Zoom Meeting for Business: An Essential Guide

These changes alternate the methods in communication, just like Skype has become great for one-to-one informal conversations, Zoom becomes crucial for hosting the business meeting.

Due to the covid outbreak,  lots of businesses have been forced to close and those who are still going are working from home.

However, if you are new to this, you can use this essential guide to understand how you can use this and how it can help your business.

What To Know About Zoom?

The tool was founded in 2011, Zoom Video Communication is a remote conferencing services company. With this the small business can conduct their remote meetings, communicate with their employees and connect with the teammates.

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After the business had to start working remotely, Zoom came up as an essential tool that provides high-quality video and audio.

Zoom Meeting has become extremely popular, with its features like powerful audio, collaboration, and video.

advantage of choosing zoom meeting for business

Well there are some of the key features such as :

  • Instant meeting
  • Audio conferencing using Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP
  • Virtuals backgrounds for the video calls
  • Screen sharing and collaborative whiteboards
  • Hosting the video webinars
  • HD video chat and conferencing

How You Can Get Started With Zoom?

Zoom allows you to set up the meeting much easier and simpler. However, if you are not familiar with and never used the tool before, it can be confusing for you to begin with.

You can use Zoom on your desktop and mobile phone, depending on what is convenient for you.

Well to use in both, here are few steps that will help you in getting started by:

For Desktop

  • To start your Zoom meeting, you need to visit their official website first. Here you will get the signup box as it will be in the top right corner of your desktop screen.

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  • Now you have two options to create your account, either you can use your work email address or use Single Sign-On ( SSO). Here you can sign in with your Facebook or Google account.
  • However, it’s best for you to use your work email address if you are using it for business purposes.
  • Once you get the sign-up, Zoom sends you a confirmation link on your email.
  • Click on the link to sign in by using your credentials
  • To make the access easier for you, you can download the desktop app or Zoom Client from their website.

For Mobile

  • If you are using the phone,  you can download the app from the App Store or Play store for your iOS or Android phone.

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  • To sign up you can follow the instructions given on your screen.
  • The process is similar to the desktop one, so it’s simple and easy.

How You Can Set Up A Zoom Meeting?

Well setting up the zoom meeting for your business is easy too. You need to follow the basic steps. However, it can be different depending on the device you are using.

If You Using Desktop

To Start A Zoom Meeting

  • Here you need to log in to your account to start the meeting on zoom.
  • Now move your cursor to the Host A Meeting option. You can find this button at the top right of your screen.  Here you get the options: With Video On, Screen Share Only, With Video Off
  • The website will redirect to the Zoom app. And you can start the meeting. Well, you can also do the edit to the meeting setting or simply copy the invitation URL.
  • Or you can start the meeting much quickly by using the app for desktop. You have to follow the similar instructions that you do with the phone.

Adding The Participants

  • Here you need to start your meeting on the app.
  • You will get the new meeting screen,  click on the Invitation option.
  • Zoom offers you to get the URL, just copy it or you can copy the Invitation. Send this to your teammates via instant messaging, email, or text.
  • You can use the zoom app itself for sending the meeting details through the preferences email client.

If You Are Using Mobile

Starting Your Zoom Meeting

  • To start the meeting, go to the zoom mobile app.
  • Sign in to your account by following the steps
  • Here you get the orange icon “ New Meeting” that appears on your mobile screen.
  • You can edit the meeting setting depending on your preference, you can switch to video off for the teammate’s participants, using the personal meeting IDs, etc.
  • After you are done, simply click on  Start A Meeting Button

Adding Participants

  • Once your meeting starts, click on the participant option. You will find it on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. You can manage the participants too.
  • You get the participant window, you can tap on the invite option on the bottom left.
  • Zoom allows you to share the meeting details with your teammates via different platforms such as messaging apps, text and email address using your smartphone

If You Are Joining Meeting On Zoom

To join the meeting on Zoom, here are some simple steps you can follow. Also, you can follow the same steps for your phone as well as desktop.

  • There are different ways that you can use for joining the meeting on Zoom.
  • You can use the meeting link. Simply click on it and paste it into your web browser.
  • You can use the meeting ID

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To use the meeting id, you can follow these steps :

  • For joining the meeting,  click on the zoom app and click on the join option.
  • Here you need to paste the meeting ID in the box.
  • Now add the display name for the meeting. Click on the join  button

How Are You Going To Schedule Meetings?

There are chances that you end up forgetting the appointment or day. Maybe it’s because of the busy schedule that you don’t remember the upcoming meetings.

Zoom allows you to schedule the meeting in advance.

  • You can schedule your meeting by setting :
  • Meeting ID
  • The date and time
  • It requires the password for joining or not
  • Well to include your meeting, you can follow these steps :

If You Are Using Desktop

  • Go to the zoom app, and click on the schedule button on the screen. It’s in blue and similar to the calendar icon.
  • Here you will get the Schedule Meeting pop-up window to schedule the meeting. Add the details.
  • You can do the date and time, set the access setting. Choose the calendar based on your preferences like Google Calendar, iCal, etc.  You can schedule the event.

