How to Start Online Fashion Accessories Store

Do you always dress up with the correct accessory and have an exceedingly good sense of fashion accessories? Do you have the hobby of crafting your own fashion accessories and have amazed many people with the skills?

If “yes”, it’s high time that you think of creating an online presence of the inherent talent and make a living out of it by starting an online fashion accessories business.

With the growing numbers of online shoppers for every category, fashion is undoubtedly the most popular domain for which people are continuously scrounging online stores. Fashion accessories appeal to both the sexes and hence there is a huge scope to reach out to a wide customer base with your creativity and fashion sense.

Steps To Start Online Fashion Accessories Store

Select your niche

Fashion accessories essentially reflect the personality of the person who adorns it. You need to pick what exactly you wish to offer from your online store. You can select the niche based on your own personality as it will help in bringing the best out of you.

If you are a happy and cheering person then bright colors and light designs can be your niche. You can also opt for festive fashion accessories, a niche where you sell only the products that suit each of the festivals that comes up in a calendar.

Another unique niche can be completely handmade and bespoke accessories, in this, you will self-design the products adding the touch of creativity you have, and also take orders from clients for making accessories according to their wish and customization.

Catering to a specific niche will help in establishing the brand efficiently.

Inspire your creativity

Before you start the business, it is essential to take a look at some of the market leaders and learn from the designs and styles they have on offer for the customers.

Pair their ideas with your unique creativity and sell it to your consumer. It will add the taste of mass along with your own class in the products that you offer.

If you are self-designing, taking some pointers from the leaders and incorporating the same in your designs will end up yielding unique output. You can learn how to make jewelry from various YouTube videos and other tutorials available online for free.


Before you put up an online fashion accessories business, show your products and offerings to your acquaintances to get proper feedback and incorporate the changes if there are any.

Getting genuine feedback on your offerings will give a third perspective on the products and help the nature of the product to be more diverse and customer-oriented in nature.


After a competitive analysis of the market leaders, implement a pricing strategy that targets at achieving profit. Sans profit the online business cannot sustain itself for long.

You have taken this up to earn a living out of it so make sure that you price it accordingly. Refrain from extremely high prices as it will put you out of the market completely.

Website and equipment

You need to design a website that aptly reflects the business you have. Make sure that you get a highly customizable website platform so that amends can be made regularly to suit the changing trends.

Your web designers must make a website that is mobile-friendly as well because people love to shop on the go. A page with a slow loading speed will repel consumers at an alarming rate.

The shopping cart should be designed in a way that it can sustain more than 20 products at once. It will increase the number of sales on the website.

Proper payment methods are to be arranged on the website so that people feel secure to pay the money online.

Secure gateways should be used for all online transactions as well as online wallets should be accepted as it is hassle-free for the customer.

Content is the king

To popularize your fashion accessories business it is important to have proper content on the website.

Every product should have a proper product description that will allure the people to purchase the product. A well-shot photograph should accompany each of the products so that people can get a detailed understanding of what the product is and how it looks!

The specifications and variety in sizes and measures should be well listed for different types of customers.


When people purchase such things online, they want to get the things as quickly as possible. Catering to the excitement of the people can be of great use because if they get quick delivery of the product then the word of mouth shall bring in more customers to the website.

It is essential to partner with delivery logistics that are efficient and have a reputation of being on time.

A lot of your hard work depends on the kind of delivery they make to the customers.

Third party selling

If the entire process is a lot to take up for your then you can opt to register yourself as a seller in any of the leading eCommerce websites such as Flipkart, Amazon or eBay.

These websites already have a huge customer base and if you sell through them then rest assured of getting regular sales if you offer unique and genuine products.

However, a certain percentage of the profits shall be deducted by the eCommerce giants because they are providing you such a huge platform.


An online fashion accessories business needs to have a lot a of traffic flow in order to achieve sales. Professional service should be taken to get SEO done for the website.

SEO can increase the ranking of the website on various search engines and hence drive in more traffic with the help of keywords and blog posts that are relevant to your industry.

It is important to properly work with the social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) in order to create a good communication channel with the clients.

Regular updates about the fashion and the prevalent trends in the accessories will create a greater connection between the client and your business.

You can also make brand ambassadors promote your products, there are various fashion vloggers online who serve the purpose and have a huge audience, and working with them will lend immediate results and greater reach in the market.

Remain positive and keep your spirit high, proper plan of action will lend immense results in your pursuit to start an online fashion accessories business.

With these tips, your business shall reach great heights and earn you hefty amounts in the days to come!

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