How to Start Sports and Recreation Store

People are increasingly willing to get active and hence looking to indulge themselves in active habits such sports. It shall be a wise step if you want to open your online sports and recreation store because you shall find a huge customer base.

People want to get various sports and recreational equipment that can make them fit and helps them to stay active.

As more and more people opt to buy things online, your sports and recreation store can make the perfect connection with online buyers. There are certain ideas and tips that shall help you to establish the online business in a better way.

Steps To Start Sports And Recreation Store

Select your niche

It is always important to start small and then gradually extend the business into various areas. For this purpose, you need to select a niche in the market that you will be catering to.

Thoroughly research the market and your competitors to get an idea of what each of them is selling and what is the product that is scarcely represented in the market.

Try and fill this gap as it will give people an added reason to visit your online sports and recreation store.

Some of the niches that you can select to stock your store with are –

  • Used sports equipment
  • Sports specific offering (basketball store, football store etc.)
  • Sports gear store
  • Indoor games and recreational equipment store
  • Boating utilities

While these are some of the niches, you can always try and find out more unique set of products that the market has demand for but isn’t represented sufficiently in the stores, both physical and online.

Business plan

Your entire plan should be noted on paper with all the goals and targets of the business. Such a document is known as a business plan.

You need to clearly mention the financial investments that you plan to make in the business on an annual basis.

It will give you an idea of the expenses that are to come and also you must mention how you plan to recover the costs that have been involved in it. Your business plan must have an executive summary that shall summarise the entire document briefly right at the beginning.

If you are looking to get finances from, a bank or any other financial institution then your business plan is the main document shall be needed for approval.


You need to get in touch with the local authorities so as to understand what are the various legal steps and licensing that you may need to start an online sports and recreation store.

You need to get the business license that shall allow you to sell good in the market.

Register a name for your business and then buy a domain of the same name so as to create the website of your online sports and recreation store.


Your online store should have a warehouse where you shall stock up all the products. When people will order the goods, you can take the item out from warehouse send it out for customer delivery.

You need to have a separate budget for this arrangement and it needs economic commitment for the same reason.

On the other hand, you can do away with the entire method by getting suppliers and distributors who shall ship the goods from their store directly to the customers.

This will allow you to save up on the money that you have to spend on a warehouse or storage space.

Research to get the stocks right

You will need to communicate with numerous suppliers, distributors, and drop shippers so as to find out who are proving you the best and cheap prices.

Opt to have multiple suppliers so that you can always fulfil the orders of your clients without any fail.

Visit the various auctions that are held so that you can get some of the supplies at even cheaper rates. These are one of the best places to get refurbished products that can be put up for sale at your website.


You need to design the website in the best possible because it is the only representation of your business for the customers.

Hire a professional web designer who can deal with the work and can give you the best design for your website according to the theme of the business that you have. Make sure that the website has plenty of images that show the products that you have for sale.

People prefer to see what they are ordering before finally placing the order. Ensure that the website is mobile friendly because most of the people prefer to browse the internet and shop with their Smartphones.


Customers will make payments on your website for the products they have shopped.

The trustworthy attribute of the payment procedure shall rake in more customers because every person is afraid of online threats to their credit and debit card accounts. Install a safe and secure payment gateway so that making payments is convenient.

Accept PayPal for popular appeal.


You need to have a proper buzz around the business so as to gather customers. Hire professional SEO experts to drive traffic to the website. Social media profiles on your business’ name should regularly post so as to enhance the communication with the target consumer base.

You can send direct mails to the consumers so that they can directly come to your website. You can sell popular genre sports products during the peak seasons so as to attract more customers.

For example, you can sell football jerseys during football world cups or competitions.

Every business needs proper dedication and trust so as to grow and establish itself in the market. You have to work hard and hold patience because such endeavors take time to bring colors.

If you give up midway then it can be the case that you shall lose out on making profits just when the business was about to earn well.

All the best for your online sports and recreation store!  

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