Employee Feedback: Guide, benefits, Examples and Principles

In several companies, feedback is not a favorite word, especially if it is for employees. Sweaty palms, rapid heartbeats, and stomach clenches are followed after the feedback word is mentioned.

This environment can be created by HR leaders, managers, and leadership management generally. Under this guide, you can learn about employment feedback and how to deal with it.

Employee feedback is formal or informal communication the leadership gives employees, considering their teamwork skills and performance over time. Even though managers do most of the work here, Coworkers can provide effective feedback to their employees.

Types Of Employee Feedback

As you have already summarized, there are different types of employee feedback. Though there are ten types of feedback available, some schools can be grouped into only three formats: appreciation coaching and evaluation.


This type of feedback focuses on recognizing and rewarding the employees’ excellent behavior skills and work. It is essential as it connects people and can motivate them to work better.

Furthermore, appreciation is essential because it is one of the most critical factors for perfect performance. 

Additionally, you need to know that this type of feedback is the easiest to deliver for most managers. Even though you must work hard to give appreciation, it is widespread.

Most people say that I don’t get feedback at work. What they mean is that I don’t get appreciated at work enough.


This type of feedback involves helping the employees improve their skills, expand their knowledge, and enhance their capabilities.

The unique type of coaching feedback is the ability to address the feelings of those involved, including the manager or the employee.

It helps in strengthening relationships in the workplace. It can also amalgamate evaluation and appreciation as it generally features regular reviews.


This is the last type of feedback where the worker is assessed against a given standard, and it is the scariest type of feedback for most employees because of its formal nature.

Hence there are three types of valuable feedback, and every type has its place depending on the workplace nature. But as an HR leader or executive, you have to understand which feedback to deliver when you want to achieve optimum results.

Benefits of Positive Employee Feedback

Giving excellent feedback can enhance the work culture and open the door to several benefits.

Some of the biggest reasons feedback needs to be incorporated into the company culture are mentioned here.

It Makes Employees Feel A Lot Better

Feedback makes it easy for people to see themselves as others see them. It allows them to see themselves and how their behavior impacts the company from a new perspective.

Hence you have to give feedback that will appreciate the positive behaviour besides correcting the mistakes.

It Is Essential For Workplace Happiness

Everybody looks forward to feeling appreciated and wants their work to be noticed. Whenever you give your employees formal or informal feedback, you tell them you value them as you see them.

Every negative feedback is good as people would make themselves better human beings.

Employee Feedback Also Improves The Productivity of The Employees

Feedback is essential for employee productivity. Experts say that teams with feedback-focused managers can produce productive teams compared to managers who fail to provide feedback.

Improve Employee Engagement

As per the report, HR leaders also agree that feedback is essential for the success of any company. Most employees need to be more engaged when managers give no feedback.

Hence HR leaders must inculcate a feedback culture in the workplace. They are hungry for feedback even if the workers do not say it directly. 

Feedback Improves The Relationship 

One of the best parts about investing in a feedback-rich culture is that it helps open communication channels greatly between coworkers.

Additionally, when there is a feedback channel, it is straightforward for employees to resolve all the conflicts and minimize workplace tension.

Employee Feedback Ideas and Examples

Some of the tremendous positive employee feedback examples and ideas are mentioned here, and you can use these ideas to adjust the language to work for specific circumstances.

What Can You Say When The Employee Exhibits A Great Value

Suppose the employee had exhibited any core value of the company, for instance, autonomy. In that case, “you demonstrated perfect leadership qualities in today’s meeting and are a great example of humility.

But, of course, servant leadership is also one of the core leadership values of the company”.

Somebody Goes Beyond And Above

Besides responsibilities, when a worker has done some extra activities to boost morale, you have to tell them you have done excellent work by going the extra mile for your colleagues.

You can also give positive feedback by saying that everybody had fun at the event you organized. You would be glad to help them if they ever need assistance with any events in the future.

Somebody Puts The Team Above Themselves

Selflessness must be encouraged so if the employee what’s the team above themselves. You can give positive feedback, Mike; how do you look for ways to help others?

For example, I observed how you assisted your Coworkers in finishing the proposal in time, even though it took a lot of time. You are an inspiration for the team.

An Employee Who Works Hard

Even if the results are fantastic, you should always recognize all the hard work and effort. Positive feedback, for example, can help a hardworking employee feel recognized and motivated to keep up all the excellent work.

You’ve worked hard to land us this fantastic client, and your efforts are fruitful.

Someone Displays Problem-Solving Skills

They’re ready to solve problems is one of the most impressive skills anybody could have.

You have to encourage workers who display this quality by saying that the last project was quite challenging, yet you managed to help the company.

It shows that you are committed to the clients, which the company appreciates.

Commending Employees Who Have Excellent Communication Skills

Every successful company needs a team that is perfect at conversation. Reinforcing excellent communication skills will spur the employees to do better.

I love how you have used the software to keep me in the loop concerning the project this week. It has saved a lot of time and made it easy for me to communicate and coordinate with all the stakeholders on the project.

