How to Start Home Based Tiffin Services

A healthy life starts with healthy food. Every day, we hit gyms, practice power yoga, and whatnot to keep fit. But if your food is not healthy enough, every good habit comes into naught.

However, in this age where everyone is damn busy, what suffering the most is our eating habits. Most of us do not have time to cook on regular basis and thus fall prey to outside junk foods.

To fill in this gap, Tiffin services have come in, and no doubt it has helped us to a great extent to maintain a healthy food habit. If we just look at it from a different angle, this industry actually provides career opportunities to many and especially has worked magic in female empowerment.

Start Tiffin services from Home

Women, who a few years back, were nothing but can cook good, are now successful entrepreneurs.

Most people in America prefer homemade food for daily meals when conducted a survey about having meals. Also, most people tend to migrate from one place to other usually leaving their hometown for education or jobs, etc.

Find Target Customers

The Tiffin service targets busy professionals and students working in offices, particularly the employees of large firms through direct marketing tactics.

Most office-going professionals and those living away from their families face a major problem of their daily meal which often leads to ill health issues.

Get Taste in your Food

These people either end up eating out most of the time or cook fast and quick food for themselves for such people Tiffin services are like rain in the desert.

This demographic mostly consists of young individuals with more disposable income, less time for cooking their own meals to eat, but have social values and an aptitude towards food with a taste of homemade flavor.

Moreover, it is found that customers value hygienic, healthy, and tasty meals. Many would be willing to spend 10 $ more to get one on a regular basis.

The main competitors of Tiffin or catering service are the food vendors, restaurants, and street food carts, which are quite easily available and are also affordable.

Suprise with Different Foods

The reasons for people preferring the Tiffin system is that they offer a more user-friendly ordering system, provide hygienic and healthy food, offer a variety of food choices at a reasonable cost.

The home delivery system is a boon in the modern world. With the added work burden, people are not willing to travel an extra mile to fetch food as going out and eating is considered a waste of time.

In such cases just ringing up the restaurant or the food catering service can get one to have his or her lunch or any other meal sitting at the same place.


Tiffin service is needed in offices, schools, and some other institutions where people are longing for homemade food unlike the fast food being served at various canteens across the world.

It is quite important for any Tiffin service to cater to the individual needs of the customer and be prompt with delivery schedules to succeed.

Lunch Tiffin services are notable in offices due to the fact that nearly all those who work in these offices love taking homemade food as it is always served hot.

Like any other business set-up, you need to understand how to run a Tiffin business very well to make a profit.

How To Start Home Based Tiffin Services

Here is how you can improve your this business:

Include Supplementary items in the Tiffin Business Menu

Health is reliant on food. Supplementary food items that are good for health could always be added to the Tiffin service menu.

Plastic Lunch Box could be made Gorgeous : 

The plastic lunch box is the first thing that clients will become aware of. Hence, these plastics must be made more striking to keep the hunger of customers alive. In addition, they must be neat to serve as mood makers for the clients.

We have beautiful collections of Thank You for Lunch Messages also in these categories are the thank you for cooking for me quotes.

Change the Menu Often :

Do not continue serving the same type of food every day. Customers are ready to pay any amount for healthy and tantalizing food. Therefore, serving the same mini-meal with the same ingredient three times a week is killing your business.

Be dynamic and plan the content for the entire week in advance to be successful in this business. This will make consumers get a variety of mini-meal for breakfast or lunch and you as the owner of the Tiffin business will be able to manage funds. 

Allow Customer to decide what to eat : 

Get a menu from customers in advance based on the variety of items you have on your menu and what they want to eat. This will allow you to plan your inventory in a better way and be able to attend to the individual customers, depending on their needs.

This will ensure better bonding in the association of the Tiffin business and the customers.

Feedback from Customer is a must : 

No Tiffin setup can force any product on a customer. Customers are kings all the time and they must be respected. Getting feedback from clients once a week or once every two weeks will be sufficient to keep their interest intact in the Tiffin service owner.

Once people start knowing of your business, they will start ordering. The system of order placement should be simple and easy. Nobody has time to follow an elaborate step or make phone calls, get a busy tone, and then try again.

Choosing the right slogan for your menu planning company is a crucial step when you’re trying to stand out from the crowd, so make sure to check out the Catchy Menu Planning Company Slogans and Taglines.

It simply leads to the loss of customers. Therefore, it is important that you use good and efficient food ordering systems that not only help in order placement but also kitchen management and despatch and delivery. It will simply further smoothen out your business.

AT last

If one person is good at cooking food then this kind of profession is the best suited for him or her. All you have to do is in the morning a few hours of working in the kitchen and then be free all day long.

Most importantly you don’t have to be a chef at a hotel or restaurant or hotel, but something at home. With a constant influx of people migrating to the city, more so for work and without their families, they miss home-cooked food and one option for them is the homemade catering and Tiffin service.

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