How to Start Translation Business (10 Steps)

There is an increasing demand for translators and translation services due to globalization and the intermingling of diverse populations. Knowing a second language other than your mother tongue can come in handy.

There are growing opportunities for language translators these days.

If you have attained fluency in speaking and writing foreign languages, then you can utilize your translating skills by starting a translation service business.

here are Steps to Start Online Translation Service.


If you are proficient in speaking one or two foreign languages then it becomes easier for you to plan and start a business with low investment costs. You can also sharpen your language skills by going through books, online articles.

If you don’t know any other language except your mother tongue attend, then you can undertake a certified training program in a foreign language of your choice and seminars related to translation.

You have to hire professional translators who have excellent command over foreign languages and are certified by any university or training program.

You have to manage the group of translators who will work under you in an efficient way and pay them a standard salary for their services. You can encourage them by providing incentives like holiday packages, bonus etc.

Determine the niche

You have to determine the languages your business will focus on. It will be good to specialize on a maximum of two to three languages. Find out on the internet which languages are getting popular and spreading at a rapid pace throughout the world.

Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic are the most spoken languages in the world.

You will also have to research and find out the demand for translation services in your area or state and the competition you will have to face from your online as well as offline rivals. You have to fix the language or languages in which your business will provide translation services.

The target market is quite broad and includes legal, commercial, medical interpretation and translation.

You can also target students who want to study abroad and those are interested in learning a foreign language to fulfill their career objectives. People from the tourism sector might also be interested in learning a foreign language and your business can target them.

After you fix your niche you can hire translators who have specialized in those languages.

Determine the Fees

You will also have to determine the fees that you will charge for language translation services from your clients. The amount of the fees will depend on the assignment if it’s a tough assignment that takes the time you can charge more.

The fees will also depend on the place where you live, and you will have to research and find out how other translation service businesses are setting up their fee schedule.

You can consult professional interpretation associations for setting the fees. In the beginning, you should charge less to gain a foothold in the market and as you grow your business you can raise your fees.

Setting up the Website

You have to set up your own professional website. The website should be designed by a professional.

The website should state all the relevant information about the business like the achievements, the number of clients covered, the specialty of your services and policies related to privacy and clients.

The profile of all those related to your businesses should be uploaded in the website especially that of the translators. The clients should know the professional experience and expertise of the translators when they surf your website.

This will help them to choose your services prudently and spare your online business from getting negative reviews. You should also put in informative articles on your website.

There should be a section for getting important feedback from your clients and a secured payment channel for making and receiving payments. You should buy a proper domain for hosting your business online.

There should be a section dedicated to making video calls to offer your services through a video call or to communicate with your clients.


You will have to use the internet for marketing your services. You can place classified ads on the websites which are appropriate. You can join professional associations and use social networking sites to market and promote your translation service business.

Try to contact local clients like lawyers, accountants, and physicians and offer them your services for meetings and written documents. You can also register your business name in government-accredited interpreter rosters.

You can also register your webpage in business directories relating to translation services and this will help in making your business visible to the clients. Offer discounts on fees whenever there is a scope for that.

Hence you can start your own translation service business online and make it successful by following the above-mentioned steps. You can translate your asset of knowing a foreign language into a business and earn money easily. The start-up costs and the overhead costs are very low for translation-related business and there is a significant scope to earn a profit.

The target groups consist of a long list and you can choose and focus on a few of them. You need to have a sound internet connection and all the equipment required.

Formulate a feasible business plan according to the budget and work on fixing a timeline like when to expand the business, implement necessary changes, invest more etc.

However, there are certain challenges that you will have to face in the business, first is having complete and thorough languages you want to offer as the margin for error is very low and the clients have a lot of alternative options to avail.

You will have to face competition from computerized translation programs but if you want you can implement the same in your business.

You also need to have patience and give the business some time to grow depending on the location and also go through the legalities and make your business certified.

If you are able to overcome these challenges and stay confident then it’s a wonderful idea to start an online translation service business.   

Before starting any Language Translator business, you should have command on Different Languages. Here is the infographic which gives you more idea on this business. Read Below

How To Start Translation Business
why localize your business

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