Apple Core Values: Mission Statement and Vision

In today’s market, Apple is the biggest  example of how any business can capture the fascination of the audience 

Over the years, Apple becomes a company and now it’s a representation of the culture or lifestyle. The brand becomes the status symbol with one of the biggest fan bases. 

To understand how the company successfully achieved the status that they have now, it’s important to get into their basics. 

It includes their mission statement, vision, and reasons behind the success. 

core values of apple:

Core Values Of Apple 

Apple is always critical about its principles that make the company quality-oriented. To make sure that they fulfill their overall statements and maintain their core values, they keep everything in check. 

Well. the important values that Apple have are – 


Apple makes sure to produce their products in such a way and with designers to keep them easy to use. It makes it much more accessible to the users, also it boosts power innovation and technology. 

Not just that, Apple makes sure that people with physical limitations do not leave behind. With their product, it helps the people to upgrade their life and keep their daily work at ease. 


Apple is at the forefront when it comes to providing education to schools. Since 2014, Apple is actively participating in offering services across the US to give better education solutions. 

With its partnership with ConnectEd, Apple donated its products to 114 underserved schools. 

The company is pledged to provide a solution regarding education worth $100 million. They work with teachers as well as students to help them in learning.

Also, they focus on using their product for enhancing the experiences for the purpose.


Since the world is shifting towards online space, security is a big concern. 

Also, apple products have lots of information that can be sensitive. The company believes that its users have the human right to privacy. And so all products have the utmost security designed for their users. 

With the security features, the users have the authority of what information they want to share and also with whom. 

Enhancing the features for security such as adding touch ID and face to give better access to users.

With the features, it’s difficult for anyone else to get unauthorized access. 


Apple takes the environment as its utmost important point. For them offering quality products and saving the environment is equally crucial. 

They aim to offer quality products that are safe for the environment as well as the users.

To save wastage, they have recycling products that go inside and outside both.

Also as for the Apple Trade-In,  users are allowed to exchange their old models for recycling or get credit for it. It helps in reducing the negative impact on the environment. 

Inclusive & Diversity 

Apple brings people who are different, someone who thinks outside the box and experiences as well the belief in wh they are. 

Also, they have great strength from different people working for the company.  The aim is to provide quality products regardless of the regions, genders, ethnicity, culture, etc.

Apple believes that diversity is good for innovation and having a team like that can boost the results for them. 

Suppliers Responsibility 

The company takes its suppliers and partners seriously for creating quality products for users. 

Apple gives the assurance that while building the product, its suppliers and partners meet all the needed requirements. 

With that, they assure the working environment is safe and conducive. The company makes sure that the workers are working without any discrimination or rights infringed. 

Mission Statement Of The Apple 

Apple’s mission is to bring the best experience to its users through innovation in software, services, and hardware. 

Also, the current CEO of Apple Tim Cook highlighted that the company exists to offer better to the clients in services as well as products. The statement added the ways of doing it too. 

In their current statement, they have highlighted the scope of the operation. They also focused on exploiting the operations to satisfy the requirements of their clients.

Since they keep their attention on the changing dynamics of technology, they have a clear idea of how their products will impact people’s lives in positive and innovative ways.

 The missions statement of Apple highlights the important components that include: 

Improving The Lives 

The first component included in the statement is improving lives with innovations and technology. 

Apple focuses on keeping the lives of people at ease and offering user-friendly experiences. 

Also, they reorganize the vulnerability in online space which pushes them to link their components. 

With this, they offer security features for improving and helping the customers to have better experiences. 

Along with this, they broadened their services to reach different sectors including healthcare,  business, and education. 

Better Experiences 

The topmost priority set by Apple is providing the best experiences to users.  Also, they highlight the importance of having an easy time and use of the products.

Instead of being a source of entertainment, Apple works on designing its products to be more friendly to the users.

On top of that, they have security features added in their every product for enhancing their experiences. 

Apple focuses on making its products well crafted as well as designed to keep their highlights in detail. 

Also, Apple prioritizes its designs and ease of use for its users. 

Top-Notch Quality 

Apple is an example of how the company successfully gets the popularity associated with it and how far it can go to fulfill it. 

Apple doesn’t play with its rules and focuses on offering quality in its unmatchable products. 

They aim to deliver top-notch quality in all aspects. It goes for their software.  Hardware and services give them leverage over their competitors. 

Empowering The Public 

Being innovative is an important component of Apple.  The company works dedicatedly to filling the gap that has been created in the technology space, especially when the technology is going to be ever-evolving. 

To meet all challenges, Apple is coming up with innovative designs to serve the customers. 

Adding the component to its mission statement shows that Apple considers its products more than just the tool for entertainment. 

With this, they are more focused on empowering their customers. 

