12 Best Zoom Alternatives For Your Business (updated)

Communication tools are the backbone of business collaboration, meetings and even internal operations. 

It has played a significant part in the rise of remote working offering impressive team communication. 

Not to forget how it helps businesses to drop their expenses on meetings and conferences. 

According to a recent video communication studies, these communication tools allows amall businesses to save upto $11, 000 a year per employee. 

When you talk about the remote communication tools for business, it’s almost impossible if you haven’t heard about Zoom or even haven’t used it. 

89% of small businesses use multiple platforms and most of them, apparently use Zoom. 

zoom alternative for business

But Zoom does have its own share of problems and risks. These issues are often about the interface, or features or more security reasons as well.

Since you are here, you are surely looking for the best Zoom alternative and look for the following alternatives. 

Google Meet

Google Meet, formerly known as Hangouts Meet) is a popular choice for a video conferencing software dedicated to the business users. 

Along with it, Google also offers their specific application Google Hangout integrated that suits best to chat with friends, family and coworkers. 

Both are part of the Google Workplace, formerly known as G Suite where users are allowed to get straight into Google Meet. 

Image Source: Google Meet

Guests can easily join the ongoing meeting directly through their email invitation, Gmail or Calendar event as well. 

It is a great alternative for Zoom where it allows free usage for upto 100 users to meet together online for a maximum of one hour. 

Their enterprise plan allows 250 attendees to meet online for 300 hours along with the ability to be viewed to 100,00 viewers for live streaming. 

Google Meet offers various features that’s easy to use especially since you must be familiar with Google basic interface. 

The pain plans with Google Meet also allow users to record their video meetings and save to their Google drive directly. 

Microsoft Team 

Microsoft Team is another obvious choice as an alternative to the Zoom application which offers more than a video conferencing tool does. 

It is in fact the best way to mimic an in-office experience, a platform or shared workspace where employees or team can share files, conduct meetings and utlize business tools and apps as well. 

Especially highly suited for an environment where systems are quite Microsoft-centric. 

This alternative has a browser-based option that is only fully-functional on Chrome or Edge. Microsoft offers all the standard conference tools such as chat function and screen sharing. 

All of their plans allow users to access video calls with 300 members but only 9 participants can be viewed at a time. 

Whereas their top-tier plans allow you to host online events with more than 10,000 people. 

The free verison of Microsoft Teams has quite limited features and functionality whereas on the flip side, their paid plans are extremely loaded with high-end features, security, compliance and management tools. 

Apparently, you also need to note that Skype for busines users will automatically migrate to Microsoft Team soon. 


Ryver is a collaboration and communication tool built on a chat-based platform or interface. 

It offers video call features to their users  with unlimited chat , integrations, file sharing and tasks. 

It comes with strictly regulated data features that also include encryptio in the transit. 

Ryver offers AWS cloud services and security features such as 2-factor authentication. It helps your data safe in the virtual private cloud. 

The tool also offers a wide range of additional features such as sign-on with Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft ADFS and others. 

The most impressive feature of this Zoom alternative is the task management. 

Users are allowed to use the key parts of their chat conversation directly to in-app project management

You can set notification for the tasks which can be shared to your teammates automatically. 

It is a great automation feature to use which you won’t find usually in other video collaboration or communication tools. 

Blue Jeans 

BlueJeans is a cloud-based software specifically designed for small businesses that are looking for a SaaS product with a blend of office-based and remote working. 

This Zoom alternative offers you plenty of communication features, however, their team collaboration tools aren’t powerful enough like RingCentral Glip. 

Image Source: BJ

Still it can be a perfect alternative for your business depending upon your primary requirements. 

The tool provides one of the unique features called Dolby voice that assure extremely clear and crisp audio quality making it so exceptional in online meetings. 

You also get a safe driving mode for their mobile application. The lowest plan you can get on their software allows upto 50 attendees without any time constraints. 

This can be really great for smaller business and freelance businesses as it’s quite affordable compared to all other leading Zoom alternatives. 


It is one of the best alternative platforms for Zoom with free video conferencing, team messaging, and much more. 

Yes, Glip by RingCentral has also proven to be a leading software in UCassS ( United Communication) for the last few years now. 

They provide high-quality video conferencing solutions highly suited for remote teams and small businesses. 

The best part about Glip, its PRO version called Glip Pro is also free allowing business users to add up to 100 participants that can go up to 24 hours long. 

You can even get 10 hours of storage for the recorded meetings that can be saved upto a week for downloading and sharing across any device. 

When you upgrade to Glip Pro+, it allows you to host meetings upto 200 participants with cloud-storage of 100 hours available to download and share for a full year. 

They have all the features you would look for an ideal video conferencing tool and task management tool as well. 

