How To Hire A Security Guard? Ensuring Safety And Security

A security guard is essential to ensure the safety of customers, guests, and employees. The right candidate will be experienced and authoritative, not afraid of passers-by. You should hire security guards to protect your property from intruders. 

Usually, thieves are always looking for an opportunity to steal valuables, be it a home, office, or large home.

Nowadays, thieves and intruders have become very common. However, homeowners often need to learn how to hire a security guard to secure their property. 

No matter where you live, your property is always open to intruders. If you decide to hire an additional security guard, the next step is to decide how to hire the security guard. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Security Guard?

⦁ Average US Wage: $12.07 an hour
⦁ Typical Wages range from $7.35 to $22.23 an hour

As of March 2021, security guard jobs in the United States are somewhat competitive with other job markets, with 32 applications per year in the role of guardian. 

Why Should We Hire You Security Guard?

Hiring security guards is very important today. The security guard guarantees societal safety and a secure workplace for your employees.

⦁ Ensures the safety of employees and visitors
⦁ Develop an emergency management plan
⦁ Protection against theft Or material damage
⦁ Take care of their staff members

While hiring a security guard company has to undergo various tests and training to get the right candidate.

However, a customer hires a security guard and assigns them security services, as the company needs constant support and monitoring. 

Good Qualities Of A Security Guard

Before hiring a person for the security guard position, one must check abilities and qualities to avoid future problems. If the security guard has all these qualities, you can appoint them;


Since honesty and integrity are traits that cannot be learned, employers highly value them. Security guards work independently, are not always under the boss’s control, and are responsible for protecting assets. 

Honesty is the most critical factor an individual should consider before hiring a security guard.

In some cases, they limit access to a building Or event, which plays a vital role in maintaining the security of these spaces. Therefore, they must be reliable and trustworthy.


Well Maintained Physical Fitness

Fitness is a trait anyone can have; you must work on it constantly. A security guard must be physically fit as his job involves many physical challenges.

This may include patrolling large areas, spending the night, or chasing down thieves. 
Good health positively affects the rangers as the quick response can help them focus on their missions.

A professional security guard must possess the knowledge and expertise necessary for the position. 

Effective communication abilities

A security guard’s job requires these abilities in every aspect. They are essential when security officers work as a team, collaborate with emergency services, solve work problems and even interact with colleagues and supervisors daily.
But good communication skills aren’t just for emergencies. Security guards often represent the company and are the first to see customers or business partners. 

Observation skills

One of the essential parts of a security guard’s day is monitoring for any suspicious activity around the company site or operations.

They must be alert at all times. Excellent insight allows him to detect violations and decide on the correct response. 

The key is recognizing environmental changes and determining whether they are severe and require professional or civil service intervention. 

What Are The Ranks Of A Security Guard?

There is no official number of rounds. The most significant difference while performing security is when the guard is armed.

Specialized training in firearms is required to maintain a guard position with a gunner. There are two sections in these two different groups

⦁ Unarmed Security Guard

In this critical position, the guard is unarmed. The training requirements are minutest. Also, they don’t need years of experience in their field. 

⦁ Unarmed security officer

This qualification requires a university degree Or at least 80 hours of safety training. These guards may carry defensive weapons such as tasers or nightstick. 

⦁ Armed security officer

These security professionals receive training in the handling of firearms. These types of guards are provided with refiling so that they can protect their assigned people. 

⦁ Public safety officer

For this post, one must have college degrees, law enforcement, and firearms training as prerequisites for classification. Some officers receive additional firearms training. 

⦁ Senior security officer

These senior employees have more extensive training and experience than junior employees. Ambulance training may also be on their CV. These officers may perform training duties but are unlikely to act as supervisors. 

Where To Find Security Guards?

Finding the right security guard is challenging as you can’t risk your employees or loved ones’ lives in danger. To find a correct candidate, you can talk with many security agencies as they have well-maintained and fit security guards. 

To find the right security guard for your company, consider trying a few different recruitment strategies:

Security training institutions

Prospective security agents offer to attend field programs and courses. You can also contact the local security training school for applicants.

It would help if you were not careless while hiring a security guard, as they will take care of your essential assets. 

Other businesses

You can contact other companies in your local HR department for the best security guard. With that, you can get advice on using a security service.

Social media

If you need a security guard, you can find them through social media, as it’s the most powerful tool.

You can also advertise security jobs on your company’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It would be best if you linked to your workplace. 

Post the job online

You can also post your security job on Indeed to find the best security guard candidate. While appointing them, you can take a test of them so that you can get some idea about their skills. 

