How To Start A Hot Air Balloon Business

Do you live in any of the exotic locations that have a huge expanse of open land and surreal views and sceneries? Does your home have a considerable expanse of land which can be used for keeping a hot air balloon ride?

If “yes” then you should start thinking about starting your hot air balloon operator business. It is a lucrative and exciting domain to work on and its market demand is growing every passing day.

Your house at an exotic locale is one of the biggest business prospects due to the huge opportunity in the tourism industry.

Some ideas and tips for such a business are mentioned below-

Full time or part time

You can either be a part-time hot air balloon operator or full-time; it depends on what you would prefer. If you want to run the business during the time of a fair or festival then start preparations before the time comes.

If there is any peak tourism season then select that period to operate the business from your home.

People flock in numbers during the period and that will heighten the chances of your business getting more attention and demand!

Operate from home

You will be operating the business from home and hence it is essential that your home has the required space to support such a business arrangement. The business has to be concentrated around your home so as to make it a home based business.

Other than funds, it will need you to be able to manage the crowd that will come for the hot air balloon rides. Have a stationing area where the hot air balloon will be kept for people to board them and get set for the ride.

The area has to be open so that the balloon can hover over the land without any problem and obstacle.

You need to know that the business cannot be completely based from home and it needs a lot more investment and effort than any other kind of business set up.

Only a small part of the business can be held under your roof while the rest is all outdoors!

This is supposed to be a fun and leisure-oriented business and hence expect positive returns right from the beginning as people visit a holiday destination to spend and enjoy as much as they can!


You need to opt for a private aviation license in order to be allowed on the aviation route with your hot air balloon.

Go through the aviation laws and connect with the department to get the license to run the business. A pilot’s license is essential to operate such a business.

Plan and evaluate your business

You need to determine the income that is expected out of the business. Research other service providers and see what they are charging and how they are earning profits from the business.

Add the total costs earned in a month with the costs that have been paid out by you so as to get an idea of the profits that you will make from the home based hot air balloon business.

Hire crew

You cannot run the business completely on your own. You will need to hire people who can help you with the business and make it run smoothly.

A hot air balloon operator needs people who are of the same domain so as to extend their valuable assistance.

Starting from safety check to guiding the tourists, all the work has to be divided among the crew so that the entire pressure doesn’t come over you and you can concentrate on other aspects of the business.


You need to make a website for the business. People will know more about the hot air balloon business after they visit the website.

They can also make bookings from the website in advance as soon as they plan for a holiday at your location.

Website is the key to such business as it helps in adding a factor of trust.

Hire a professional web designer who will build the website according to the theme of the business while making sure that it looks professional.

The website should have well shot photographs of your hot air balloons in action so that people have added reasons and attraction to opt for the service from you.

Mention contact details properly so that people find no issues if they want to talk to you in person.

Other forms of hot air balloon service

Other than the tourism aspect, you can also opt to serve the police and administration department.

There are various combing search orders that are often initiated by the administration so as to find anything that is missing or track a criminal that has been on the run. Being a hot air balloon operator, you can serve this purpose and lend help to the department.

It will be cheaper than hiring a plane for them while the purpose of getting a bird eye view of the scene is also possible. It can be used to track a criminal and inform the on road vehicles about the location of the criminal so that they can reach and get hold of them!

Your business can serve greater cause and also allow you to earn a substantial amount from it through these ways.

Make sure you get insurance cover because such a business has many elements of risk. Market the hot air balloon business to the optimum extent so that people are aware of your presence in the location and they know that you are reputed in this field due to the quality of service.

Provide testimonials to the new clients so that they are encouraged to pursue the adventure and get the experience of a lifetime.

The aerial view has always been mesmerizing for people and you need to build on this to attract more clients to the business.

Hold patience because it takes time for a business to get established and yield positive returns! All the best.  

Here is the infographic which updates you with some interesting facts and stats about the Hot Air Balloon Business. Read detail Below

How To Start A Hot Air Balloon Business
hot air balloon business infographic

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