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  • You can set the meeting password so you can avoid the zoombombing. This happens when someone who is not invited to the meeting joins it.
  • After you get preferences, you can simply click on the schedule option

If You Are Using Mobile

  • Go to the zoom app
  • Here you will get the Meet & Chat to the homepage click on the schedule option.
  • Neter the name of the meeting, time, and date. Once you are complete that, click on the done option.
  • Here the app will redirect you or open another form to add the preference calendar. Here you are entering the details of your participants like their name and set the notification for the calendar event. Click on done for saving it

How You Can Record Your Zoom Meetings?

You can also record your zoom meeting. Also, it can be helpful if you are planning to use it as a reference or documenting later to discuss.

This can be helpful for communication with remote teams.

The tool allows for recording the meeting as well as saving it on the local device. However, you also get the Zoom cloud.

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When you save the file to the zoom cloud, you can allow your team to have access to the material through different platforms.

To record your meeting, here are some steps that will help :

If You Are Using Desktop

  • Start your zoom meeting
  • Go to the zoom toolbar, click on the record
  • Here you can choose the record on this computer if you are saving it to the device. But if you are using the zoom cloud, click on a record to the cloud. It will start the recording.
  • Now click on pause or stop recording if you want to stop the meeting or end the record. You can end the meeting as it will stop recording as well.
  • Once you end the meeting, your file will convert to MP4 format. Also, Zoom stores it to the chosen location. Now you can access the meeting seasons whenever you want.

If You Are Using Mobile

  • When your meeting starts, click on the more option from the toolbar
  • Choose the record to the cloud for recording. However remember that when you are using the phone, Zoom allows you only to use the cloud for saving the records.
  • You can pause or stop, click on the more option.
  • You can find the records saved in My Recordings.
  • You can log in to your zoom account on your browser to access the sessions.

What Are The Tips For Your Zoom Meeting?

The video conferencing app makes it easier for the business to host their meeting even if they are not face to face.

mistakes avoid in zoom meeting

Zoom meetings are one of the simple and popular names. Well to make sure you are using it efficiently here are some tips that you can consider :

Create A Waiting Room For Your Attendees

There are some chances that the attendees present before the host. You can create a waiting room for them so they can remain on hold until the host arrives.

However, it depends on what type of account you have, as you can enable the waiting room for the attendees.

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You can also customize it, so they can be together and wait for the meeting to start.

Keep Your Microphone Mute If You Are Not Speaking

When you are attending the meeting on zoom, make sure you are keeping the microphone mute.

This will keep the unnecessary noise as well as interruption out from the meeting.  Only unmute it when you are talking or something addressed to you so you can replay.

For muting your microphone,  use the microphone button that you will get on the bottom left of your zoom toolbar.

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Also, you can set the preferences of your meeting to mute when the meeting screen.

When you want to unmute, click on the microphone button, or you can hold the spacebar as long as you are speaking.

Here the basic rule that your group meeting should be following is keeping the conversation smoothly.

Inform The Team Members  Before Recording

When you are planning to record the meeting, make sure your teammates know that too.

That’s why it’s better to inform them before the meeting starts. They should be aware of records as well as permit you to record them.

Not just that it shows common courtesy. Also, It respects their wishes but follows the consent for being recorded.

Check Everything Before It Starts

For a video conference, it can be common to get interested due to technical snags. Well if you are looking to avoid such a situation.

Make sure you check everything before your meeting starts.   If there is something, make sure you alert the teammates.

It will save them time and effort, and also make everything smooth for your meeting.

Do The Collaborative Annotation Sessions

For this you can use the feature of Zoom, Screen sharing allows you to call a display whatever you are showing to everyone who is at the meeting.

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With the annotation tool, the participants can draw and highlight whatever is on their screen. This can be helpful for discussing the materials visually.  It includes designs, graphs, and mockups.

To use this, you need to click on the view option that will be on top of your zoom window.  Now click on the annotate. Here you will see the toolbar.

The toolbar includes different things such as arrows, text,  draw, and so forth.

You can save the button for capturing the image as it will store it as a screenshot.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why Is Zoom Good For A Business Meeting?

Choosing zoom is a much better option for quality video calls and audio sounds. Also, it has eased in use and a simple setup. There are different features that come at an affordable cost.

What Are The Prime Advantages Of Using Zoom?

Zoom offers screen sharing as well as recording-like features. The basic yet important features make it much more suitable for small business meetings.

How Does Zoom Help The Business?

Zoom is a video conference tool for remote workers. The business can use this for hosting events and meetings easily on a virtual platform. Also, it’s helpful for making the meeting efficient with their useful tools.

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