It consists of features like text chat option in video conference, task management, team messaging, email and calendar integration and file sharing. 


ezTalks free plan makes for such a great alternative option for Zoom where you can do a 40 minutes meeting including upto 100 participants. 

The tool also allows you to do meeting video recording and audio recording as well. 

You can use the tool with their screen sharing feature including presentation augmentation, interactive-meeting whiteboard and much more collaborativ meetings. 

You can also use the remote control, so an assistant can control the run of your slides during the meeting conference or take note actively. 

One of the great features of ezTalks is that you can record your meetings in a MP4 format and send them directly to the local computer or the cloud storage of ezTalks. 


Lifesize may not be a name in the world of video meeting tools you have heard or maybe you did. 

However, this is an emerging video meeting solution customized as an enterprise-grade SaaS product allowing 4k-high definition screen sharing. 

Lifesize is quite promising with its conviction in their cloud-based video conferencing tools and features. 

You don’t need to download or have an account to join their video meetings. It allows up to 10,00 guests who can view your video call from any device they want.

Lifesize allows you a wide range when it comes to third-party integrations such as Microsoft Teams,  Amazon’s Alexa for Business and Slack as well. 

Image Source: SA

The free plan at LifeSize will allow you to upto 10 participants to do video meetings for an unlimited amount of time. 

There are tons of additional features you are getting with this Zoom alternative such as unlimited meeting recordings, whiteboard tool, personal meeting IDs, chat messaging and much more. 

 Lifesize suits perfectly even for the large companies especially who are conducting live webinars most frequently. 

With that in mind, Lifesize free plan is even tremendous help for small businesses and even sufficient to begin with. 

However, you can start from their Standard plan that costs you not more than $12.50 per host per month. 

8 x 8 Meet

8 X 8 Meet is one of the best Zoom alternatives available in the market where it allows up to 100 active participants on desktop and mobile devices. 

This is such an ideal replacement  for conducting personal meeting rooms where you can just share the dedicated link to your attendees. 

They can join the meeting through the email invitation or through the one-click feature called “Meet Now”. 

One can also connect through the meeting room using the phone call just like Skype. 

Image Source: 8X8

The interface of 8 x 8 Meet is quite easy to interact and use , especially for the previous Zoom users. 

Their phone call features allows the users to dial into the meetings from more than 50 countries with 11 different toll-free numbers as well. 

Attendees don’t have to download their application in order to join the meeting, so quite unlike Zoom. 

They can easily use the video call feature by joining the meeting link on their website on the browser itself. 

8 X 8 Meet provides various integrations with all the top-notch tools such as G Suite and outlook. 

So it makes the whole scheduling and task management, invite sending and other such works extremely hand and synced. 

It offers other features such as transcription, cloud recording and much more. You can also customize the spaces, backgrounds and other aspects as well. 


Join.me offers plenty of video conferencing features that help you connect to the meetings fast and easy. 

It is one of the potential alternatives for Zoom where users are allowed to connect to the team members on the Chrome browser only. 

So you don’t need to download any additional applications on your desktop. 

You can generate custom links to send to your meeting attendees where they can join easily. 

There are pro and business versions of the application available with included free international calling as well. 


Skype has to be one of the known alternatives for video calling, especially for businesses who need more structured and collaborative communication tools. 

Even if you are just looking for a Zoom alternative just with similar or with competitive features, Skype is a popular choice. 

It is owned by Microsoft, and brings a long reputation of being a leader in this industry and still one of the successful ones. 

Skype allows international calling, video conferences and meetings and other kinds of virtual collaborations. 

Skype also offers a unique feature of adding subtitles which makes it easy for people with hard hearing or others with such accessibility. 

UberConference by Dialpad 

Another potential alternative to replace the Zoom tool for video collaboration and communication for your business, is UberConference. 

This tool is offered by Dialpad offering users no-download video chat options including more than upto 100 participants. 

It is such a popular business VoIP phone highly used by many small businesses who are growing rapidly. 

UberConference also acts as a contact center communications platform that has recently added more features such as UberConference video meeting tool. 

They provide PIN-free conference calls where you people can access these meetings publicly. 

Fuze Meetings 

Fuze Meetings is another option for Zoom that is cloud-based, feature-rich and efficient for your business communication. 

It is the video collaboration and communication software allows upto 1,000 global participants to use. 

Image Source: ezTalks

The software also presents a world-wide dial-in access highly optimized and facitliated for audio and video quality depending upon each particular participants’ location. 

They offer a wide variety of team communication and collaborations to look at, such as file sharing, whiteboading, editing and even third-party integrations. 

Fuze Meetings won’t let you miss Zoom at all with their plethora of features like meeting recording, salesforce integration, desktop screen sharing and availability as an android & iOS application. 

They don’t have much of a free plan to enjoy as you would do in Zoom but their paid plan ranging from $15 per user month is worth the features you get. 

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