How To Start Pet Store In 10 Simple Steps

Do you have pets in your house and want to sell their off-springs? Do you have an immense passion for pets and their care? If you respond with a “yes” then this can be the best time to start your own online pet store.

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, people are getting pets from the various online stores that sell pets.

You have an open market and all you need to do is properly plan and foray into the business.

Some of the essential tips that you need to keep in mind before opening an online pet store are mentioned below

Steps To Start Pet Store Perfectly

Get a catchy domain name

Your domain name will be an identity of the online pet store so make sure that you buy a domain name that is unique and at the same time relevant to the business.

People must instantly remember the name, you should pick a name that is easy to the tongue and hence remembers.


There are various sellers online and it is essential that you have something unique to offer so that your brand gets recognized easily. You can decide on selling one of kind pet only and along with it the various grooming tools that are required for the particular breed of pet.

This will make you a specialised store and people who look for the breed will opt to come to and make the purchase.

You can also aim at selling pets that are of the top quality and provide assurance of the pet’s quality as it grows up and blooms completely. Pet adoption can be for pets of varying ages and hence you can go for a noble cause and help homeless pets to get adopted.

This will give your online pet store a humane attribute and help in creating a positive brand image.

Get you to supply right

You need to have a strong list of suppliers so as to meet the requirements of the customers who shop on your online pet store.

If you have the pets in your own house and plan to sell their off-springs then make sure you take proper care of them and take optimum care of the newborn.

If you source the pets from suppliers then you need to have more than one supplier handy just in case a supplier fails to deliver you can opt for the alternative.

Resting your online pet business on just one or two suppliers can be an utmost risk as people can any day bombard you with orders and they alone may not be able to cater to the increased demand.

Competitive analysis

Look around, there is a host of competition around your business and each of them are doing well in their specific genre.

You need to get a thorough understanding of the market leaders and learn from them the marketing and selling techniques.

With knowledge from their operational model, you can use the ideas for your own business and add your creativity and unique idea to it. It shall help you in making a brand identity and connect with the consumer base easily.

Your website

For your online pet store it is highly recommended that you take help from a professional web designer. The website has to be spot on so that people can easily understand the business and the various offering that you have.

You need to add a shopping cart feature to the website so as to encourage multiple product purchases that will lead to increased sales for your business.

Keep in mind that the website should be appealing and thematic in its style also it should light and quick to load.

A heavy website will take time to load and may repel prospective buyers due to the wait. You should have well-shot photographs of the pets on your website as well as content that is informative and call to action in nature.

You should have safe and secure payment gateways for the customers. Accept all the major credit and debit cards along with e-wallets that are in trend these days.


The buzz around your online pet store is going to be the key to success. There are various ways by which you can reach out to the customers.

You need serve adverts and pamphlets through the newspaper to the doorsteps of people so that they can know about your business and visit your website.

For digital marketing measures, you need to hire a professional SEO expert who shall hep you in driving traffic straight into your website.

With the use of keyword targeting and relevant blog posts, the SEO shall drive in traffic effectively and also make them purchase from your website. Always remember, more number of people visiting your website will lead to a greater chance of cracking a sale from them.

You can also generate buzz around the business with the help of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Post regularly through these platforms to connect with the consumer base and inform them regarding various breeds of pet and also hinting at their availability at your online poet store.

Third part selling

You can opt for selling through larger eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. All you need to do is visit the website and register yourself as a seller and start selling right away.

The best part is that you are not liable to pay any charge to the eCommerce site unless you make a sale from their platform. It enables you to get access to millions of consumers who visit Amazon on a daily basis.

As you prepare to delve into the business make sure that you have the patience that is required for an online business entrepreneur. You need to plan these aspects well in advance and then work hard on them so as to get results.

Do not expect profits from Day 1, hold your patience for long and then you shall surely reap good profits and make a good living out of the business. All the best!

How To Start Pet Store
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