What is Facebook Recruiting: Everything You Need To Know

As part of your recruitment toolbox, one of the most powerful tools is Facebook. It is one of the popular mediums to source, attract, and convert talent. The practice has a new buzzword in the form of Facebook recruiting.

In simple terms, “Facebook recruiting” is the process of recruiting potential candidates via the use of Facebook.

It is a part of social recruitment and a vital cog in the wheel as part of the recruitment strategy.

Importance Of Facebook Recruiting

Due to all the latest trends in the HR industry, the manner of recruitment has changed. One of the biggest changes in recruitment has been the use of social media for attracting and converting talent.

There are numerous benefits to social media recruitment, and Facebook is one of the most sought-after platforms among HR professionals.

benefits of Facebook recruiting

Below are some of the benefits associated with Facebook For Recruiting Employees

Facebook has one of the biggest talent pools.

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the world’s largest and most popular social media platforms.

Currently, there are around 2.07 million active users on Facebook. This means that everyone is there on the platform.

All the best candidates are there, along with their mothers. This is a piece of a joke, but the point is that more people are likely to come across your Facebook ads than any other social media platform.

Possibility of reaching out to active job seekers

One of the biggest challenges of recruiting is finding the right candidates. Many HR professionals spend a lot of time and effort figuring out the best channels to find candidates for a job.

There is a general expectation that active candidates are the only ones who are looking for a job. Still, social media platforms like LinkedIn may provide you access to candidates who are looking for job opportunities and spend time there.

An active job seeker spends a considerable amount of time on Facebook.

Passive candidates can join the party.

The passive candidates are the ones who are not looking for a new job but would not mind a better offer. Take the view that a better offer does not necessarily mean more money, as it can be educational opportunities, cool projects, or flexible working time, among other things.

Facebook is a great tool that you can use in front of other people to showcase your brand. If you can show employees that you are a potential candidate that fits their preferences and interests, you will be able to entice them to a job in your industry.

Why Recruit On Facebook?

There are ample reasons why recruiting on Facebook is the way ahead.

  • Social media is no longer restricted to the younger generation, as it has the most evenly distributed gender and demographics of any age group. It is not a place to attract millennials, and its popularity among older users is growing. 56% of the population is over the age of 65.

  • Facebook users will not outnumber other social media users but tend to be more active. The platform has an increasing number of users, with close to five new profiles being created every second. The numbers are too big to be ignored.

  • For diverse hires, you may think of Facebook as a recruitment tool. Since it is a popular platform, you can reach out to candidates from any remote corner of the world with different professional backgrounds and educational skill sets. At this point, if they are talented, anyone can become a part of your diverse pipeline.

  • During the hiring process, Facebook saves you time and effort. In countries like the US and Canada, a new feature has been uploaded where you can apply for jobs with a mere click. Personal information can be sent out via messenger.

  • For numerous recruitment platforms like Workable, this option has existed for some time. A simple form of integration between Workable and your Facebook page, which powers the tab automatically. This indicates that the job tab is updated every time you create a new job in Workable. You no longer need to log in to one system to manage another that can be managed from a single source.

  • Research indicates that people are more likely to trust brands when they are active on Facebook or other social media platforms. A strong web presence on popular social media websites provides you with a competitive edge and enhances your employee brand.

  • You are likely to be skeptical if you are unfamiliar with Facebook or other social media platforms. Numerous metrics will help you monitor your Facebook page, making recruiting via this platform affordable and measurable. The page data can be easily accessed, along with the number of likes and dislikes that can be measured.

How To Use Facebook To Recruit Employees?

There are a series of methods by which you may recruit on Facebook.

Be direct

To the Facebook page of your company, add the Facebook job postings. Then the candidates are to be routed to the careers page to provide further information along with the application form. For your company profile, Facebook has a lot of customization options.

Using indirect methods

Apart from postings on current job openings, you may use Facebook to promote your company’s and brand’s image.

The employees turn out to be your brand’s biggest advocates, so let them express themselves through Facebook and showcase their emotions. You could post a video showing how your typical office day would go.

Applicants would be genuinely interested in working for you if they knew what was happening in the office.


Recruiting via Facebook indicates that you need to network with candidates and build potential relationships with future hires.

Once you have created a profile, you need to have a one-page manager who will respond to the patients’ queries and engage with them regularly.

To engage with potential applicants, it is better to join Facebook groups. There are specific Facebook groups where you can obtain relevant tips and share the best practices.

Source candidates

In addition to posting your current openings, you can use Facebook recruiting to find passive candidates. With Facebook graphic search, you will be able to identify candidates for specific criteria like location, university, or profession that they have attended.

When you find interested candidates, you can send them a message or reach them via their social media accounts.

A better way is to discuss your mutual connections and ask them for a warm introduction.

Enhances employee referral activity

Through Facebook, referrals work great. Firstly, it is easy for the employees to share ads and attract candidates.

Secondly, you will have the best hires for your culture. This may turn out to be beneficial if the candidates are aware of the work culture in your company.


By using Facebook, recruiters can engage with candidates with highly targeted ads based on location. They may choose to run the ads as education-related or job-centric ads related to specific individuals.

Recruitment on the social media platform has never been as easy as before. It is an ideal platform to search for potential candidates, build relationships, and enhance the application process for your job.

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