Vision Statement Of Apple 

The vision statement of Apple says that the company is the face of the earth and they will make the products good in quality and great for use. 

With the statement, they highlight that the company will always be determined to deliver quality to their clients no matter what happens. Also, it indicates the component such as – 

  • Innovations 
  • Integration Of Their Partners & Excellency 
  • Specialization In Market 

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Well, Apple doesn’t limit its work to any kind of special location. Instead of that, the company wants to offer products that can be used across the world.

According to their stats, in February of 2019 Apple opened 506 stores in 25 different countries.

Well, the number is clear to see that Apple is going for all continents and wants to establish its presence globally. 

The company is all about technological innovations. Also, they want to come up with new products and stay ahead of their time.

To make sure that they achieve their vision statement, Apple promotes targeting the resources in areas where they can get maximized quality in impact. 

Also, they understand the power of collaboration especially in an era where everyone is competitive. 

Reasons Behind Success Of Apple Company 

Before Apple, no company considered that technology can be friendly for the users.

Apple created its dominance in non-PC devices and the rise even after losing the battle of PC  to Microsoft is puzzling for others. 

The company created its own way and focused on its iPod and iPhone.  Along with extraordinary customer services and store representation which is known as the golden standard for supporting or selling tech items.

Well, the company’s success is still a mystery for lots of people but there are lots of things that the business should learn from Apple. 

There are plenty of discussions over Steve Jobs’s history and Apple, but to understand the core reasons, here are some of the boiled down key principles that make Apple unbeatable in their industry. 

Making Something That They Want To Use 

Lots of businesses focus on developing technology, regardless of the need for it.  However, with Apple, the approach is different. 

The engineers in Apple company develop the gadgets that they want to use.  Steve Jobs was the first and chief user of Apple products, also all the products in Apple were sold as Steve was the real customer. 

Steve Jobs considered himself as the customer while using his own products. Until it satisfies him as a ‘ customer’, the product won’t be represented to others either. 

After his death, the role gets divided among others. But Apple still follows the same ideology which says, they should create something that they couldn’t  live  personally without it


Understanding the products as users does not just help in understanding what attracts your audience. But with this,  you can understand the effect of your strategies and approach for outselling. 

This does not maximize the sales but helps in getting into the mindset of your audience. 

Learning the potential and unfulfilled needs of your audience can lead to discovering a better approach to customers. 

Focus On Keeping Products As Easy As It Could Be 

The ease of using the product is what becomes a critical component in Apple.  Not just Jobs was serious about this but it turned out as one of the motives for the company. 

According to Apple, if the product is not easy enough for users, it’s not worth the use. This is what made the interior design users friendly and created a large audience for Apple. 

They took the initiative to keep their product as simple as it can be possible for users. The company created tools for rookies and power users which boosted the range of easy-to-use problems. 

In fact, Apple was so confident about their usability that when they were launching their iPad, they added the tagline ‘ You Already Know How To Use It’. 

Unlike any other company, Apple gives a lot of focus on keeping their product easy. It’s even more important even than their products. 

Takeaway : 

For any business, the easier your product in the user, the better audience you will get. As Apple did, prioritizing the ease of use can boost the happiness and customers for the long term. 

Not just it helps in giving a good first impression but it gathers more range in the audience too. 

Offering Top-Notch Customer Service & In-store Experiences 

Apple mastered the art of giving satisfactory customer service. 

Steve Jobs got the understanding of the conundrum of technology that says even the products are easy to use, it depends on users and their variety of use that can make it complex to use. 

Due to this, all customers require help at some time. Apple started its in-store experience and walk-in repair services for its customers.

 It was surprising to have someone like Apple have retail stores, But over the years, not the strategy worked for the company but it also became one of the strongest reasons behind the success. 

Also, Apple turned this conundrum to its advantage as it helps the SKU of products easier. With this, the salesperson knows about the products in much detail and is ready to help. 

Unlike other stores, Apple representatives ask “ What would you like to do today ?” instead of “ How can I help you ?”. 

They focus on what are the problems and help users to solve their problems right away.

Takeaway : 

Focusing on your customer service is crucial for the business. Knowing that they can rely on the company even after the purchase is completed can strengthen your customer relationship.

Also with the in-store experience, you can boost the new customers just like Apple did.  With its easy-to-help customer services and in-store experiences, Apple gets a 50% increase in their new purchases. 

Not Making If Not Able To Do It Better 

Apple did invent in earlier stages like the first commercial PC with Apple II. But since then, they are not inventing anything new. Instead of that, they are focused on recreating existing products. 

According to Jonathan Ive who is a designer in Apple company, he said that Apple has simple goals i.e. to make better designs, and if they are not able to do it better, they won’t do it all. 

Apple recreating the products existing in the market already just like MP3 players, smartphones,  tablets, etc. 

