20 Things To Know Before Starting Tea Business

So you are interested in Starting your Own Tea Business? Here are some must things you should know before starting a Tea business.

One of the oldest beverages, Tea is a highly and widely consumed beverage in the World. Its consumption is Second after Water. Its numerous antioxidants make it a nutritionally sound beverage.

It’s available in almost every corner of the world. there are many ways of pouring it. but most common ways are pouring with hot and cold water and with milk.Tea has an aromatic, cooling, Slightly Bitter, and astringent flavor. Due to its natural component, used highly by health-conscious people.

Per capita consumption comes low when compared to the per capita consumption of other countries like Pakistan and India where the per capita consumption is higher than other Countries. Thus a lot of room is available for the growth in consumption of tea in Many untapped markets.

Due to recent social changes, the tea has become the favorite among the young, hip urbanites, traditional and non-traditional tea drinkers, baby boomers, and the health-conscious, offering a healthy and trendy drink.

The tea market is expanding steadily mainly due to health awareness and the benefits that tea provides. Search in the source of quality loose leaf teas and used them to create exclusive blends which are their primary products.

Why Are You Gonna Start A Tea Business? Any Goals? Skills?

Every business has an aim to born and to die. Every businessman should ask a simple question to their soul that why I am gonna start this thing? You will get an amazing answer from it.

Starting a new business takes brains, bravery, and what will seem to be endless hours of hard work. You have to analyze the same and move ahead with the goal you have decided.

If your heart is set to give you a green signal to begin, then you can proceed with more positive energy and attitudes.

Following are some outcomes, which you should take into consideration before starting

  • Whar are the main reasons for getting into the business?
  • Do you have enough patience to fight against competitors?
  • will the business satisfy your needs?
  • Have you enough level of skills?
  • Do you have any business goals?
  • Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of establishing your own business?
  • Are you aware of the time requirements and commitments to business?

Asking yourself if you’re ready may seem like an easy question, but there’s more to owning a business than just working for yourself.

As a business owner, you need good management skills, relevant industry experience, technical skills, a sound knowledge of finance and a long-term vision to grow and succeed.

You should be Keep an open mind and ready to learn the situation which comes to your business.

Evaluate Tea Industry, Tea Market, and  Existing Tea Brands

While you are doing research on the existing brands you should be trying to formulate a clear vision of what will distinguish your own brand of tea. A good way to turn a thought into an idea is to figure out what is going to separate you from your competition.

If you can’t think of anything that you’re going to do differently, you’ve already lost the battle.

It may be something as simple as a marketing or packaging gimmick, but you need to find it.

  • Research existing brand and determine what makes them successful
  • Identify the scope, scalability of industry
  • Customer behaviour
  • Market Trends and Consumption area wise

Analyze Yourself and Compare with Competitors

You should be better aware of the strength, ability, and scope of your Team.Through this, You can develop your business plans to introduce your products to hit the particular area.

Core values and identity of your business as well as mapping your plan for growth and success.

Investing time and focus on creating a detailed, well-structured business plan will give you direction and help your business become a success.

  • Analyze Yourself and Do SWOT analysis
  • Easy Business so huge Competition
  • Find the opportunities to differentiate others
  • Research and Find the weakness of Competitor to break the space of your competitor.
  • Add value in your Products that Existing brands fails.

How easy it is to make, which means the market has a low barrier to entry, hence lots of competition. These are the benefits that you can offer to your customers to earn their loyalty. You need to do extensive customer research in building a good marketing mix.

Knowing your competitors and your target market will give you an idea of coming up with a product that appeals to customers. Your Products has to meet and satisfy a specific need and it should be able to function as promised.

Define your Tea Marketing Strategies: Best and Important part

Product Strategy: 

A product is a good (tangible) or a service (intangible) that is offered to the customer to meet a requirement or satisfy a need. The product strategy forms the basis of implementing a product roadmap.

It allows the company to manage and measure for success, minimize the risks, and to focus on a specific target market.

Product differentiation occurs when you have to distinguish a certain product in the marketplace as you’re competing for a product that brings about the same need.


