How to Start a Digital Product Store

Digital products are those that are delivered digitally to customers and are not tangible. One major benefit of selling digital products is the scope of selling them over and over again once you have created them.

Your business costs are cut down due to the absence of any overheads like warehousing and shipping.

You don’t have to do any day to day management if you are done with the creation of products and the main marketing material. You can also have a global reach of customers in this business.

The spread of internet connectivity gives you the opportunity to start an online business and make it big if you are not willing to do business through physical stores.

Online business can be profitable if you have created a range of products or gained expertise on few that are appealing to a similar set of customers.

Steps to Start Digital Product Store Online.

Fixing the Products  

You have to fix the type of digital products you want to sell online. It depends on your choice and business plan because there is nothing like ‘best digital products’ that everyone would like to sell online.

Your products should capture the interests of your target groups and you need to convince them to buy your products.

E-books and PDFs are the most popular digital products in the market. There are customers who also like to buy audio, software and video products and even a combination of digital and physical products.

Selling them

You can sell the products through your own online store or directly from your website, blog, and social media. If you want, you can also sell them through a third-party marketplace or sellers that are reputed.

Sometimes it depends on the products you are selling, many video game sellers want to sell their products through a platform that is popular among gamers, this is done to extend your reach to the target groups as much as possible.

On the other hand, many sellers want to maintain their independence and sell directly through their own websites and maintain direct contact with their customers, this also enables them to earn more money per sale.  

Even the popular music studios are selling directly to their customers rather than using any third-party marketplace. Selling directly will also help you to get customer feedback at an early stage.

Having direct contact with the customers will help you to market and promote your products among them more effectively.

Maintaining your independence in selling will give you the scope of implementing innovative marketing techniques and avoid straightjacket.

However, selling directly needs you to maintain a website, a domain secured for making online payments, on top of everything you will be responsible for the failure of your products due to lack of quality or faulty marketing techniques.

Choosing a Payment Gateway

Usually, digital products stores don’t process payments. Payment processors are tightly regulated because they are dealing with your money whereas e-commerce companies prefer to concentrate more on selling rather than processing payments.

They tend to sign up with payment processors that are reputed in the market.

Before you sign up, you need to know what your customers prefer, whether they want to make payments through debit card or credit card.

The payment processor should process transactions quickly and smoothly and the charges for the transactions should be competitive.


The website should be designed by a professional and it should be oriented according to your business interests. The website should be on par with modern day e-commerce websites and rival websites selling digital products.

Most importantly the website should be mobile optimized so that the customers can access it and buy the products on all devices anywhere, anytime.

It should be ensured that the website can be accessed in multiple languages because customers from all over the world coming from multiple linguistic backgrounds will buy your products.

The website should be streamlined in a way that customers don’t have to provide any extra useless information other than what is required. It should be flexible so that you can add more features that will increase the conversion rate.

You should provide your customers with a shopping cart so that they can choose or buy multiple products at any point of time.

It allows people to browse more and then proceed to checkout.

Fixing the Price of Your Product  

The price of your product is dependent on the kind of product you are selling and the customers to whom you are selling.

If your products solve a major problem of your customers, then you can afford to charge more for your products and if it is not that urgent for them then you should charge less. You need to be confident that your products are worth the money you are charging.

You can start by offering higher prices and then offer discounts subsequently.

Discounts can be offered when you are launching new products or on particular days of the week and also during festive seasons.

Discuss Your Business

You need to discuss your business with experts before you start. This will give you an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the business and how to guide the business forward.

Discuss your business plans, budget, and products with them. Research the market before you start and know your potential competitors, the popular brands and then proceed to create your own identity.

You should be confident before you launch your products in the market.

There is an increasing demand for digital products in recent times. Physical products are not available everywhere because their reach is limited but digital products can definitely fill this gap thanks to the internet such products can reach every nuke and corner of the world.

They carry a marginal cost of production and are easy to deliver. But there are many legal concerns about digital products and you have to be careful about copyright infringements.

You also need to keep license keys for software and games along with a two-step authentication process to avoid theft and fraud.  

Your target groups must include students who require e-books and PDFs to read from also offices that require software and other digital products to make their task easy.

You can also supply audio songs and videos that can entertain young people and also help them to learn from.

Hence selling digital products online is a refreshing idea in the globalized world where there are no borders for trade and knowledge transmission should be unimpeded due to the growth and advancement of information technology services.

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How To Start A Digital Product Store
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