Takeaway : 

Apple recreates what exists in the market in most cases. However, with that, they make sure to offer something better and different from the users. 

Even though Apple is no longer innovative but still holds its place in the market successfully. 

With this, the business could learn to provide services and products even though it exists, but in the end, it should be something different and solve the problems of the users. 

Staying Two Years Ahead At least 

One of the things that scare the competitors of Apple is they stay at least two years ahead of the market. The products they are working on are already based on the future. 

So,  no matter what competitors do, it’s impossible to cover the gap that Apple has. 

Not just its a nightmare for the competitors, but the ideas and method of working keep Apple unbeatable in this game. 

Takeaway : 

Staying ahead of your competitors gives you more opportunities to get successful. With this, you will understand what people will need and how you can tackle the situation that your own competitors are unaware of. 

Apple is the biggest example of what happens if you stay ahead of your competitors.  Likely you can know more about your customers and solve their problems much faster. 

Apple Important Rules For Their Innovations 

According to the Fast company’s article in 2018, they highly praised Apple for being the most innovative company in the world. Also, The company was listed in the top 50 innovators. 

In the interview, the current CEO of Apple Time Cook shared the important rules that Apple follows religiously. 

Also the innovation and what drives them to focus on improving their user’s way of living with their technology. 

Put People First 

Apple is the most profitable enterprise with a quarterly review of $58 billion and has more than $1 trillion in market valuation. 

But Tim Cook says that they are not obsessed with numbers. Instead of that, Apple is more focused on keeping the innovation top-notch so it can help people’s lives easier. 

Apple follows putting their user’s first approach wholeheartedly. The company focuses on changing the world to keep it much better for the people.

According to Cook, technology is the background and the development of products should infuse with humanity.

Also, they make sure to reflect their values and intention in what they are offering to the users. 

Aligning Innovating Strategies With The Corporate Culture

Since Steve Jobs’s time, Apple has focused on developing corporate culture innovation that uses human resources for supporting the strategies of company objectives. 

With this, the company aligned its innovative thinking along with the company culture. Not just it determined the online services,  information, and consumer electronic industries that keep Apple different from its competitors. 

As Tim Cook said in his interview, Innovation is embedded with Apple culture deeply. They approach the problems with boldness as well as ambitiously.

Innovation is in the DNA of Apple and they believe in no limitations.

Hiring Smart People And Them Empowering Them 

Innovation needs the right people and lots of business focuses on their rigorous employee selection.  The process includes talent, pairing skills, and expertise. 

However, still, not all companies can utilize their hires’ complete potential.

But Steve Jobs had different visions. He shares the advice saying that hiring smart people and telling them what to do doesn’t make sense. 

In Apple, they hire smart people so those new hires can tell what to do.

With smart and talented people, not just the company gets a fresh perspective. But in lots of cases, it gets the existing people’s potential overlooked. 

Empowering them can help in business, and it can boost employee engagement. Also, it can motivate the employee to give their best contribution. 

Balancing Between Flexibility And Structure 

To churn out the best innovations, Apple focuses on keeping a balance between flexibility and structure.

Innovation needs flexibility and if the employees are too restricted or limited, it won’t happen. Also, the lack of freedom will affect fresh approaches. 

Companies like Apple have to focus on deadlines that need stability as well as predictability. Also, it’s important when development regarding new products or services are related

Apple balances both, so they can offer innovative products but also follow the structure.  They step ahead but also come up with world-changing ideas. 

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Take Time For Getting Things Right

Well, Apple sure looks like doing innovation back to back. However, the products have longer and considered development periods.

The steady as she goes development makes sure that the product is safe to use. Also, it reduces the chances of misfiring and missteps that can be embarrassing for the brand.

Apple takes years to launch a product in the market. It sure includes lots of hard work and early-stage working. 

Apple also started its work before anyone else did. The brand doesn’t take its customers as a laboratory. They take patience to develop one thing and keep doing it until they make it right.

With the help of patience and effort, Apple successfully built its strong reputation in the market. 

Customers Are Jewels 

Customers’ requirements and what they are commenting about products in day-to-day use is important for Apple to notice. 

Every day, Cook checks the fair amount of comments by the users. With this, the company makes sure to focus on what the customers are saying.

For any company, it’s important to listen to the customers. Apple pays extra attention to the customer’s reviews of its products and takes their feedback seriously. 

Courage To Say No 

Tech giants like Apple follow the important rule that says having the courage to say no even if the ideas are great. 

Even though Apple is creating so many innovations but still they are not doing everything. Occasion wise, Apple has to turn down great ideas. 

The weight of designing the idea on their designers or engineer can be risky. Also, Apple doesn’t take the risk of using too much of its resources.

Also, understanding the importance of saying no leads the business to have a better serving rate in the market just like Apple did.

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