Google Core Values: Mission Statement, Vision and Cultural Statement

For every company, regardless of which scale you are working and who is your target since. Understanding your company’s core values, mission, and vision is crucial part. 

Not just you can make your company look different and keep your audience more interactive with you. 

But the stronger your vision or core values you have, the better function and brighter success you can get. 

For example, Google started in September 1998, and now it’s a multiproduct corporation. And it’s famous for the internet search engine. 

The founder, Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the search engine with simple and clear insight.

In the late 1990s, the founders realized the chaotic mess that was created on the world wide web. They pushed the idea of taming the situation by ranking search results depending on their popularity. 

For new businesses or established companies, Google is an example of how a clear mission and vision can lead to a successful business and a leading search engine on the internet. 

Core Values Of Google 

Google wrote its ten things a few years back where they keep updating themselves. The ten things are the core values on which Google is standing right now. 

They keep returning to check whether they are still holding their true values. To understand better how these core values are helping Google, here is what you need to know. 

Focus On Users & Everything Else Will Follow

Google gives high priority to users. In their ‘ Ten Things’, they mentioned focusing on their users and giving them the best experience that can be possible. 

Google makes sure to ultimately serve its users, whether designing something new in the browser or giving a new tweak to their home page.

The homepage interface is fast in loading, simple, and clear to the users. Also, the placement in search results is never sold or given to someone in return for for-profit purposes. 

Image source: google

The purpose is to promote relevant content instead of giving false advertising or distraction. 

Google builds its application and tools to serve you in the end. So it doesn’t matter if the design is different.

Time Is Valuable 

Google values time as it’s better to be fast rather than slow. When a user searches for something on the internet,  they want to get their answers as fast as possible, and that’s what Google aims for.

According to them, they are one of the few who want you to leave their site as fast as they can. They save the bits and bytes from their pages to keep the speed faster. 

As well as they keep their goal to break their own goals over and over. 

They provide the average response time on the search results within a second. When they launch the product, they make sure to keep the speed on their priority list. 

It doesn’t matter if they are launching google chrome or a mobile application. They aim to keep their browser fast as the modern web should be.

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Do One Thing But Do It Really Well 

Google focuses on search, and it focuses on solving all exclusive problems to deliver the result.  They focus on keeping the problem fast to solve and improve continuously. 

It gives experiences to access the fast and seamless millions of people use it. They dedicated themselves to keeping their product like Google maps and Gmail. 

The company hopes to give the more ever-expanding unexplored areas to get the information to their users. 

Being Great Is Not The End 

The company doesn’t look at bringing great in what they are doing; they consider their goals yet to be achieved. And the time it takes to meet those set goals. 

Google aims to reach through innovations and technology to make things more improved.

For example, On Google, searching for things is easier for spelled words. However, they considered the situation with typos and how the search engine will work. 

Image source: google

That leads them to create a helpful spell checker.

Google says It doesn’t matter what you are looking at on the internet.  Finding the answer to you is their problem, not yours. 

Takeaway: Google highly focuses on making its users’ experience smooth and easy. Considering the situations that can be possible, like wrong spells, is helpful for people.

 It saves time and keeps the audience hassle-free.

Everyone Needs Information

Google was founded in California. But the company‘s mission was to avail easy-to-access information to everyone. 

They not only cross the borders but also remove the language barrier. 

They keep their services easy and suitable for every person. The reach is not limited, making it much easier to gather the audience. 

Make Money Without Being Evil 

In the end, Google is a business and like any other company, generating profit is what leads to better functions. 

However, to generate revenue, google uses the display form of advertising on their different websites.  Worldwide, thousands of ads are displayed through their AdWords for promotion.

Google makes sure that no matter what, in the end, everything should be for the users. Because of this, they have a set of guidelines for advertising-related programs and practices. 

Also, Google has set its own advertising rules. It includes : 

  • Google doesn’t allow ads if they are not relevant to the users. However, they believe that ads are useful information too. But only if it’s relevant, so they keep their searches that way. 
  • Google doesn’t allow flashy advertising techniques like pop-ups. Such techniques delay the searches, and you won’t get the information. Instead of that, they offer text ads, click-throughs, etc.
  • If there is something advertising on Google, it will be identified under the Sponsored link. Google won’t integrate the search results or manipulate the ranking. 

Easy Accessibility To Information 

The world is changing fast. From technology to technology, it’s going toward a much easier way to do the task. Now, people are not on tier desks to search for their information. 

