How To Start A Personal Training Business

Are you a fitness freak and lobe to workout? Do you have a skill set that is essential and has helped a lot of people to achieve their fitness goals? If these are your forte, then it is the right time to think of starting your personal trainer business from home.

Home businesses are getting popular increasingly due to the affordability they have and also the advantage of being less professional and friendly in approach.

Every person wants to get fit these days and for the same reason, they look around for a personal trainer who can walk them through the routine and help them reach their fitness goals.

Here we have some of the essential tips and home business ideas for personal trainers that shall be of immense help to you!

Steps To Start Personal Trainers Business

Market prospects

The market for such training and fitness enhancement is at its prime and constantly growing. More people are opting to get a fit lifestyle rather than a laid-back one so that they can stay away from the various diseases that come with laziness and obesity.

It is estimated that the business will expand approximately 10% in the upcoming ten years.

Select a niche

Before you start serving people, it is essential for you to know which niche or particular kind of fitness area you will be catering to.

It is recommended to start out small and create a name for the self rather than cater to a huge domain and mess it up.

Once you have established your home-based business of being a personal trainer, you can extend the niche and service a wider audience. Some of the popular niches in the domain are –

  • Free hand exercise
  • Yoga training
  • Gym instructor
  • Aerobics instructor
  • Meditation counsellor
  • Boot camp trainer

As someone who will operate from home, you can go to the client’s place with bare minimum equipment and render your training to them.

You can also have the clients come to your home for the training if you have a setup done for the same.

If you are visiting a client’s house then make sure that you use all their equipment to the maximum extent because they have spent a fortune to get those and hence would want to use them all to get a fitter and toned body!

Take Certificates and Experiences

Most of the trainers in the industry have a background of health and exercise while some of them join the profession because they are passionate about fitness and find happiness doing the same.

While it is not absolutely necessary to be professionally trained in the domain but having received proper training always adds an edge to the resume!

There are various institutions and organizations that do provide specialized training for personal fitness trainers and the course covers detailed knowledge in Kinesiology, training techniques, anatomy, and more.

Such a certificate adds a genuine attribute to your home-based personal training business.

Motivation is the key

You may have some of the best skills in personal training but all of them cannot yield results as per expectations if you cannot motivate your clients!

Physical training is exhausting and people tend to give up often as they feel tired after the initial days of training are over.

They get into a mindset where they feel that such level of exhaustion is of no use and hence they should stop taking such training.

Your work as a personal trainer would be to motivate the clients so that they keep training to achieve their fitness goals. Remind them of their target and reward them with cheat meals so that they train harder to get the results.

Count outnumber loudly and push the person harder so that they can reach the limits and bring out the best in them while they are training with you.

Pross and Cons of starting personal trainers business


When people achieve fitness with your help, it can be one of the most satisfying feelings to accomplish. Some of the benefits of the business are-

Such a service is taken up by people who are on the wealthier side and hence you can expect efficient payment and no issues with the money as long as you provide them the best.

-It is estimated that home-based personal trainers or freelancers earn more than those who are appointed at a gym of the fitness club. With such a style of business, you have the potentiality to reach out to more clients than someone who is posted at an outlet of a gym!

-Inquest for the fitness of others, you stay fit and remain active throughout the time!


Nothing comes easy and it is essential to point out what can come as difficult to you when the business will be started. Here they go-

It will take you a bit of time to get the clientele. You do not get clients right from the beginning because it is a home based business and word of mouth is the one thing that spreads to bring you clients. Hence, it takes time!

Clients may have various health issues and also they can be very lenient and de-motivated when it comes to the training sessions.

There is a high risk of getting injured and hence opt for insurance especially if the client visits your home for the service. You shall be responsible for any injury caused.

-You need to maintain yourself. Your physique and looks will play a huge part in getting you, clients. Practice what you preach to others!

Get a business license and certification done to start your home-based personal training business. Your passion shall help you to earn a substantial income! Keeping others fit is one of the best things you could do for the people while also service your cause. All the best for the endeavor!

Apart from Tips and detail on Personal Trainer Business. Here is the infographic which gives you more idea on Personal Trainer Business. Read More.

How To Start A Personal Training Business
personal trainer stats


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