Website careers page

Advertise your data security project in the careers section of your company website or on the careers page.

One can get many options from the career page, as most people use this page to get a good job. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard 

A security guard prevents and deters on–site crime. If a crime or emergency occurs, your security guards will usually respond quickly and wait for the police to arrive.

These benefits help to strengthen security and improve customer relationships. One can get many benefits by hiring a security guard, such as;

⦁ Protection

Security provides individual relaxation and calms the mind. Not just for the business owner but also employees and customers. It also increases employee retention, especially in high-risk areas or high-value industries. 

⦁ Prevention

Armed guards also message criminals that you are serious about protecting your business.

Thieves would hesitate to attack a uniformed security company. Also, if you are planning a business trip, you can freely go without worry as you have a security guard to take care of your business. 

⦁ Handle Emergency situations

Security personnel can receive various training on how to respond to emergencies. Hiring a trained and licensed caregiver can ensure that the caregiver will act reasonably and appropriately during unforeseen medical events or natural disasters. 

⦁ Promote Good Customer Service

Security guards can also be great customer service ambassadors- which may not come naturally to you; they are the first face customers see – outside or even in a store or office. 

 If your receptionist is unavailable or unreachable, the members also double as the front desk, so they talk to and direct clients and customers. 

⦁ Maintain a safe and secure environment

The security guard has experience and training in various practices: 24/7 patrols, video surveillance, restricted access to areas, and visitor credentials.

Executive jobs have many safety responsibilities for business owners and employees.

Skills To Look For A Great Security Guard  

A security guard is a person who risks his life to save their clients and employees. The primary responsibility of security guards is to protect their people from thieves and intruders. If you hire a good security guard, they will not allow you to enter unknown people into your company. 

The ideal security candidate has the following skills as attributes and work experience. Here is a list of you need to hire a great security guard for your home or company. 

⦁ Confidence
⦁ Think quickly
⦁ Eye for detail
⦁ Guardians certificate
⦁ Knowledge of rescue planning
⦁ Defense and self-defense skills
⦁ Sincere and honest

Steps To Hire A Security Guard

Here are some steps that one can follow before hiring a security guard for their house or company, they are:

  • First, create criteria for the required security type. 

  • You can then spread the word and ask for help from social media such as friends, family, contacts, Whatsapp, and colleagues. 

  • You can also advertise your job as a security guard on social media. 

  • Contacting security companies is a great way to hire a professional security guard. Such companies are there to help you with security needs and ensure that you get a reliable guard. 

  • Once responses and resumes are received, filter them based on budget and security requirements. 

  • Then you have to do the interview and check the security candidates’ credentials and experience. 

  • You can check backgrounds and references to make sure you have a reliable and qualified security guard. 

You can get the best security guard if you follow all these steps correctly. A security guard is best for those who regularly go on business tours.

Types of Security Guards 

Below one can see many types of security guards. Today, security guards play an essential role in an individual’s life as they take care of our company and valuable property. 

Unarmed Guards

  • Unarmed security guards are the most common security guard and provide various services to businesses, organizations, agencies, and industries. 

  • The role of unarmed security guards includes watching and monitoring CCTV cameras, patrolling, supervising recording, and many other duties. 

  • Unarmed security guards adhere to basic safety standards, and most people want to start their security guard careers because of that. 

  • They usually help in areas where crime is low. 

  • They can use them to provide security to businesses while maintaining their appearance, and their presence is often necessary to control vandalism or theft. 

Armed Guards

  • Armed guards must be allowed to use their weapons during several training sessions. 

  • They can also carry the weapon at a distance to ensure maximum safety. However, armed security guards have legal, professional, and ethical responsibilities if they are allowed to carry weapons. 

  • These guards must abide by the law to lawfully use force and weapons when there is a severe threat to security. 

  • These guards covered the incidents of security critics involved in the incident.

  • Banks are common; Armed guards are deployed to protect jewelry stores and other places with a high risk of security threats. 

Construction Sites Guard

  • Construction sites; Warehouses and factories store valuable goods; a large amount of materials and equipment makes them susceptible to theft and burglary.

  • Construction safety includes equipment, as the site is monitored around the clock to protect goods and equipment and monitor access to the site. 

Retail Store Security Guard

  • Vendor guards are visible in front of each booth—the primary responsibility of retail security is preventing lost goods and shoplifting. 

  • All surveillance is done through security cameras and patrol areas with suspicious items. Most importantly, no employee or customer can pinch the product. 

Research And Compare Security Guard Companies

Before hiring a security guard, it is essential to research and compare security companies. The main goal is to find the best affordable and not regret it later. 