Google made sure to keep everything suitable for different devices. So no matter if it’s a mobile phone,  tablet, or desktop, accessing google is easier. 

It includes all the technologies and solutions like checking emails and calendars to streaming videos. 

Mission Statement Of Google 

google mission statement
Source: oberal

Google focuses on keeping the search easy. 

As more people rely on the search engine to find information and data and learn new about their interests, it leads to making important decisions as well. 

The company focuses on continuing its search better so that people can get what they want. 

According to Google, They believe that the search should include – 

Delivering Information With  Relevance & Reliability 

To help in the easy search, Google focuses on many factors, including the words used in the questions, the expertise of sources, page content,  language, location, etc.

According to Google, there are 50% of new searches on the search engine they never encountered before. 

They use automated systems to keep the information updated, which helps provide reliable and relevant information. 

Also, to check if people are finding the search results relevant, they have a rigorous process that involves testing and rating the quality by thousands of people around the world. 

Maximizing The Information Access 

The company’s prime mission is to organize the information and make it easy to access and useful in a universal way.

This includes the easy discovery of broader information from different resources. 

Also, there is some completely factual information. But for complex topics, the search tools explore different angles and sources so the person can form their understanding. 

Google keeps its information accessible from anywhere and anytime. However, they remove the content in certain circumstances.

 It includes something that is requested by site owners or compliance with the laws.

Presenting The Information In A Useful Way Approach 

Information is not limited to pages or text. In today’s world,  it includes different ways such as videos, images, sports scores,  news, etc.

For example, if someone is looking for directions. The search results will come up with a map. When someone is looking for stock prices or weather forecasts, they come up with up-to-minute information.

Also, all the data and information are in a language that can be easy to understand. Also, easy access helps in getting a better experience and presenting in a useful way. 

Protecting Your Privacy 

Google makes sure to keep your trust when you use its products. The company takes responsibility for keeping your data safe, secure, and private. 

For that, they offer controls on their privacy setting, letting you delete your data permanently.

Google focuses on providing the world’s most advanced security infrastructure. Information and personal data are not for selling purposes. 

Also, the money they generate is by advertisement, not by sharing your information in exchange for profit. 

Selling Ads Only 

Google sells ads only and keeps its remaining services free and easy to access. 

The company doesn’t charge to appear in its search index. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small business, an individual, or a multinational company; they keep their search algorithm. 

Google doesn’t promote any kind of special treatment for anyone. The ranking depends on the search algorithm and following the guidelines only. 

Also, ads are only allowed to display when it’s relevant to the content you are searching. To most of the searches, the ads are not allowed to show. 

Creating Helps For Online 

To keep the web filled with useful, fresh, and healthy content.  Google helps people from different places and languages to promote their businesses online.

They help the creators by sending visitors to their respective websites only if they have valuable information. 

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Analyzing The Google Organization Cultural Statement 

Google’s cultural statement forces the company to keep its leadership in the industry of information technology and online advertising. 

For a company, its organizational culture is based on its customs, culture, and behavioral ideals that influence employee behavior predominantly. 

With the cultural statement, the company motivates the employees to share related information for better innovations. 

Google’s culture is flexible, based on trust and keeping the work fun for everyone. The company understands the value of collaboration. 

With that, they have a program like Googler To Googler in which they encourage employees to coach each other. 

In this, the employees are coached about public speaking, management, and other important skills. But also includes an extracurricular activity, for example, kickboxing. 

Google focuses on creating a sense of community among its employees. 

The culture helps the business to focus on keeping their employee performance better. 

Type Of Culture And Charactics Of Google

Google’s organizational culture focuses on innovation. The emphasis is on comfort and openness among their employees. Along with promoting the mindset of being innovative. 

The innovation applies to the approaches of the company in different competing industries. 

The culture statement is focused on different characteristics, such as:

  • Innovation 
  • Openness Among People 
  • Hands-On Approach 
  • Excellence With Smartness
  • Small Company Rapport 
  • Innovation 
  • Openness Among People 
  • Hands-On Approach 
  • Excellence With Smartness
  • Small Company Rapport 


Innovation is an important and successful factor in Google. They focus on motivating the employees to contribute more to the overall business and product innovations. 

For example,  With this, the employees get the motivation to think something out of the box. From this, the company can find new solutions and an innovative approach to dealing with the multinational market. 

Innovations help contribute to better effectiveness in business and address the following trends in the market. 

Well, it also means that the level and type of innovation will differ as per the change in needs in the market. 

Openness Among People 

The characteristics refer to the employees and the sharing of information among them. The company encourages openness to help the employees to enhance their ideas and innovations. 

