How to Start a Cloth Reseller Business

Clothing reseller is just another term for the clothing retailer. In the retail market, regardless of the product being sold, the outlets that are selling them to the public are basically reselling them after buying the goods from a manufacturer at a wholesale rate or from a supplier who is authorized to sell the manufacturer’s goods.

A reseller is essentially a middleman between the manufacturers and customers.

Reseller business is a great option for new entrepreneurs who are planning to start a business. It is very much affordable as a business model.

You don’t have to create your own products and on the other hand, you will have the choice of choosing from a range of products.

You can easily shift niches in a reseller business without expensive inventory fees, additional or high shipping costs.

Advantages of Starting a Reseller Business

There are many advantages to starting a reseller business. You can easily source from diverse product selection and the business costs are lower. It helps you to launch your business sooner, it allows you to start selling on the same day you start the business.

After adding a few quality reseller products, you can move on to marketing.

You don’t have to wait for the inventory to arrive. You don’t need to carry inventory instead you can use reseller dropship apps to resell goods without having to buy bulk inventory in advance.

You only need to pay for the goods which the customers order.

You can test shift your niche without having to buy any additional inventory. The financial risks are lower in a reseller business, this makes it apt for budget-conscious, risk-averse, and new entrepreneurs. Shipping fees are not that high in a reseller business.

How To Start Cloth Reselling Business

How To Start Cloth Reselling Business

You have the freedom to price your products any way you want. The business can be profitable because the cost of goods you buy from the manufacturer is low. The higher the prices you keep, the more profit you make.

Determine your Niche

You have to select your niche in the clothing reseller business. There are many types of clothes to sell for customers belonging to different age groups. You need to select an area of specialty and focus on it.

You can focus on men, women, boys, or women’s clothing.

You can also specialize in reselling t-shirts, casual shirts, jeans, etc. You have a diverse niche to choose from, this also includes different time periods like vintage clothing, trendy clothes, etc.

You also have the option to focus on different styles like chic or bohemian. Choosing a niche will allow you to plan the business properly.

If you are catering to the demands of a select group then you should try building customer relationships.

Business Plan

Formulate a business plan before starting. The business plan is a key to success because it will help you to obtain the necessary financing and also provide you with a concise, reliable, roadmap to operate your clothing business.

The plan should include business financing, advertising, and marketing strategies, hiring and managing staff, operational hours. Keep an alternative plan ready in case your Plan A fails.

Do you want to start a clothing rental company but struggling to decide what to call it? If so, then do check out the best clothing rental company names ideas.


You have to decide which room or rooms will be dedicated to your business at home. Space should be clean with good lighting and it should also look attractive to customers.

Create a beautiful office in your home with all the necessary equipment that will motivate you to work and keep going.

Finding Wholesaler

Since you are starting a reseller business you need to research the market and find out the manufacturers that can supply you with the products you want at the best prices.

Make a list of such companies that manufacture the kind of clothing you want. Also, find out the manufacturers that will ship the items on behalf of you to your customers.

This is also known as drop-shipping and is also quite common in reselling businesses.

If you can buy products from manufacturers at a low cost then you will have the scope to sell them at marked-up prices to the customers and make the most profitable business.


Create a business website for showcasing and promoting your products. Hire a professional for designing the website.

The website will allow you to receive orders from customers in a feasible manner.

It should look good and customers should be able to navigate it from any device. The product details should be properly mentioned on the site so that the customers truly know what they are ordering.


Marketize your business skillfully to make it successful. Distribute business cards among customers, put banners in your locality. Also, promote your products online through content writing and blogging.

Enhance your social media presence and create a business page on popular social media platforms.

Keep on posting engaging content frequently as this will help you to attract new customers. Offer discounts on festive occasions and also tie up with a daily deal site to offer exciting deals to your customers.

Starting a reseller clothing business from home can prove to be a successful business venture if you have the required commitment and skills.

You need to be patient in building the business gradually, hire a reliable and well-trained staff who know how to deal with different customers and behave with them politely.

They should also know the tricks of salesmanship, customers will visit your store again if your staff develop a rapport with them.

Research the market and find out other reseller clothing stores in your area, find out the type of products that these stores are not able to source or sell to the customers.

Develop your specialty in selling those products that are not easily available in the market, this will help you to stand out from the rest of your competitors.

Stay updated about the latest fashion trends and source products based on the demand of the customers.

Pricing should be fixed according to the quality of the products and also your locality. Avoid sourcing low-quality products. Remember that customer is your god and treat them accordingly.  

Starting a Clothing reselling business is a great way to help the environment. Indirectly, you are recycling things up to their Expiry.

Here is the infographic which gives you more detail on the Clothing reselling Business. Read More

clothing reselling infographic

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