How To Start Craft Business (10 Steps)

Have you been a craft enthusiast for all your life? Are you a creative person with skills to craft the best out of anything you get? If yes, probably it’s high time for you to be your own boss and start your very own craft business online.

With people looking for all kinds of product online, it is a great prospect for a craft enthusiast like you to start an online business.

Having your craft online will increase its reach, however, there are certain tips that you should keep in mind before starting the business.

Steps To Start Craft Business Perfectly

Outline the website

It is extremely important to outline a plan for the website so as to categorically arrange the website for the customers.

One of the biggest turn off for people can be a website that jumbles things up and has no categorically arranged section.

You need to get it down on paper regarding the various sections you want in the website and then post accordingly. It will make it easier for people to browse through the website.

Find your niche

Making things for your joy and making it for business are two completely different things. An online craft business needs to make sure that the products that are being sold are actually in demand in the market.

If there is no demand for a product then making it is of no use because there won’t be any takers for it.

You can make personalized gifts, photo books or hand-crafted decors. Working and specializing in one of the categories will help in creating a brand image among the people.


You need to design the website in the best possible way as it is the single factor that will make the first impression among people.

Make a website that is easy to use and mobile-friendly so that people can access the same from any place with their mobile phones. The content that you have in the website has to engaging and marketing-oriented in nature.

Make sure that the product descriptions are well written and persuasive in nature so that people buy it without any thought. Pair up your descriptions with product photographs that are of high quality and professionally taken.

Doing these will leave a good impression on people and they will like to stay on your website for long and buy.


You have been doing the work all these days for yourself or for others at no real cost. However, now that you are looking at taking it up as a full-fledged business, make sure that you price the product properly.

Maintain the fact that you keep a profit for each of the product and also be honest with the customer by providing products of optimum quality.

Refer to other websites in the domain and get an idea of the pricing, competitive pricing comes at a much later stage.

Firstly make sure that you are making a proper living out of the business and also earning the cost to sustain the website.

Payment and delivery

An online payment method such as PayPal has to be set up for the website so that people can make easy payments.

Limiting the choice to just PayPal will drive away numerous customers, hence make sure that you also accept credit and debit cards.

Partner with delivery agencies that will transport your items to the people. Make sure that efficient people are at work, delayed delivery is the last thing you would want people to reviewing about your website over the internet.

Third party seller

If this entire process seems to be tacky, you can always opt for selling your products via various e-commerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon or eBay. Registering as a seller will allow you to sell the products on their website.

This is advantageous as you will get huge customer base already that goes through the website on a daily basis. These companies only take a certain share of the profit for providing you the platform for sales.

Patience and uniqueness

Get this straight, your online craft business won’t reap your profits from day one! Only have such a plan if you have the patience required to hold the business for a few months online before expecting returns.

With such huge competition in the market, getting people to make purchases from your website will take time and proper marketing techniques.

The only thing that you as a creative person need to ensure is that the products you put up for sale are unique. People will only products that are unique and cannot be found on other stores or the offline market.


You need to learn from the best in the business and then apply the same to your business.

Analyze the way some of the top websites in your category market themselves, then use the tips and add your creativity to the same. This will help you in getting a firm grip on the market.

In order to drive traffic into your website, get proper SEO services and constantly create blog posts so that people will be intrigued and dive in to your website.

Operate the social media profiles in a professional manner and answer the customers as politely as possible. Regularly updating social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram will help in creating brand awareness for your business.

Email marketing also helps in getting traffic as many people who search for such craft on the internet will directly follow the link in the email and land up on your homepage.

Keep learning for the most part and try harder because there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Follow the tips listed and dedicate yourself in the quest. Once you have achieved success, the returns will suffice for the hard work that you put in right at the initial stage. All the best!  

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How To Start Craft Business
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