For example, Google motivates its employees to have more interaction with their workers at different times in their jobs. 

According to the operation management strategy of Google, this supports the cultural trait, better interactions, and improvement in their knowledge. 

Also, with this, the employers have a better understanding of how to communicate, along with being effective and comfortable.

Hands-On Approach 

The hands-on approach improves the skills, knowledge, and ability of employees in an effective way. With experimental learning, Google improves its employees working attitude and boosts their accomplishment too. 

As the company doesn’t support theoretical knowledge, workers are promoted to learn as they keep doing their respective job.

To keep the information and knowledge in practice, The company implants projects and experiments to involve their employees. 

This affects innovation and ideas related to product development. With this, the marketing mix or 4P of Google gets improved too.

Excellency With Smartness 

The culture statement includes excellence that focuses on different areas of the business. With this, the business integrates its human resource development program along with the idea of appreciating the employee’s excellency.

For example, with the help of training programs, Google helps in motivating its workers to keep their output more innovative. 

With this, the employees get the skills and mindset to avoid mediocrity results. 

 Google also promotes smartness to push their employees for better work in their jobs.

Small Business Family Report 

Google is known for supporting small business rapport in their workspaces. With this, the company promotes comfort and betters social interactions among their employees. 

Google focuses on promoting a work environment that can be warm and friendly. Also, the employees can easily interact, share ideas, and work together to achieve goals. 

The objective here is to use the corporate culture to optimize better communication and generations of ideas internally.

This also boosts the employee’s morale. Also, when workers are in warm, welcoming, and social relations, they work better and contribute to their satisfaction level.

Reasons Why Google Is SuccessFul?

Google successfully created an image of the core value which revolves around innovation. Also, there are not many competitors who successfully achieved Google’s influence. 

However, apart from the achievement, there are lots of reasons why the company is leading the information and online industry today. 

Not just is it inspirational, but for another businessman, it can be helpful to reach the mainstream status as Google did. 

Google Focuses On Innovation 

According to Google,  innovation is of utmost importance for them.  They are not shy away when it comes to using an external source for browsing ideas.

They accepted that reaching goals is impossible if they put limitations on their brainstorming department. 

That’s why they developed a culture that helps their employees be curious and allows them to search for more ideas, combining them with technology to deliver the results. 

According to  TechJury’s infographic,  Google acquired more than 216 companies in 22 different countries just to search for new innovative ideas.

On top of that, the company mastered the art of mixing old ideas with new technology to make more options for success. 

Google Seeks Depth In Ideas 

Instead of focusing on earning good money, Google focuses on solving problems. They are suckers when it comes to ideas with inspirational stories. 

The company puts them all into effect when they find depth in the ideas. Also, it’s a great example of solving the problem first and then looking for monetization. 

Google started as a free service and still gives an easy search engine for everyone. However, money-making ideas were introduced when they came up with Google Adwords. 

Also, according to Google, the ideas don’t have depth; instead, it focuses on generating profit. It won’t have many chances to bring monumental results. Also, it doesn’t offer global effects. 

Google Adds Zero Restrictions On Creativity 

Innovation comes from creativity, and for that, freedom in what you are doing is important. A company with strict models not just puts restrictions on innovation but also kills the room for creativity. 

Google focused on allowing its employees to express their ideas. Instead of worrying about how absurd it sounds, the company gives free room to every creative mind. 

When many ideas are working together, it’s bound to get some mind-blowing results. When many ideas are working together, it’s bound to get some mind-blowing results. 

Google Celebrates Even They Failed 

When it comes to innovation, no one can ignore the failures. It’s inevitable, and Google released the factor a long time ago. 

To make it more interesting,  they celebrate no matter what happens. People move on but learning from their past mistakes can help in understanding the opportunity better.

Celebrating failures is counted as one of Google’s core values, and they encourage people in the company, so they don’t feel disheartened in case something fails. 

Google Focuses On Clean & Simplicity 

The white plain, and simple interface of the google search engine gives a better experience to people. 

With a simple and clean interface, the companies successfully gathered more people. 

The simple approach to finding solutions to people’s problems on the internet. 

The access to information in different languages, places, and locations allowed google to get more people to rely on it. 

One of the reasons why Google is largely used even when search engines like Yahoo are in the market is its reliable and fast access. 

The solid reason why google is even successful after so long and the launch of different search engines is the ability to improve with every step. 

The company focuses on making its users fulfilled but taking care of their employees too. 

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