get a hint regarding their taste. This will help you to arrange your collection accordingly.

? BonusTip: You can Collaborate with other Sellers also. Try to Cross Sell your Product with Other sellers or sell your Products on different Platforms. Its a Very Fast way to increase your Art product sales. You can Club the different Products from Different Sellers to sell your Products.

Step: 3 Curator business

Even if you are not an artist, you can get into the business and open an online art store by being an art curator.

The role of an art curator is to get hold of artists’ work from different places and take it to the consumers. You shall enable the art to travel to its consumers and allow the artist to get his/her due share.

There are various artists who do not get this platform, and your business as a curator shall enable them to get the stage to reach out to the consumer base that craves quality artwork.

? BonusTip: Find the Cool ways of Marketing. Another fresh way to engage your art customers is by inviting them to your newest art show.

Segregate the Potential Client list and Invite them to Art Show Exclusively before you open the doors to the general public.

Step: 4 Master the art

Make sure that you have mastered the art before you opt to sell it to the customers. If they are paying for your product, you have to ensure they are perfectly made.

Each time you create a piece of art, you need to thoroughly research its form and know the technique so as to get the best quality output.

People shall reject your online art store completely if you sell products that fluctuate in quality and have too many flaws in the artistic presentation of the subject.

Hence, master the art as perfectly as possible and keep practicing it because art is such a subject that has no end to learning and knowing!

? BonusTip: Why am I going to start this Art Business? Who will be the Customers who buy? To Where I sell This product? These are the Most Important things to know before starting an Art Business. All such important questions will be covered in Business Plan. So make a Good Plan.

Step: 5 Website

The online art store shall be well represented through a proper website that a professional web designer should design.

You can also take the help of Shopify to design the website on your own by purchasing themes and skins for the website.

Make sure the website is mobile-friendly because more and more people are using smartphones to surf the internet and place orders if they like any product.

? BonusTip: An Impressive website can help you to earn an impressive profit. Spend and Research more on the Website. For Art Website, you need Creative and attractive photography of your Art Products. Budget-wise, types, idea-wise details Choose the right product and increase sales.

Step: 6 Product Representation

It is one of the essential things to keep in mind that the website should have a proper representation of the artwork so that people can see what they are opting to buy.

You should capture professional-quality photographs and put them on the website for people to see.

Try and capture the texture in detail so that people can understand the quality, and you can hence justify the pricing of a product in a better way.

? BonusTip: Right product means Right Targeted Business. You need to Find the Right Space for your Art Business where you can fit yourself and get more Business from the Market. Different products for different people and Educate them about your Art Products.

Step: 7 Payment

Your website should be well-secured so that people who will use their credit and debit cards to pay for the products can remain stress-free about the credentials of their cards.

Any financial theft or hacking can ruin the reputation of your online art store, so try to heighten security as much as possible.

Try to accept PayPal payments because of its huge popularity, and people shall find a point to trust when they see the name on the payment page.

? BonusTip: Create a Buzz by giving a free gift. Your customers already love your work, and holding a free chance to win one of your Art creations is the best way to get them excited all over again. Start by picking the perfect prize for a lucky Customer.

Step: 8 Marketing

You can only become a successful entrepreneur if you can market the product in the best way.

Properly utilize your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach out to the target audience and inform them regarding your online art store.

Ensure that you send out emails to the customers so they can visit the online store when a new collection is put up.

Appoint an SEO expert who shall help to drive traffic to the website with keyword targeting and blog posts on a regular basis.

? BonusTip: Want to share demos of your work, but live streaming sounds too intense? Small Videos can create a huge buzz for your Products. Try sharing shorter videos where you demonstrate specific techniques in your newsletters, website, or on social media. This way, you can attract more potential buyers.

Step: 9 Third party selling  

You can sell your art through various e-commerce websites such as Amazon or eBay.

These websites allow you to register as a seller under them and pay them a share of the profit only when you sell through their portal. Such websites have a huge audience base and hence getting sales is easier.

? BonusTip: Your fans love your work and want to see you succeed as an artist. Start taking a review of your art Products. Try asking for their support in a fun way! Use a subscription service where admirers can receive items from you in return for monthly funding. This way, you can increase your Earnings.

Every business needs dedication, and an online art store is all about the passion you hold for the business as an artist.

Your art shall travel the entire world and make a name for itself, but you must be patient to reach the top. With proper marketing and quality management, your online art store will soon yield returns that shall suffice all your needs and desires.

Hence, stay focused and give it your best shot to become your own boss and earn from something that you love to do! Wishing you all the best!

Even as creative types, artists can get stuck in a rut with their art marketing. There are many ways they can sell the same. Creating new ideas to captivate your art customers can be a big challenge every time. Why is going online the Business of a Great deal?

How To Start An Art Store
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