Hiring a security guard brings a lot of uncertainty. Before hiring a security guard, one should consider all these factors, from experience checks to skills and abilities to handle critical situations.

By comparing security companies, you can learn more about their experience, customer service, and customer feedback. Let’s take a closer look by comparing and rating different security companies. 


To hire a security guard, you need to contact a security company. But not all businesses are the same; you must research before making a final decision.
The brand’s reputation is based on customer reviews; remember that reputation depends significantly on reputation and general judgment. 

You can also see all positive and negative customer feedback on their website and social media. A bad review is not a criterion for a complete departure from the company. 

However, many negative reviews of one kind or another are disturbing. If all the security companies on your list have negative reviews, clear up any misunderstandings during the interview. 

Another good way to check a company’s reputation is to find out how long they have been in business and how many employees they have. The longer a company provides the service, the better. 

Cost and services offered.

The next step is to review the costs and services provided. Some security companies charge more and others charge less.

But the price also depends on the type of service. Some of the factors that affect the price of a guard include:

Hire a security guard for a specific event and time
How many security guards do you need time to protect your property, your home, Or yourself? 

The physical location of the area calls for monitoring The value of the asset to be protected .Guard attitude and experience

Here are some available security measures include:

Security guard for marriage: Planning a marriage is complicated and takes a lot of time and money. Finally, you want your wedding guests to enjoy themselves without the usual events like theft, robbery, or physical harm. Hiring a wedding security guard is entirely reliable, experienced, and cost-effective. 

Security guard for a Day: Hiring a security guard for the day can cost between $20 to $60 per hour. Life jackets are more expensive than regular vests. You can hire a security guard if you organize a one-day event at your home or office. The goal is to ensure the safety of participants and valuables. 

Security guard for a function: Organizing a big event or party can be fun, exciting, and stressful. Hiring a security guard for the party is essential to prevent theft, crowd clashes, and physical disturbances. Make sure to contact a professional and experienced security company to avoid incidents. 

Security guard for a home: A large house or apartment is a blessing, but protecting against theft can be scary. Whether it’s an apartment, gated community, villa, or condominium, hiring a security guard can protect you from vandalism, theft, and assault. Resident security is responsible for maintaining and protecting the property and community. 

Training and certification of security guards

Training and developing the skills of security guards is a continuous process. From training to certification and licensing to skills development, security companies must continuously invest in the skills and certification of security personnel. 

Before hiring a security guard, pay attention to the following points. 


The primary duty of any security guard is to protect the premises from unusual incidents such as crime, theft, burglary, and unauthorized entry. The security department is responsible for developing communication skills, interviewing witnesses, and writing reports. 

Armed guards must also learn how to use a firearm, when to pull the trigger as a last resort, and where to shoot without killing anyone.

Before hiring a security guard, do a short interview and ask about their skills and abilities.


If you need a high-level security guard, you need to take an interview to know their abilities.

In terms of Qualifications, a security guard can do without formal training. However, it is essential to meet the following conditions;

⦁ The security guard must be 18 years of age or older
⦁ Need to check their criminal records and IDs
⦁ They need to have a valid SIA license

If they have all these qualifications, they are eligible for the post of a security guard as they can take care of you and your property. 

Proper Certification

The security guard must also obtain specific certifications as state law requires. Certification helps you understand general safety, standard operating procedures such as first aid and CPR, legal rights, emergency procedures, and safety procedures.

 Before hiring a security guard for your home, party or event, check for the credentials.


Other Important Things To Do Before Hiring A Security Guard

Sign a contract

Another factor to consider while dealing with a security guard is to sign a contract. The purpose of the contract is to put everything in a legal document so that the client and the company can be on the same page. 

This contract can include everything from prices to mortgages and other criteria. One should not hire a security guard without signing a contract, as it can create problems in the future. 

Do reference check

Another important factor while hiring a security guard is a reference check. This allows you to verify that the person is innocent, has a valid license, and is over 18 years old.
One should not hire a security guard with a criminal record as they are dangerous for you and your company’s staff. 

Conduct a short interview

It is necessary to ask the security guard before completing the process. The primary purpose of the short interview is to find out if security personnel have the skills to handle different situations and handle a firearm.

A short interview can give you an idea about their skills and abilities. 


One may need a proper security guard for their company as it’s complicated. Hiring a security guard becomes essential as you can’t risk your employee’s life in danger.

Their safety should be your priority as they work for your company’s growth. Security guards not only take care of your company but can also be appointed to take care of your house or valuable assets. 

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