How to Start Doctor on Call Business

Every person is in need of a doctor service in some point or the other. There are instances when people need emergency doctor services and if you are a doctor then it is high time that you cater to such needs.

If you are a doctor and willing to do the needful to meet the demands of the people who need medical attention then you should opt for starting your own doctor on call online business.

As people are increasingly opting for online services, doctor on call online businesses can be an instant success if targeted to the right set of audience. Some of the ideas and tips to keep in mind while planning for such a business are mentioned below in brief detail

Steps To Start Doctor On Call Business

Select niche

The starting tip for every person who wishes to start an online business is that you should start it in a small area. The business should deal with a selected niche and gather an audience in that particular niche.

For your doctor-on-call online business, it is essential to make sure that a particular area is selected and catered to so that people can connect with the business and start believing in your service as a doctor.

Some of the popular niches that can be taken up are mentioned below-

  • Emergency health services
  • Cater to a particular disease such as diabetes, blood pressure or any other such disease
  • Target a specific age group to serve
  • Gynaecologist service

While these are some of the niches that can be selected, there are numerous other niches as well that you can take up to start your business.

Are you a doctor?

If you are a doctor then starting the doctor on-call business is easier because you have the relevant knowledge. However, the entire scenario changes if you are not a doctor and still want to start the business.

In such a case, it is essential that you gain proper knowledge about the subject and then keep working on it.

You need to have a set of doctors who will be rendering their services on your website as per the call of the clients.

Make sure that each of the doctors is specialized to serve the niche that you have selected because the clients would expect top-notch treatment and measures when they ask for an on-call doctor.


You need to have proper logistics backing up your business in order to establish the brand.

If you are on a visit to any of the patients then you should have a proper vehicle that is well branded with the logo and theme of the business.

Branding is essential because while you travel in the vehicle to the destination, people on road will see your business name and logo. It will help in marketing the service in a better way.

The doctor’s apron that you wear needs to be branded as well and have a mention of the logo and business name.

As it is a medical service, it is recommended that you have an ambulance ready in case there come up an emergency.


Your online doctor on call business needs capital investment in order to get started. There are various ways from which you can get the needed finance. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Dig up your savings and invest on the business
  • Ask for money from acquaintances or friends who believe in your idea of the business
  • You can ask for loan from banks and other financial institutions and for the same you need to have a proper business plan that can be pitched to them for approval.


Your patients will connect with you through the website and hence it is one of the most essential parts of the entire business. You need to hire a proper web designer who will make the website according to the theme of the business.

The doctor on-call website should be very user-friendly because people who will come to the site will need easy navigation through it.

Make sure that the website is mobile-friendly because most of people will browse through their smartphones. As your website is service-oriented, make sure that each of the descriptions in the website is appropriate and gives knowledge to the customers.

Upload testimonials of your services so as to enhance the trust of the people who are on the website. You can also design the website on your own with the help of platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.


Make sure you simplify the payment methods for your clients.

Accept all the major credit and debit cards along with other e-wallets that are popular among the users.

PayPal is an amazing payment method to have in your website because of its popularity and the trust factor it has gained among the audience over a period of time.


People will opt for your service only when they are aware of its existence. Promote your business through the social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter in order to reach out to the target consumer base.

Upload health tips and write blogs on the various issues of health so that people are engaged in the content and stay on your website for a longer period of time.

Hire an SEO who shall target the keywords and drive in huge traffic to the website and at the same time enhance the ranking of the website on the search pages.

You can also send out emails or sms for promoting your business.

A doctor on call business is one that is laden with immense responsibility. You need to deliver your best every time and thrive to serve at the hour of the day because you are a doctor and have taken an oath to save lives regardless of anything else.

Keep patience because such business takes time to reach the peak and once it does there is no looking back! All the best!   

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How To Start Doctor On Call Business
hospitalists infographic

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