What exactly do you want to sell to potential customers? Tea is a perishable and natural Product so you have taken more care about its packaging.

Plastic, Paper, Steel utensils or any other natural thing but it should be convenient to use or store for a long time. Every packaging has a Purpose and should identify that.

Packaging is powerful because it tells consumers why your product and brand are different. Apple is known for its clean, minimalist packaging. Great packaging is especially significant for every business and impacts sales and a company’s overall appeal.

Design & Branding:  

You need to decide how the design will affect your product mix. What will you design to make it stand out from other companies?

Brands have the power of instant sales and they convey the message of confidence, quality, and reliability to their target market. It is also used a tool for companies to differentiate themselves from their competitors

Quality of Product: 

A product’s quality should be consistent to make sure that the product meets the expectations of its target market.


Depending on the aroma, flavor, body, elevation, and time of harvest, Art of Tea offers a wonderful variety of unique teas ranging from single-origin to blended infusions.

Tea is an Art. Slowly consumers are becoming more open-minded and they take the risk to taste new products. Now there are many ways the Tea is being introduced like Hot Tea, Cold Tea, Spiced Tea, Leaf Tea, healthy tea etc.

By introducing such Variants with small pouches we can target the Rural Areas also. Initially, we do not get enough response from the Rural Area but in Long perspective, they could be the loyal customers.

Price Strategy:

This is a very sensitive matter. If you are all set well but you do not focus well on the pricing of Tea then you might be lost your customers. you need to make sure that your market in fact actually wants what you are going to offer them.

On basis of this, you should decide the pricing to win your loving customers. You need to do some research to set a reasonable price point.

The final set of the product’s features. It may add to the actual and perceived benefits so you can price it higher.

Place /Distribution:

Place’ is concerned with various methods of transporting and storing goods, and then making them available for the customer.

Your Company’s Interior, exterior or the landmark has very keen importance in the strategy of the Companies goal. Right and well traffic area for your business attract more customers than others. The place also has well importance in the distribution of products fastly.

Logistic connectivity, Cheal freights are ultimately increase the profit indirectly. The company should motivate their dealer/distributor because There is the face of your company product and is the first point of contact with your customer. You need to build a long-lasting relationship with your channel partners,


your people are your product, very easy and important rules of marketing.Those people who are connected with your Business are doing indirect marketing of yours.

With the support and influence of your people, you can accomplish anything at a company. By understanding the importance of the People in the Companies, should hire people who have the competence and expertise.

Synergy in the work of all employees boost sales and conquered the new milestone easily. Customers always want to be assured that they can talk to people who are willing and able to help them in case they have problems or concerns with the products


Successful promotion increases sales so that advertising and other costs are spread over a larger output. There are huge promotional techniques that give instant and quality awareness to the brand.

In today’s digital Era, The Business being crossed all the boundaries and reach every corner of the World, and started their selling.

Every businessman should note down one thing that Product will be launched into the market alongside advertisements and other promotions. No one can fight in the battle without weapons.

Sampling: –

This is a very easy method to engage and take a review from the Customers.There are many companies mailing small samples to people in exchange for reviews of the tea.

I think that’s a great idea, low cost for the company and the word of mouth.

Social media:

Your Customers have Internet access or a smartphone, you should assume they are on social media. Social Media became very useful to every business or brand to easily connect with multi-geographical Customers.

You can occasionally be posting festive related articles you can influence the Customers.

Print Ads and television:

There’s no doubt that the world today is defined by information. Print media is unique in its capability to trigger a number of senses; of course the feeling of paper, the smell of the ink, or of an added scent.

You can go and publish your Advertisement in a Local Newspaper as your target market.

There are many methods to get engage by giving gifts or samples by let them playing the Tea Contest. You have a good Ad budget then you can go Air and start your own campaign to reach the Target Market.

Starting a Blog:

Blogging becomes a vastly used means of promotion. It’s spreading and give good value to the brands. You can start with your own Blog or should go with an existing related blog where you can give your guest post and get reviews from their readers.

Active tea blogs and see what their policy is for doing reviews. If you can send them some samples and get a write-up, that’s a good way to get some attention.

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