How To Start Blogging Business (15 simple Steps)

Are you a writer? Do you have the knowledge about writing blogs and affluent with the entire domain of blogs and its various kinds? Do people love reading the way you write and always find a narrative in the content? If “yes”, then you are a professional blogger and a person who has immense writing skills.

You can start various kind of home business based professional blogging and make heft money from it at the same time.

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A good writer is always in demand and hence the business will bring in a lot more than you are expecting!

Amazing Blogging business ideas

Freelance writer

If you are a writer then you can take it up as a profession and work as freelance writer for clients who need content at a regular intervals. Get connected with clients with the help of online platforms such as Linked IN to get order to written content.

The payment is done on a per word basis and hence you can earn quite a lot of money from it. You need to write original content which is grammatically correct so that the client can use it for web purposes.

The market for such content is rife and you can get a lot of order which will end up being a substantial earning. You can work from your home, on your laptop and set up the business for content in an easy manner.

Promotional blogs

You can have a blog page of your own where you will promote products from various brands. Once your blog page reaches a large reader base, there will be various brands coming to you to get their products featured in the blogs.

If you are a technical blogger then you might get projects where you will need to review new electronic gadgets in your blog page. Such reviews are promotions of the product and end up adding substantially to the sales of the particular product in the market.

The brands will pay you well if the investment gets them hefty returns through sales.

Write for websites

There are many businesses that are focusing to get their online game right. For the same reason they are creating websites for themselves that will inform the people regarding their presence and the kind of business they perform.

You can network with the right people and extent your work experienced to them so that if they are in need for a writer, they can connect with you.

Writing for websites needs special expertise and hence if you are taking up the task, make sure you get the content spot on as it will be put up right on the website for the world to read!

Professional bloggers have the knowledge to write sales driven as well informative content and this is exactly the kind of combination that is required to write for a website in the perfect manner.

Blog page

If you specialised to write for a particular kind of blog then you can start your own blogging page. Such a blog page doesn’t need a penny to get started and you get your free blog page at WordPress right away!

Create your blog and start writing. Promote the blogs through various social media platforms and once it gets popular then you shall get advertisements in your blog. Such ads do pay hefty amount and will make up for the hard work that you do from your home to create such amazing content that has enormous reader base.

You as a writer need to innovative and maintain certain things so as to get paid. People will hire you as their blogger only if you put up yourself for their service. As you are based on your own, marketing the self is an art that has to be learnt.

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Tips to help you set up a professional blogging Business

Create a work portfolio

Start with the best work of yours. As a writer, the only thing that can allure a person towards your business is the finest of the writing piece that you have ever written. Along with your CV, attach sample write ups, the best of yours, when you will be approaching a client.

Also add the mot reputed business for who you may have worked or written in the past. It will be a positive attribution and give you an edge in getting the project.


You need to set up profiles at Linked In, Indeed, Pro blogger etc. where you will get projects for writing.

Prospective clients look around for the best writer in these platforms. Your profile needs to be professionally made and should contain each and every detail regarding your education and career.

Your profile is something that will allure the clients into believing that you are the best person for the project and then they shall connect with you to get the job done.


You need to be active on social media platforms as a writer in order to grab attention. You never know who might be watching your posts and you might just end up getting an offer from them!

Keep writing on facebook and twitter and promote yourself as a writer in order to make people aware that you are in the business of professional blogging.

If you have a blog page then post the links on your social media profiles to further increase the readership.

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At Last

Starting a home based business is easier these days and just needs complete dedication. You need to be up for any task that comes to you and should not look for money in the initial days.

Keep writing and remember that the more work you do, the more experience you are going to gain. Once set, such professional blogging business can earn you a lot while you work right from the comfort of your home! All the best for the endeavour.   

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