How To Start Food Delivery Business (15 Steps)

Food is an elementary need for human beings. With a rise in the mobile food delivery business, more and more people are opting to get their food delivered to their homes or offices instead!

If you want to start your own food delivery business then this could just be your moment to start with the proceedings.

However, unlike any other business there are a few tips that are to be kept in mind before starting an online food delivery business.

Steps To Start Food Delivery Business

How To Start Food Delivery Business

Select your niche

It is always better to start small and then develop into a bigger player in the market. Online food delivery is opted by various people for different kinds of need.

For people ordering from home, it could be that they want to enjoy the culinary delights in the comfort of their house!

For people ordering from office, it could be that they need lunch/snacks that taste good and hence ordering from an online food delivery business!

You need to select any one of the categories and geographical location to start the business and then grow if you find prospects and increasing orders from areas outside your jurisdiction.

Partner with the restaurants

Your online food delivery business will need restaurants that will serve you the food that is being ordered and then you can deliver the same to the customers. Select some of the restaurants of the area that serve quality food and are popular.

Their popularity will help you bring in clients to your online food delivery business.

Also, you can partner small individuals who want to start their own restaurant online. This will help you gather finances for the project and also help those people to reach out to a wider client base over the internet through your business.  

Hire employees

You need to start the business by hiring employees who will collect the food from a restaurant and then serve it to the location of the customer. Make sure that you select employees who can ride a two wheeler and if possible then they should own a two wheeler.

Hiring people who have their own two-wheeler will reduce your cost of getting them a vehicle with which they can travel and serve the food.

You then just need to pay them the fuel charges based on the kilometre they have travelled on their bikes. Having an efficient workforce shall allow you to establish your brand in a better way.

These employees will lead your brand into the market and will be the physical emblem of the brand in the area.

Branding logistics

For an online food delivery business it is essential to do proper branding of their agents so that when they travel to serve and collect food, people shall recognize your brand easily!

After you have decided on making a logo and a theme colour for the brand, you need to get t-shirts, labels of the same for your agents.

The bike they travel on should have your brand’s sticker as well the bag they carry food in. They should wear t-shirts of your online food delivery business, it should have the logo and theme colour along with a copy that instantly catches people’s attention.


The website that your online food delivery business has is the only element that shall attract a person to place an order.

It should be designed by professional web designers, colours used should be according to the theme colour of the logo so that there is a similarity.

For a food delivery business, it is inevitable having a mobile app for their website. Get hold of app developers for all three platforms – Android, iOS and Windows. It is more convenient for people to be 0rdering food from their phone than from a PC or a laptop.


The margin of profit is low in this kind of business, however, there are a host of other ways from which your online food delivery business shall earn substantial profits!

For restaurants to get listed on your online business they shall pay a charge every month or on a yearly basis.

You can partner with various small businesses and give the platform to sell their delicious food.

Such business will save up on the cost of establishing a full-fledged restaurant and instead pay you for providing them with the platform through which they are getting sales.


For your online food delivery business to perform best it is advised that you get a professional marketing person as well as a SEO.

From marketing perspective, your brand can tie up with some of the good causes and contribute a part of the profit to the well being of a good cause. This will showcase you as a responsible brand from the customer’s perspective.

SEO expert shall drive in the traffic to the website so that there can be increases sales.

They will target keywords and post blogs so that your online business ranks better on various search engines and more people opt for services from your website!

Your brand’s social media presence has to be strong so that the clients can communicate easily with you in case they have an issue.

Post regularly and provide them with offers once you have the business settled and have started making money other then the recovery cost of the business. Be professional in your conduct with the clients.

Online food delivery business is getting popular on a daily basis and the competition is stiff from the market leaders. Make sure you follow the leaders closely and learn from the good strategies they implement in their business.

As long as you keep working hard and stay dedicated to the business, it is assured that proper profits shall come back to you in a span of a couple of months.

You should have the patience to get the first sale for your business. You might just be very near to having a profitable business but giving up on the early stages will remove you of the opportunity. All the best!

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