How To Start Handyman Business (10 Steps)

Are you specialized in any of the skill sets that make for an amazing handyman at work? Do you have the talent to do the repairs and maintenance in a way that leaves no worries for the clients?

If “yes” then you are the right person to start your own handyman business online.

With the growing splurge of opportunities in the online market, it is the most appropriate time to venture into a business of such kind due to the skills that you have.

People look for such services online ad though there is competition from the offline market, your online handyman company can just strike the right chords with the market.

Steps To Start Handyman Business Perfectly


One of the foremost things that you need to have before you start your online handyman company business is experience.

You as a handyman must have enough experience in the field so that people can trust your services and you can offer them the best solution.

You can either work independently or under any form to gain experience and then plan to start your own business. If you are experienced then you are just on the right path my friend!


Handyman services comprise various kinds of works that need a special skill set and understanding of the subject.

You as an individual handyman service provider company online can select a particular niche in the business and then serve the customers who are in need of services related to that particular niche.

Some of the most popular niches in the domain are-

  • Building maintenance and repair
  • Electrics
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Heating and Cooling

Create a team

If you want to start your online handyman business then you need to have a team of experienced and skilled handymen who can serve the niche of your online business.

You can also do the business online but having a team will allow your online handyman business to reach out to more people at a time and serve them in a better way altogether.

Get hold of some of the most trusted people in the domain who can work for the business and provide service that satisfies the customers and help in establishing the “brand”.

Create a business plan

For any business to work smoothly it is essential to have a business plan that lays down the goals perfectly. You need to mention clearly in the business if you want to serve domestic customers or commercial and industrial clients.

Having a solid business plan shall also allow you to get finances and people can understand the structure of the business and the proposed sources of profits for your business.

Draft a proper executive summary that sums up everything about your business, this part will enable you to get loans from banks and financers easily.

Transportation and equipments

For your handyman business, you need to have the proper transportation to reach out to the customers.

People who shall seek your services will want to get the work done in the quickest duration so that they can resume their daily routine.

These jobs are of an emergency nature and need immediate attention and hence you need to arrange for transportation where you or your team can travel along with the equipment that is needed for the purpose.

You need to properly brand the vehicle with the logo of your online business so that people can recognize your brand and it serves the purpose of brand promotions also.

You need to have tool kits for each of the workers so that they are capable of dealing with a problem preliminary with the tools they have with them.

There are various tool kit bags available in the market but it is advised that you take up customized tool kits to better suit the needs of the niche that your online handyman business caters to.


You need a professional website to bring in clients to the business. Get a professional web designer to build the website.

Make sure you have come up with a logo and theme colors that can be used in the website to strengthen the branding of your online handyman business. List down the services and contact details of yourself so that people can call to resolve any query they have.

Testimonials are extremely essential for gaining trust from the customers. Hence, try and upload numerous testimonials that can showcase your reputation and perfection in the services you provide.

If you plan to take advance payment for the bookings then get a proper payment gateway for the clients.

People will use their debit or credit card and hence the website should be completely secure from any threats to the finances of these people.


Online handyman business needs proper exposure to attending success. Such exposure can be achieved in the internet with proper digital marketing.

Google loves blogs and you should try and write engaging blog posts that shall inform the reader and bring them to your website and seek for services that they wish.

Doing this will rake in visitors to the website and as stated above you shall get good ranking in the Google search page too! Use your social media accounts to convey information to the clients and also communicate with them in case of any query from their side.

Promote your business will the help of flyers and adverts placed at various furniture or electrical store to get clients from them.

Third-party listing

If you are an individual and want to lend these services without opening a website then you can register as a handyman in any of the web directories such as Just Dial.

This will allow you to get a bigger platform to get customers and also an online presence.

If you are a dedicated worker and have patience then success is sure to strike you! The way to the top is always stormy but once you reach there- it’s worth the effort! All the best.

As we know, This business is getting very huge response from the People. Many Big Companies are already invested the same in this Field. If you have skill then you may start your own handyman business for the ceratin region. Here is the infographic which gives you more ideas on how to start business online.   

How To Start Handyman Business
handyman industry stats and trends

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