How to Start a Social Media Page Designing Business

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the 21st century. It helps in connecting people across the world and it also provides a space for sharing the events that are taking place in your life.

Everyone wants their Facebook page or profile to look attractive.

Young boys and girls love posting and sharing their experiences on Facebook. Small and big businesses seek to promote their products and brand through their respective Facebook pages.

This helps them in connecting with a large number of people and drawing more customers. Designing a Facebook page isn’t that easy a task. There are professionals for the job and they are hired for designing Facebook pages for different clients.

Steps To Start A Social Media Page Designing Business

Cover Photo

The crucial and focal point of any Facebook page is the cover photo. It enhances the visual appeal of the profile and helps in attracting fans and followers and also increasing the brand value if it is a business page.

Usually, cover photos are the first thing that gets noticed by users whenever they visit your page. It can be a challenging task to create and choose a cover photo especially for company pages because it needs to catch the attention of users and also resonate the brand value.

Generally, cover photos should not include generic terms or special characters, any superfluous descriptions or unnecessary qualifiers. The text in the cover photo should not be more than 20% of the image.

There shouldn’t be any incorrect or deceptive content in the cover photo that can potentially mislead the followers.

It is important to sync the cover photo with the profile picture, you should find innovative ways of designing cover photos that communicate well with the profile picture. You should try to place your post just below the cover photo to make it look more interesting and relevant.

Customize the Tabs  

You have almost 12 custom tabs at your disposal, this provides you with an opportunity to highlight the unique selling proposition.

If there are more ‘likes’ then you should present them first, on the other hand, if you are not on Twitter or if you are having fewer followers on Twitter then that tab should be kept down the list.

Pin the Posts

The ‘Pin’ feature in Facebook helps in showing you your intended posts or content above all other timeline posts.

In other words, this helps you in highlighting some of the posts you like or think to be important.

Keep a Track of Activity

It is very important to keep a track of your page activity. If you are keeping a track of traffic and analyzing the reach and number of hits, then you can choose your future posts carefully.

Interact with Customers  

Most people ignore the task of interacting with customers on social media. Try to interact with customers when they are busy browsing your Facebook page.

This will increase the brand value and also enhance the sense of trust with your customers.

You can send personalized messages to the target audience. This feature can be utilized as part of online customer service and also help you to discuss certain issues with your customers personally.

The objective is to stay engaged with your customers and converse with them as much as possible. The feedback and review of the customers will help you to enhance the prospects of your business.

Designs should Abide by the Rules

Your design should abide by the rules of the social media platform. It should avoid nudity, celebrities, obscene or threatening images, copyrighted images in both the profile picture and cover image.

If your design violates the rules and guidelines, then it can harm the image of your client and also risk the account being suspended or terminated. So, feel free to read the Facebook page terms before you start designing.

Keeping it Simple

If you are designing a page for the promotional campaign then you should keep it simple and use compelling imagery, short copy, and a simple call to action.

Make the design look simple and attractive at the same time with streamlined information and catchy images.

Make the Design Creative and Visually Engaging

The purpose of any social media page is to engage with the target audience and help them to share its content in it.

Facebook pages that have appealing content and visuals and are much more likely to get shared and help in increasing engagement. So, you should be creative with your designs because creativity is the key in making your business successful and stand out from the rest in the market.

The visuals should also be consistent with the customers’ demands and choices and in the case of businesses the page should project the brand identity and also showcase the products.

Hence starting a Facebook page designing business from home can be a refreshing idea as it does not require much investment.

Experience can come in handy because experienced software developers or web page designers can contribute to the business in a better way than those who lack experience. They can come up with innovative designs that will make your business popular.

You need to have a proper business plan before you start, and the plan should be well formulated and should include the costs of investment, the timeline for your business etc.

You should also reinvest in the business as it grows popular to increase knowledge, skills, and technical know-how.

You don’t need to worry about marketing much because you can use your own social media page to reach out to customers and keep them busy, engage with them. Ensure quality customer service along with creativity to become successful as a Facebook page designing business owners from home.

Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas on how to start a facebook advertising to achieve good Engagement. Read Below.

How To Start A Social Media Page Designing Business
facebook advertising guide infographic

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