Thanks to you, we are entirely on track this time and are impressed by your efficiency and communication skills.

Expressing Delight When Coworkers Hit Goals Or Even Milestones

It is entirely suitable for rewarding employees for meeting any objective. Whether you help them reach the plan or not, a little positive feedback can surely go a long way in making your employees feel better—some of the best possible feedback you can give us.

I’m so happy that you have met your weekly target, and I know it wasn’t that easy. But I particularly liked how systematically you have worked towards achieving this objective.

I’m sure you’ll significantly impact the company in the coming month, and we are grateful to you.

Employees Are Participating In The Company’s Initiatives

Giving feedback for the participation of employees in the company’s programs is one of the best ways to get them involved in future challenges or events.

For instance, if the staff has participated in the event, I’m glad you participated in this challenge. Still, your participation will also make the company a better place.

Workers Help Each Other

Waiting for a formal appraisal before praising in the form of positive feedback can determine your employees’ engagement.

Instead, give them some feedback instantly, like I know that you met your deadline because a coworker helped you, and I appreciate you, and I want you to know the value of the support that you have given.

Thank you for taking the time to assist the coworkers. Thank you for all the help.

Peers Collaborate Well With Each Other

If the employee had to work with each other on a project, then I’ve seen that you can work with various people irrespective of the department, a strength not in everybody’s locker.

It impresses me, and you must keep up the excellent work.

For Workers To Resolve All The Conflicts

Conflicts are indeed easier to arise in the workplace. Hence employees that resolve all the disputes themselves are invaluable to the company.

You must show them some value by saying you are great at resolving that conflict between you and the coworker today. If not for you, it could have been a challenging task. Thank you for helping.

Employees Are Setting A Great Example

You can tell them that go; workers told me he is using the new employee recognition software based on the recommendation.

Thank you for supporting the new development and setting an excellent example for others to follow.

People Are Taking On New Roles

Workers who have taken up new assignments or roles in the company need to know whether they are doing a great job.

If they are, one way to let them know is to say that we are entirely convinced and made the correct decision in prompting you to take the new role.

You have to trust in your ability to a great extent. You have been perfect in fixing this issue with the sales. Keep up the great work.

Staff Making Customers Happy

Happy customers, of course, lead to more business. If the employee helps provide feedback, it is a sure way to boost morale and productivity.

You are one of the best salespeople we have hired. You are utterly passionate about the clients.

We are delighted about your efforts, and I would love to work with you as you are passionate. I’m glad clients see how great you are at helping them for

Employ and Develop New Skills

Employees that look forward to developing new skills must be encouraged. For instance, you can give positive feedback, like not everybody would be willing to learn this new skill you have acquired.

But seeing the commitment and effort to learn new ways to improve is fantastic. You are inspiring others, and I can’t wait to see how this new skill helps you and the organization in the future.

An Employee Shares A Great Idea

Like yesterday, you proposed some changes to the project, and those ideas would work well.

They should breathe new life into the project and provide optimum results for your thinking outside the box is wholly appreciated.

An Employee Has A Fantastic Attendance Record

Always look for new ways to give praise, even if it is simple as an attendance record. Your daily presence at the office is appreciated.

You are just like a fresh breeze on a hot day. Because of your enthusiasm and passion for work, the company is reaching new heights, and you can say that you are grateful for the employee to be in the company.

Coworkers Are Responding To a Significant Change

A change in the management system can be challenging. You can help the employees by giving some feedback that this change is what I look forward to always.

These last few weeks have been challenging, but I know you maturely manage the situation calmly. Your calmness has a great effort on others. I surely appreciate your influence.

Employees Have Been Working Late

While working overtime means they will be paid more, praising them for their extra efforts is also good.

The positive feedback can be thanked for the extra this week. Even though working overtime is not fun, I appreciate your efforts. Your positive attitude in the busy time is noticed.

Employees Show Exemplary Qualities

If the staff shows great qualities that tie to the organizational values, you must show the feedback and tell them you appreciate it.

For example, I observed you were patient, resourceful, and understanding while dealing with clients. These are the values that we appreciate, and we appreciate your work, also.

Principles Of some Excellent Positive Employee Feedback

Considering some fantastic principles guiding you when you want to give feedback would be best.

Be specific

Being specific is undoubtedly the opposite of being big or leaving people wondering. However, if you are not specific, your staff will not know which skills are excellent or need improvement. To end this, you must tell me what you liked about them.

Be Prompt

The Regency effect is one of the significant problems with annual reviews or even quarterly reviews—employee engagement peaks when you give them real-time feedback.

If you wait a long time before giving feedback, it will not have the desired effect anytime and might lead to several problems that could have been addressed earlier.

Using employee recognition platforms can help you provide frequent positive feedback, benefiting companies and employees simultaneously.


Above all, you need to be sincere about giving your feedback. People can tell when you are insincere with the comments or the feedback.

You have to watch your tone in many cases, and you have to be empathetic and kind. When giving constructive feedback, avoid using negative language to pass the point.

When it comes to employee feedback, organizations need to be very transparent and provide real feedback to employees. 

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