What Is Applicant? Key Traits and Things You Must Do to Get Noticed

When a job opportunity arises, many individuals apply for the position in hopes of being selected for an interview. These individuals are known as applicants and play a crucial role in the recruitment process. However, being an applicant is not just about submitting a resume and waiting for a response.

It requires a set of key traits and best practices that can make the difference between being overlooked and standing out from the crowd.

In this article, we will explore what it means to be an applicant, discuss some essential traits that applicants should possess, and provide some best practices to help you make a strong impression and increase your chances of success.

?What Is Applicant?

Applicant is a job searcher who has applied for a specific position. The applicant will have to go through several rounds, as in the interview rounds, and until he gets the job, he is said to be an applicant.

It is important to note that many applicants might have applied for one position. But it would be only a few candidates who will get the job. If the applicant’s request or application is accepted, the person will become an employee of the company. 

Companies rely on applicant tracking systems to help select applicants for the correct position. This kind of tracking system helps in managing the recruitment process efficiently.

?Difference Between Applicant And Candidate

In the recruitment process, both these words are used. People, therefore, think that the words candidate and applicant are the same and can be used for one another. 

But these two words are different. An applicant is the one who has applied for the job. A candidate might have been selected for further rounds, and he had already gone through the application stage.

?Things Every Job Applicant Must Do to Get Hired

Every applicant has a dream of getting a good job. So, what makes a difference is that the applicant should do certain things before applying for the job.

Here are some of the things he must do.

↔️Make a strong resume.

Before you apply for the job role, you must check your resume. If you have not made a resume, you must make one now. 

A resume must cover a good heading, summary, and all the details about your qualifications and prior experience. 

The resume should have all the details about your soft skills, achievements, and accomplishments.

↔️Post your details on professional networking sites.

There are several professional networking sites. The recruiter may want to cross-check your resume. He may want to figure out your details. 

If you are available with your details and profile on professional networking sites, it becomes easy for the hirer to check your details or cross-check them.

↔️Make a cover letter too.

It is crucial to make a cover letter, which will help in many ways. A resume must always go with the cover letter, and it will create a perfect impression. 

The resume that goes with the cover letter sets a perfect impression in the mind of the recruiter.

↔️Let your friends and family check the resume.

It would help if you let your friends and family check your resume. Once they go through it, they will know what you need to edit. 

If you discuss a few things openly with whom you are close, they can also guide you about the resume and how you can present yourself in the interview.

You can also conduct a mock interview with them to impart better confidence.

↔️Recheck the job description before you send in your application and resume.

It would help if you went through the job description once again. It will ensure that your resume is in sync with the job opening.

You can modify the resume based on the requirements that are mentioned in the job description. 

↔️Mention a reference along with your application.

It would help if you mentioned the reference and the resume or application. You can add the name and contact if references on the resume itself. 

?Traits Employers Look For In Every Applicant

There are a few traits that make a suitable job applicant. Read on, and you will get an idea.

A job applicant should be confident.

New applicants or those who have just entered the job market feel less confident.

But, those who keep good confidence levels have higher chances of being selected as a candidate. So, one should stay confident.

The job applicant should be suitable for communication.

There are a lot of benefits that the applicant can fetch if he has good communication skills. It means that if he can speak well and answer the HR interview questions well, he can crack the interview. 

An applicant who can communicate well is considered someone who can handle things well ahead. Hence, there are more chances of his selection.

The applicant must be flexible.

The business world has become dynamic, and things change very quickly. Therefore, the applicant must be flexible and try to manage things as they come. 

He should be able to mention this trait in the interview. If the interviewer feels his flexibility and adaptability suit the dynamic business world or the corporate climate, he will be selected for further rounds.

The job applicant must have a positive attitude.

The job applicant should show positivity in his actions, words, and attitude. Every company wants positive people who can lead the team and fetch benefits for the company. 

Once the applicant understands these things, he can make things work. He will have better and higher chances of being selected for further rounds or as an employee.

Integrity and honesty.

The job applicant should mention the details that are real. He should define and write about the qualifications and the experience as it is. 

The integrity should start with the first step only. If the interviewers or the selectors also perceive the person as being honest, it will surely provide better solutions. The job applicant will have a higher chance of getting selected.

In-depth knowledge and attention to detail.

The applicant should know what details he should look into. He should be an expert in his field. If he has applied to a company, he should do homework and go.

He should know the basic things about the company. 

The applicant must be disciplined.

The applicant must be disciplined in nature. He should know how every solution should be fetched. He should maintain discipline in his task and his action.

Key Takeaways

  • An applicant is someone who has submitted an application in response to a job opening.
  • It’s important for employers to screen and evaluate applicants to identify the best candidates for the job.
  • Key traits to look for in applicants include relevant skills and experience, cultural fit, and a strong work ethic.
  • Best recruitment practices include attracting a diverse pool of applicants, conducting effective interviews, and providing constructive feedback to unsuccessful candidates.
  • The use of technology, such as applicant tracking systems, can help streamline the recruitment process and improve the candidate experience.
  • Employers should also be aware of legal and ethical considerations in the applicant selection process, such as avoiding discrimination and ensuring data privacy.


What are some legal and ethical considerations in the applicant selection process?

Employers should be aware of legal and ethical considerations such as avoiding discrimination, ensuring data privacy, and following fair hiring practices.

They should also be transparent and honest in their communication with applicants.

How can applicants improve their chances of getting a job?

Applicants can improve their chances of getting a job by ensuring their application materials are well-written and tailored to the job, demonstrating their relevant skills and experience, and preparing for interviews by researching the company and practicing common interview questions.

They should also be professional and respectful throughout the hiring process.

How can employers attract a diverse pool of applicants?

Employers can attract a diverse pool of applicants by advertising job openings in various places, such as on job boards, social media, and in industry-specific publications.

They can also ensure that job descriptions and requirements are inclusive and don’t unintentionally exclude qualified candidates.

What should employers consider when evaluating an applicant’s cultural fit?

When evaluating their cultural fit for a job, employers should consider factors such as an applicant’s values, communication style, and work habits.

They should also assess how an applicant would interact with the existing team and whether they share the company’s mission and vision.

How can employers ensure a positive candidate experience for applicants?

Employers can ensure a positive candidate experience by communicating clearly and promptly with applicants throughout the hiring process, providing feedback and updates on the status of their applications, and being respectful and professional in all interactions.

They should also be transparent about the job requirements and company culture to help candidates make an informed decision about accepting an offer.

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